The Vitochka Project

In 1999 Edward and Aurelia met on the internet and within 6 months Edward brought Aurelia to the United States on a fiancee visa and they have been happily married and living near San Diego, California ever since.

the vitochka project

In 2004 they began the Vitochka Project as their way of paying forward their good Karma. They achieve this by assisting, coaching and mentoring Aurelia’s women friends in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, who are seeking the man of their destiny in a foreign land. As part of our services to them, our women members receive a wealth of information about the entire process of finding the right person on the Internet and then how to go about making an international marriage work.

Over the years, Aurelia had gathered so much experience and wisdom about the topic of international courtship and marriage that, at the behest of the club members, she finally put her thoughts to pen and has published a book entitled Find Me, My Destiny. Aurelia’s book, written in Russian, is specifically targeted to the needs and interests of those women from the former Soviet countries who are considering marriage to a man from Europe or North America.

You can order a copy of Aurelia’s book for yourself, or to assist your special lady at /gifts (text is in Russian)

The Vitochka Project began as a labor of love for Aurelia and Edward - and remains so to this day. They work with individual women one at a time, which means intensive direct contact, usually via Skype but also by phone and whenever feasible, in person. The women they elect to work with are people whom they would want as personal friends so their standards are exceedingly high. They do reference checks on all prospective women members and require new women to provide a copy of their international passport.

In 2013 The Vitochka Project commenced collaboration with Ukraine Brides Agency based on the reputation of professionalism, an unblemished record and the highly ethical foundations of its founder and operators – “for the first time we now have a highly regarded, full-service and professional partner to address the needs those men who are potential suitors to our women members of The Vitochka Project”.