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10 romantic ideas for Lviv. Part 1

April 21, 2017 by

Lviv is known as the western capital of Ukraine. It is not only a beautiful city bearing the charm of ancient architecture, but also a place with many modern peculiarities. In this article I will tell you about the most popular and unique places in Lviv where you may spend exciting times together with your Ukrainian lady.

General direction

Firstly, I suggest you starting in the city center and, more precisely, from the Plosha Rynok (The Market Square). This is the focal point of the cultural and historical life of the city. There are many interesting places worth visiting which are easily reached on foot. The overall architectural view reflects the initial city landscape as the city governors ordered it to be preserved.

  1. Lvivska Kavova Kopalna (Lviv Coffee Mines)

The first location which will lift your spirits after the long trip to Lviv is Lvivska Kavova Kopalna. You will find up to twenty different coffee types which will help you to wake up in a cozy atmosphere. The most unusual of which you will find on the ground floor – a coffee covered with a sugar top brazed with a burner. For those who don’t like coffee there are several types of a tasty tea sorts. My favorite is pomegranate tea with ginger – it is something special!

Intriguing name πŸ˜‰

The name of the cafe which may be translated as Coffee Mines was purposely chosen. This place is definitely worth visiting. Your lady will for sure have a wish to make a selfie with you wearing a real miners helmet. Though, I don’t want to uncover all the details and will leave you to discover them yourself πŸ™‚

  1. Lvivska Shokoladna Maysternia (Lviv Chocolate Workshop)

If your lady likes chocolate you just cannot go past the Lviv Chocolate Workshop! It is a café where you may taste several sorts of hot chocolate with fillings. You may create your own composition choosing from a wide range of additions. Walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, coconut chips, almond, caramel, cashew may be mixed with a white, milk or dark chocolate according to your taste.

On the first floor you will find a candy shop which offers a great choice of different types of handmade chocolate candies which are a great present for your Ukrainian lady as well as for your relatives at home. We have mentioned in another article that these chocolates are a “must have” souvenir when you visit Ukraine πŸ™‚

5 Souvenirs to Get on Your Trip to Ukraine

      3. City overview

If you wish to explore the whole of Lviv, I suggest you visit the following locations in different parts of the city. This is of course a Townhouse which is in the middle of the Market Square. You may even hear the trumpeter announcing every second hour of the day from a top window of the Townhouse. Another location situated in the center is a restaurant at «Panorama Lviv Hotel» from which you can see the buildings of the different centuries decorated with statues, the churches and the Townhouse. You will feel like a bird above the roofs of the old houses. Lviv high castle is the highest place of the city. This is another place from which you can see the new city and the center.


     4. Horse-drawn carriage

Take a break from all the excursions on foot and take a trip through the old city in a horse-drawn carriage. This will add a bit of romance to your day and will definitely excite your lady. Riding in a carriage will make her feel like a medieval noblewoman.

       5. Night Guard

On Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM, you and your lady may take part in an exciting excursion called “Night Guard” together with a night burgomaster (mayor) which lasts for 2 hours. They will appoint you both as mayoral helpers and, wearing a mantle, you will keep watch while walking through the streets of an old part of city. You will hear a lot of thrilling legends and stories about the people, the old buildings and the city itself. The excursion commentary is available in different languages: Ukrainian, Polish, English, German and Russian.

Mind your lady’s taste

A first acquaintance with a Ukrainian woman will show you her personality and give you a hint of the place which is worth visiting together. It may be either a Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet, a museum, a cinema or a park, a club or a church. Take into account the lady’s unique preferences. For me, as a former member of a club of historical reconstruction, an excursion to an armor museum Arsenal was also an exciting event!

I will end the first part of our excursion here and leave you to choose the most interesting places for you and your lady to visit! πŸ™‚

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April 7, 2017 by

To be buy or not to be buy – that is the question! It may seem funny, but this way sounds the most common issue a man faces when dating a Ukrainian lady. Communicating through the Internet men often suggest financial support to the ladies they like. It is no secret that every woman wants to be treated like a princess and Ukrainian ladies are not an exception. Here comes the question: how much is it needed to make her feel this way? Guess what? Actually nothing!

Your care is what it all about

When you date a Ukrainian lady, all what matters is how you behave and how you treat her. Any small gesture of your care, like helping her with her everyday shopping (I mean exactly this type instead of going to boutique), carrying her shopping bags home, helping her to cook tasty dinner and meeting her after a long working day shows her your affection. This is all true about the real dating. But what if you can’t be close to your lady for some reason? How can you show your love and care?

All the gifts you may buy to your lady may be just a feeble replacement of your real presence beside her. Well, this is also better than nothing. You may show your affection by hundreds of different ways. You may buy your lady a 101 roses, a golden necklace, a voucher for a spa salon, a villa, a yacht, an island… Though, do you actually remember the list of things that a Ukrainian lady really appreciates in her relationship with a man? πŸ™‚

 Money can’t buy everything

Most of Ukrainian ladies value support (emotional and financial support as well). Ukrainian ladies, especially single mothers, may seem strong and independent. You may get an idea of how bravely they meet all the life difficulties reading this post However, they will be immensely thankful to a man who can make them feel tender, weak and fragile. At these circumstances a financial support would be of a great use. It could unload the lady from working-to-survive to working-for-pleasure. Note that I didn’t say that you have to buy her free time completely.

Any adult person has his/her set way of life. Therefore, intruding too much in this scheme may do you a disservice. The lady may be either scared or angry at you. She may become spoiled as well. Nobody can guess how every particular person reacts on easy money. If you don’t want to make your lady feel like she was bought, don’t provide her money before you meet the lady personally. Considering everything I told you, I do not recommend you to buy expensive clothes, devices, jewelry when you are actually not a couple yet.

Excessive financial support and its consequences

The desire to provide for your lady is a noble and respectful one. Though, I think it is better not to send big sums to the lady as this may cause negative consequences. You will likely get a natural wish to know if the lady got your money transfer and if she spent it. The lady in her turn will have no desire to report you about everything as she is an adult and independent person. Your questions may make Ukrainian woman think that you have doubts in her ability to earn enough on her own. Taking that into account you may get some doubts about the real purpose the lady used your financial help for. All this may cause a loss of trust between you.

Don’t pamper her child too much

Building a connection with your lady’s child is a great influencer on development of your relationship. Be careful: if you decide to pamper the lady’s kid you may also get into a trouble. Accepting expensive gadgets like a smartphone, a laptop, etc. from an unfamiliar man is not something a good mother teaches her child. There can also happen that the lady starts to think that she owes you now when she got some money from you. The loss of independence may scare the lady and you will lose a connection with her.

Vital advice for your relationship

One more final recommendation I need to give you concerning the topic is this: do not ever ask to give your presents back. It is unacceptable even in case if your relations completely broke no matter what the reason was. This is something that a gentleman would never do. Any gift should be a gesture of a good will and not a bargain. I will repeat myself that actually your support and care matters. This is a strong base of a healthy relationship with a Ukrainian lady.

I hope that everything I wrote in the post will wipe out some doubts you may have now and will help you to build a healthy and strong relationship with your Ukrainian lady.

I would be happy to get your feedback and your ideas about the topic πŸ™‚


10 Romantic ideas for Odessa. Part I

March 30, 2017 by

Odessa is a city full of romance and passion. Its old-style architecture begs to be explored. I would like to suggest you a top 10 places of interest which you may visit together with your beloved lady during your trip to Ukraine.

  1. Seaside Boulevard

This street is probably the most charming place in Odessa which you will easily find after your arrival. A perfect view on a Black sea, the harbor and the elegant hotel “Odessa”, where the famous Potemkin stairs catch the eye of every tourist who visits. A pleasant walk will lead you to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater – a building designed as a copy of the famous Semper Opera House in Dresden.

Lots of nearby cafes invite you to drop in during the lunchtime. If you come to Seaside boulevard late in the evening you will be amazed by the beauty of the lighting decorating the nearby areas, trees, bridges and buildings.

  1. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

This is truly the outstanding building in Odessa. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit Dresden, you can at least have a quick look at this building to understand the beauty of the city. This theater, created in neo-baroque style and opened in 1887, presents tremendous plays and hosts the best opera singers from around the world.

A Ukrainian lady will be happy if you invite her to listen to an Italian opera or watch a ballet during your stay in Odessa. You can easily buy tickets for a desired event beforehand following this link

Even if you don’t like opera, you ought to visit the building to at least see how amazingly it looks inside decorated in a rococo style with many gold-covered elements. Don’t forget to take a memorable photo of you and your Ukrainian lady in front of this beautiful building!

  1. Teschin Bridge in Odessa

This place of interest is included in your walk by the Seaside Boulevard. Its name you may translate as Mother-in-law’s Bridge. There are many versions of the origin of its name. The most interesting of them is that the construction of the bridge is so light that it trembles in a strong wind – just as the tongue of a mother-in-law when she quarrels with her daughter’s husband πŸ™‚ I experienced myself an exciting feature of this bridge while being on an excursion with a group of classmates – if 10 or more people jump simultaneously on the middle part of the bridge – it really starts shaking!

Teschin Bridge had been a special place for loving couples up until 2011. It was full of all-size metal locks hanging on the railings of the bridge. Sadly, for the last several years it was cleared of these signs of love. The locks have been transferred to another place of interest I will talk about further.

  1. Loving heart

A lovely metal construction was gifted by the city to all the couples willing to leave their sign of love aimed at two purposes. Firstly it saved the unstable bridge from an extra-weight which the locks added to its construction. And secondly it gave an opportunity for newlyweds to keep the beautiful tradition of hanging the locks with their names written. So, if you want to add some romance to your walk and leave a reminder about your trip for your Ukrainian lady – don’t forget to buy a lock before you come to the Loving heart which you may find just at one of the ends of Teschin bridge πŸ™‚

Photo by Anastasia Photesko

  1. Colonnade

One more interesting place waiting for you when you pass the bridge towards the Seaside boulevard. It is the Colonnade (they call it also a rotund or a belvedere).

This art object was once a part of a Vorontsov palace which stands right behind it. Unfortunately the palace doesn’t look very attractive now due to many renovations made. It was a part of a conservatory where exotic plants and trees grew. They say that this was once the most beautiful place of the palace. We may only guess nowadays how pretty the whole ensemble looked. Meanwhile, you may enjoy a great view on a harbor from the highest points of the Seaside Boulevard where the Colonnade stands. The newlyweds often make photo sessions near the colons.

Nearby the Colonnade, closer to Vorontsov Palace, you will find one more interesting object with a nice history. I guess I will leave you to explore it yourself! πŸ˜‰

I am going to stop my excursion at this lovely place full of mystery of the past centuries. If you wish you may find in the Internet a number of intriguing legends connected with the art objects I mentioned. We will soon continue this excursion through Odessa in which I will lead you to the places bearing a unique charm which you may find only in Odessa.

Meanwhile I suggest you to have a quick look at a note made by the founder of Ukraine Brides Agency, Keith Gordon, about Odessa. I guess his comment will add a bit of intrigue to the image of this magnificent city πŸ˜‰

Odessa is hot!


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February 22, 2017 by

The relationship between a man and a lady is a complex process involving many unseen details. It is no secret that women are more sensitive than the men. But, do you know that many Ukrainian women are keen on doing yoga, esoterics and learning eastern spiritual practice? No? Then, I am going to open a bit of a hidden side of people’s relationships to you.

If there is a sympathy between two people, their bodies intensively exchange the energy and both communicators get pleasure of the contact. During the conversation of two people the channels arise between their auras and allow the energy flow to the both sides. The streams may take any color and be of any form. You may even see them, if you possess extrasensory abilities.

Types of relations

Energy streams connect the people through the appropriate chakras according to the type of their relations.

  • Muladhara – with relatives.
  • Svadhisthana – with lovers, spouses, between friends and relatives on the cheerful pastime.
  • Manipur – with relatives, colleagues, friends, subordinates, rivals, superiors, companions for sport.
  • Anahata – with objects of emotional interaction, our beloved people. For a harmonious development of relations between a man and a lady the channel through sexual chakra (Svadhisthana) is also very important.
  • Vishuddha – with associates and coworkers.
  • Ajna – with adored idol, leader of the sect, during the hypnotic or telepathic connection.
  • Sahasrara – connection only with egregors (religious sects, sport fan clubs, political movements, etc.)

The more passionate the relations are, the stronger connection is formed between the channels in the process of communication. While people build a close relationship, all their chakras gradually connect with the partner’s. That is why people who have lived for a long time together may even look alike.

How long a relationship lives

Strong relationships do not weaken by any distances or time. It is no wonder that a mother always feels her child. It doesn’t matter where he is. Even  ears may pass since their last meeting. The same happens when you meet an old friend after a while. You may feel as if you met only yesterday.

The channels stay for a long time – years, decades, and may go from incarnation to incarnation. (Of course, if you believe in that! :))

Healthy relationships form bright, clean channels. In such relationship there is trust, intimacy, sincerity and still a plenty of space for personal freedom and development. An equal exchange of energy happens in such connection, without any distortions.

When the relationship is gradually dying, the channels become thinner and weaker. Over time, the energy is no longer running through these channels, the connection is terminated, people become strangers.

If partners break up, but channels are still present, they continue to aspire to each other. It also happens when one partner breaks the communication channels and closes from the further interaction, but the other partner is still attached to him and tries to reach through the energy barriers to restore the relationship.

When you begin a conversation with a Ukrainian lady your body already sends her energy tie even if you are thousands miles away from her. If the sympathy is mutual, your first connection is already built. It may be weak and fragile in the beginning, but it is up to you how strong it becomes. The final result depends on many factors: on how much effort you pay and how gentle and tactful you are, but the caring gardener for this small sprout are both of you, and all is in your hands.

Become more than friends

As I already told you, the connection you build during the simple communication gradually becomes stronger as different chakras connect with each other. You could notice all the ties depend on various social roles. That is why it is important to become friends, spouses and lovers with your Ukrainian lady. On this way you may take on different roles: associates, superiors, subordinates, rivals in many small things, questions, and points of view. A relationship is a game, a hard work, a constant process with no end. It is your choice to make it pleasant and joyful for both – you and your Ukrainian lady.

Online chatting is a great way to set up a comfortable and emotional atmosphere with your Ukraine lady. Following the link you may find a post which may uncover some interesting ways of how to make online chatting interesting If you pay much effort during the conversation – you will build a strong connection with the lady far before you come and see her in person. Your bodies and souls will be already connected with unbreakable ties.

Of course, it is not a quick process and won’t work with many ladies you communicate with, that is why we recommend you to begin your interaction using text messages and find out if you have common interests.

Video chat as a great way of interaction

The second stage is a video chat with a lady as it is a unique opportunity to see her body language, feelings and emotions, listen to each other voices. More about the body language you may learn following this link: During the video chat you also have a possibility to show her your sincere smile and your manners. Real people’s images often differ from how they seem to their partners in text conversation. Do not underestimate the importance of a video chat saying that it is too expensive. If you don’t want the relation work in all spheres of people’s interaction then you’d better not to start it at all. But if you have already read till this moment, I guess that you are at least interested even if this all sounds to you weird πŸ™‚

Doing something together with your partner always helps to establish good relations. Do not just talk: exchange ideas, tease each other, give creative tasks to your partner and watch the result together. You may go on online dates and dinners and try to live the way as if you are already a couple. If you follow this line, you will have no embarrassment, no fear, no concerns about each other on the day you meet here in Ukraine. You will already be a couple!

One more useful link for you to find some secrets of online dating to keep your online conversation interesting:

I hope that I helped you to understand your feelings and emotions towards different people. The importance of interacting with your Ukrainian lady in different ways is invaluable. I do believe that you have enough imagination and wish to set a start of something special to both of you! πŸ™‚

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4 Ways to Be Happily with your Ukrainian Lady This Holiday Season

December 19, 2016 by
date guides

It’s very easy to find date guides online, but it’s difficult to find specifically what you should do for your Ukrainian lady this holiday season. So, let’s get down to some of the ways you can happily be with your Ukrainian lady this holiday season.

The holiday season is the most exciting time of the year for many. They get to visit family and loved ones. Plus, they would get to spend more time together. This being said, you might have a Ukrainian lady that you would spend the holiday season with. So, how can you be both happy and remove any negativity during the trip? It’s easier said than done, but we’ll help you try to be more confident and lessen your anxiety.

Anxiety can get you

It’s not far off that anxiety can get the better of you when meeting your Ukrainian lady this holiday season. So, we’ll give you a little knowledge on dating even if you think you can’t handle your anxiety. It’s best that you are more aware of the possible effects of anxiety. Therefore, we’ll give you some information on how anxiety can affect your online dating relationships. According to, anxiety not only impacts your relationship with your Ukrainian lady, it also impacts your health in all aspects – mentally, emotionally and even physically. Although it may seem like you’re just feeling overwhelmed with a sense of uneasiness and tension, your anxiety can take over your thoughts and actions that can negatively impact your life. You’ve got to think whether your anxiety could be putting your relationship with your Ukrainian in a little strain. If it does and you really want to take your Ukrainian lady and give her your best, then let us help you in trying to stop this anxiety.

Ways anxiety can ruin your relationship

As we’ve mentioned earlier, anxiety can definitely put a strain on yourself as well as your Ukrainian lady. Plus, the holidays are coming up, so you might be thinking what should I get her? Would she like me? Would she think I’m different? What if she doesn’t like me when we meet? These are just some of the things that can run through your head. When you have these questions running through your head, things can become more negative and you’ll start to panic. When this happens, there are a lot of things it can affect as well.

As anxiety causes you to worry and fear, you’ll be less aware of what you need at the moment. So, you’re more likely to not be present at the moment you are with your partner. This means that you won’t be able to connect with one another and trust could be prematurely disregarded. Try and train your brain to live in the moment. Basically, calm yourself down before you act and share that you’re feeling worried.

While you can easily get worried and your connection with your Ukrainian lady could get affected, it can also crush your true voice and what you really want to say. This further involves your procrastination in how you’d like your night or your time with your lady to go. So, in other words, you may have difficulty in expressing your true feelings to your Ukrainian lady, which is difficult in a sense. Why? Because most Ukrainian ladies are known to want confident men. They want to feel secure with the men they’re going to go out with, so anxiety may not help your relationship with your Ukrainian woman. If you need to express something, try and express it and don’t become too overwhelmed.

When you become too overwhelmed, it’s possible that you become very selfish and act very defensive about anything. So, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, your Ukrainian lady and the relationship. This means you’re not being compassionate and vulnerable with your partner. It can easily build up resentment quickly. Plus, instead of moments of joy, anxiety can rob you of that. So, build trust within your relationship and reduce the power anxiety has over you. Because when you know how bad anxiety can take over you and your relationship, you’ll know how to minimize the impact and create a better relationship dynamic between you and your Ukrainian lady.

4 ways to be happy with your Ukrainian lady this holiday season

Even if anxiety doesn’t get you, you may still feel like you have a difficult time to be happy with your Ukrainian lady this holiday season. So, what should you do? If you’re going to visit Ukraine, we will suggest four ways you could spend time with her. However, if she’ll be visiting your place/vicinity for the holiday season, depending on where you are, you could also show your Ukrainian lady some of your favorite places. So, you can be happy and spend the holiday season having a great time with your Ukrainian lady.

While in Ukraine, spending time with your lady is very important. First of all there are more ways than four you can get to know your Ukrainian lady better while also learning a lot about Ukraine. This is really important if it’s your first time to visit Ukraine as well. So, what are four ways you can enjoy Ukraine with your Ukrainian woman?

1. Kyiv and parks

Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, is known to have a lot of parks. You can go on long or short walks around the parks that you’re able to enter any time of the year. Mariyinsky and Khreshchatyj Parks are the most favorite parks in Kyiv. They’re both located at the beautiful Dnieper River. Furthermore, they have architectural landmarks you wouldn’t want to miss. You’ve got the Mariyinsky Palace. You and your Ukrainian lady can take a private tour in and along this beautiful palace. Beyond taking a tour, you two could also ravel in the gorgeous building called the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater. If you’re feeling the love, you could visit the Lover’s Bridge. However, the Lover’s Bridge is usually a place where newlyweds go to.

In order to get there, you can ask your Ukrainian lady where this place is or you can walk down from Khreshchatyk Avenue towards European Square. From there, climb up a small hill to reach Kyiv Academic Puppet Theater and the Dnieper River banks.

2. Museum of One Street and local handicrafts at Andriyivsky descent

It’s almost a must that you go somewhere where you can shop with your lady. Remember not to give her all the good stuff just yet. Even if you’re filled with money and have very deep pockets, don’t make that the highlight of your trip. Make you and your Ukrainian lady the highlight of your trip by making sure that you two bond well. So, why not have a visit at the Museum of One Street? In this museum, you’ll see the it’s small but it’s got a lot to offer. After visiting the museum, you’ll find the most enchanting and rich history of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, at its most famous street, Andriyivsky Descent. Some people call it the descent or the Andriyivsky Uzviz. It’s a small downhill street that used to connect Upper Kyiv to the now more commercial district of Podil, which is located at the river banks of Dnieper. It’s also famous for its art bazaar, crafts shops as well as local artisans. You and your lady will surely enjoy some time in this area of Kyiv.

In order for you to reach this place, you can either take a metro to Kontraktova Square and from there walk up the Andiyivsky Descent, or you can take a more traditional route – walk down from Independence Square, towards Hyatt Hotel, then walk along Volodymyrska st until you finally reach the Descent.

3. Sculptures Alley

Although this may seem a bit childish, this place is thought and seen to be the kindest place in the capital. According to many, the main reason for this place being the kindest place is because no person have ever passed it without a smile. It was built in the 80s by Avraam Miletsky who is an architect. It started to grow additions of contemporary art sculptures in 2009. Plus, it’s in one of the off-the-beaten tracks of Kyiv. Afterwards, you can go visit some cafes on the side or at the end of the alley. You can then talk to one another when sitting down at the cafe. The best part is you’ll be able to visit St. Andrew’s Descent first and then see the Kyiv Museum of History while heading to Sculptures Alley.

4. Shop organic food and talk to Babushkas at a local bazaar

If you didn’t already know, Babushkas are considered to be old ladies or grandmothers. But, the actual Ukrainian name for these hard-working bunch would be “babcia.” You and your Ukrainian lady can go to the markets and talk to babushkas. You will be able to buy fresh fruits, vegetables and even flowers that you and your Ukrainian lady will enjoy.  The closest to Kiev’s city center, though not most authentic, is Bessarabsky Bazaar. It’s located at the end of Khreshchatyk St. and can be easily reached by foot. For a more local experience, go for Zhytniy Bazaar: located at Verhniy Val st., 16. You can reach it from Kontraktova Square Metro Station.

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Perfect Christmas Date Ideas in Ukraine

December 17, 2016 by
Christmas date ideas in Ukraine

Spending a perfect Christmas isn’t all that difficult. However, finding the perfect Christmas date ideas in Ukraine may be the most difficult thing. This is especially true if you aren’t familiar with Ukraine.

Ukraine is a huge country. You’ve got a lot of provinces and cities that all have different things to offer from one another. So, giving you exact locations may be difficult on our part as well. Depending on where your Ukrainian woman is from, you’re going to have to find something. We’ll be providing you with Christmas date ideas in Ukraine, specifically Odessa and Kiev. However, with other provinces, you may be able to grab and spin some of the ideas we’ll provide depending on what’s available in that area.

Hopefully by now, you’d know that Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7 of every year. They are an Orthodox country, and just like other Orthodox countries, they follow the Julian calendar. Their calendar is thirteen days behind in the Gregorian calendar. So, their December 25 on the Julian calendar is January 7. But, on the Gregorian calendar, which is what is universally used, it’s January 7. So, if your Ukrainian lady is inviting you over for Christmas, make sure to ask whether they celebrate it on the 25th of December or the 7th of January. This will provide you information on when you should book your plane ticket. Plus, it’ll let you know which Christmas date ideas in Ukraine are perfect for your trip.

Date ideas in Kiev

Kiev, also spelled as Kyiv, is Ukraine’s capital city. This place offers a lot of places to go on a date. Depending on what kind of scenery and feel you two have that day of the date, you’ll be able to choose from various places.

Sculpture garden

You can have a quiet date around the Sculpture Garden at the Peizazhna Alley. Thanks to TripAdvisor, you can know how to get to this place. While going to that place, you can also visit St. Sophia and Andriyivskyy Descent. St. Sophia is a cathedral, and it’s the best known landmark of Kiev and Ukraine itself. You can take your lady for an early date and bring her to St. Sophia. It’ll show your lady that you’re the type to commit in a church. Andriyivskyy Descent, on the other hand, is a historic descent connecting Kiev’s Upper Town neighborhood together with the historically commercial Podil neighborhood. While delving in the history of Kiev, you’ll be able to delve into your Ukrainian lady’s history knowledge. The time spent together touring these places will give you an idea how much she knows about her home. Plus, it’ll give you two some time to talk about each other.

Once you two are tired from walking around, you could go to a cafe called Ciao Cacao! or Чао Какао! This is a place you two could have some coffee and get to know each other a little more. If you’re lucky, she’ll be able to open up to you how her parents would take her around this place when she was a child.

Khreschatyk Park

This is a great place if you or your Ukrainian lady love the great outdoors. If sculpture garden is out of the question, maybe heading for a little cold picnic over at Khreschatyk Park will ensure a very happy lunch date. You two could spend the afternoon throwing snowballs at each other, and ice skating. However, you’ve got to be prepared. You’ve either got to bring take out food and drinks from somewhere. You can also buy her a small gift, something that she’s interested in at the Christmas market over at the park. There are several food stalls available at the Christmas market. So, you can buy food there if you want.

National Opera of Ukraine

If you want a change of scenery in a theater, you could grab a couple of tickets to the National Opera of Ukraine where The Nutcracker performance will probably be showing. The tickets range from about $2 to $22. That’s not bad at all if you compare it to London prices of The Nutcracker. You can purchase your tickets at the Opera House, but maybe you could try and call in for a reservation. After watching the show, you two could have a candlelit dinner at a restaurant nearby that serves wine. If you’re not a big drinker, it’s no problem. You can easily order a glass of wine or at least offer the lady if she’d like some wine.

Date ideas in Odessa

Similar to Kiev, there are a lot to do in Odessa. The scenery of Odessa is very different compared to Kiev. Odessa, also spelled as Odesa, is found near the border of the Black Sea. So, compared to Kiev’s architecture views, in Odessa, you’ve got the ocean. According to some Western men, women are more beautiful in Odessa. Plus, people are nicer as well as the cost of living is also cheaper. Here are some date suggestions if you’re visiting around Odessa.

7th Kilometer Market

Although we don’t usually advise shopping for your Ukrainian lady, 7th Kilometer Market has lots of clothes that are very cheap. So, if you’re just visiting, you can also buy some stuff for yourself or to take back as a souvenir. If you’re wondering if shopping is really a date, it might as well be as it’s something Ukrainian women surely love to do. But, you may not be keen on being lugged around while a woman is shopping. In this case, you could go to a cafe in the basement of Alfina. You and your Ukrainian lady can dine among the oldest soviet wall paintings.

Saunas or Banyas

As Christmas time usually coincides with snow, it can get very cold in Odessa. If you’re looking in for some pamper time for you and your Ukrainian lady, why not try saunas or banyas. Banyas are the Russian type spas. Saunas and banyas could help you two stay warm and healthy during the cold winter time. There are several types of saunas and banyas you can enjoy. There’s one where it’s mixed or there’s also one that separates both male and female. You might want to ask your Ukrainian lady if she’s comfortable with this. If you aren’t familiar with Banya, then check out Ukrainian Guide.

Ice Skating

Since snow may be rampant in Odessa, like in Kiev, you can easily grab the opportunity to go ice skating with your Ukrainian lady. Even if you don’t know how to ice skate, there’s always something to bond over. You can take videos of each other failing at ice skating. The two of you could also ask someone to take a photo of you two (or maybe just bring a selfie stick!). There are several places you can go ice skating in Odessa like the Ldinka Ice Skating Rink.

Remembering that you two having a good time is the most important part of a date. Although you or your Ukrainian lady may not have the best of time on your date, having a good time is nonetheless a success. If it’s your first time meeting each other, maybe take a short stroll and sit down at a cafe to talk. However, be very wary of the women you’re dating. You don’t need to spend big bucks just so you can date each other. Finding the perfect Christmas date ideas in Ukraine should cost you your life savings. It should only cost you time, and it should be time well spent with your Ukrainian lady.

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Ukrainian Dating Culture: Is It Real? Is Worth The Money?

December 15, 2016 by

The Ukrainian dating culture has been a very debated topic because there are a lot of myths and rumors about Ukrainian women. There are so many men wondering whether or not it’s worth the money to even date Ukrainians. Furthermore, there are some that wonder if the Ukrainian dating culture is real. So, we’re here to debunk some myths and rumors about the Ukrainian dating culture.

Also, we just wanted to note to readers that because Ukrainian Brides Agency caters to Ukrainian dating, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to keep you in the dark. It’s even part of our policy to avoid scams and as much as possible for scams to be prevented. So, we’re always here to help you with your queries, comments, and suggestions.

Ukrainian women are only interested in money and guys with money

This is probably the number one that a lot of people worry about. This myth is not entirely false. Everyone has to know that there are individuals who “love” for money while there are others who are plainly looking for love. With this myth lurking, there is a good number of Ukrainian women who find this myth very offensive. The reason why this would be offensive is the fact that Ukrainian women would sometimes have to leave their country. This means that they need at least some sort of assurance that they would have a financially secure family. Furthermore, although Ukrainian women do love to shop, most of them aren’t recognized as materialistic. They love to shop because they always want to look good.

Ukrainian women are too unattractive to find a partner in Ukraine

This is probably one of the funniest, subjective, and easiest myth to debunk. If you’ve seen photos of Ukrainian women or even get to engage in a live video session, you’ll see that Ukrainian women have a league of their own when it beauty. Ukrainian women who use online dating sites are both keen not to only meet new people but also create interest in foreign countries. Plus, many Ukrainian women think that Ukrainian men are lazy and lack the motivation to raise a family. Furthermore, some of the singles on online datings sites are already mother. Single mothers usually don’t want to find another partner in Ukraine because the men aren’t usually good enough for them.

Ukrainian women online aren’t real or they only chat for fun

There are men that have been burned or scammed by “Ukrainian women.” Some men say the Ukrainian women on online dating sites don’t really have any intention of meeting and even marrying foreigners. They just want to talk and toy with someone’s feelings through these sites. Although in some case this could happen, this doesn’t happen all the time. Ukrainian women are in essence compassionate and warm. So, if they’re interested, they probably are. One of the main reason why Ukrainian women are even chosen is because they’re honest and open. When a foreign man uses a Ukraine brides agency, this usually assures that you’ll be meeting women from Ukraine who are looking for a relationship.

Ukrainian women will have more than one love interest

This myth is true, not only among Ukrainian women. Although this practice doesn’t only affect foreign men trying to date Ukrainian women, this practice affects everyone as with online dating you really just can’t stick to one. Online dating gives everyone the benefits of talking to more than one person at a given time. It’s unfair for Ukrainian women looking for prospective husbands to not talk to more than one man. This is, of course, in comparison to the men who constantly send messages to other women in hopes of opening up a relationship with one of the women they’re talking. It works similarly as this. However, another angle to look at this is that Ukrainian women have a lot of “boyfriends.” In other words, they aren’t monogamous. This cannot be said whether it’s true or false as you’ve got to remember that you’re dealing with individuals that have different personalities and intentions. Even if generally most Ukrainian women long for a sustainable family, there are a handful of people who long for a lavish life. Ukrainian women who interested will show you signs of respect, openness as well as attentiveness. You can check out our previous blog about how to know if a Ukrainian woman is attracted to you.

Ukrainian women are cold as ice, they’re good in bed, but not with emotions

This is more often than not a problem a lot of people have with Ukrainian women. Since they know what they want, they could become cold towards you. Or sometimes, they seem like they have no emotions. Understanding that they are from a different culture can take you a long way when dating a Ukrainian woman. There are numerous men saying, “I’m afraid she’s not getting emotionally close to me.” Krystyna of Ukrainian Dating Blog has a perfect example of this here. Krystyna says that “you should know that [the Ukrainian] culture is rather conservative (the women are shy and do not kiss at the first date usually). Many readers write me [Krystyna] that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss Western men, and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman is into you or not.”

Ukrainian women will not move out of her country to be with a man

It’s true that Ukrainian women have difficulty when you bring them your country instead of you staying in their country. There are difficulties of moving cross-country, and it’ll take time for someone to adapt. Moving to another country isn’t the same as just traveling around or touring that country. They basically have to take everything they know and leave it, especially their family. Ukrainian women take great pride of their country, their roots and their families. But, when a Ukrainian woman meets her future husband or at least husband-to-be, they’ll become more open to moving to your country once it has been established that you two are the right match. Remember that dating is a two way street. It’s full of compromises and every chance you two get to see each other is another added plus to both of your books that you two will have a successful marriage life. Ukrainian women are smart, educated and confident. This is true even if they’re attracted or have feelings of attachment to a man, like yourself. The only thing necessary at that point is whether or not you can assure your Ukrainian lady a secure life when adopting the move. Here’s great reading material about intercultural marriages between Western men and Ukrainian women.

Is It Real? Is Worth The Money?

As you can tell from the myths we’ve more or less debunked, Ukrainian women are real. But, the question of whether it’s worth the money or not depends on you and the website that you’re using. There are still several sites up that scam people out of their loneliness and singlehood. However, if you pick the right site, you’ll surely enjoy as you’ll be in the receiving end. Most dating sites actually are a bit expensive due to the website maintenance as well as the vetting of the women in their site. Why? Because when a site goes through a vetting process, it means that there are representatives that make sure the women are real. Furthermore, you’ll be more at ease that you aren’t being duped for the sake of money. We know that our customers do not want to waste both their time and money. So, here at Ukrainian Brides Agency, we take pride in providing you the best service possible to meet Ukrainian women. We help connect you to the women in Ukraine, but it’s all up to you how you’re going to approach them.

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How to Keep Online Conversations Interesting, Part 2

December 12, 2016 by
Keeping Online Conversations

So many romances reach their conclusion even before they get the chance to develop into something much more substantial. Such an unfortunate end may seem unforeseeable at the beginning, yet millions upon millions of hearts are left broken in situations that turn ugly too soon.

As always, it is easy to just blame destiny or Cupid himself and his faulty arrows. But often, the finger should be pointed at the people involved in relationships that run out of steam before their potentials could be fully realized.

Countless love stories wither as soon as the well of conversations dries up. Great conversations are vital to a long lasting relationship, particularly in the online dating scene. Some of the suggestions to keep online conversations interesting are asking questions, being true to yourself, and flirting away. Asking questions is necessary because it helps people discover each other and serves as a relevant indicator of whether someone is self-absorb or not. On the other hand, being true to oneself presents someone as human with flaws and saves them from possible heartbreak or embarrassing situations in the future. Flirting away is fun and, when you flirt just the right amount, it can be indicative of someone’s romantic interests in you.

Here are more tips on how to keep online conversations interesting.

4) Observe.

This goes back to asking questions. It is never enough to just ask the other person questions. Pay attention to what they say and take note of the stories they tell you. Making observations may seem like a very simple thing to do, but the sad truth is, many people fail to do it. That is the reason that people, who show their interest in others by asking about themselves, are still accused of not giving enough attention during their conversations.

Take note that observing does not necessarily mean memorizing their stories. This goes beyond what they tell you. Observe the way they laugh when something funny is mentioned. Pay attention to how their voice rises and falls when they speak or if they smile or frown when they pause while thinking of the next thing they want to say to you.

If your relationship has reached another level and your online conversations have transitioned to video chats, it even gives you more things to observe, such as the color of their hair, the way it falls on their face, her clothes and accessories, the room she is in, the color and shape of her eyes, or even the color of her painted fingernails.

Making observations show that you are an attentive person and do not take the little things for granted.

5) Expand topics.

When the threat of a dying conversation looms in the horizon, expanding on topics you have previously talked about is one great way to save the conversation and make it more interesting.

What you can do is ask the other person to tell you five things they have done during their day. This can range from something as simple as going to work or catching up with a friend to something that they do not do on an everyday basis such as buying a new outfit or pieces of jewelry.

Take note of all their answers to your questions. Then ask them about them one by one. A simple conversation about their work day can easily lead to a discussion revolving around their workplace, work history, the people they work with, and their professional aspirations, among other things. On the other hand, a conversation about them spending time with a friend can open up doors to their personal history. They can tell you about their friend’s life, which is always an interesting topic. Talking about new clothes and accessories can also go beyond the standard questions regarding color or the store they have bought it from. For example, some people buy new outfits because they are going through changes in their lives. It can also be as uncomplicated as rewarding themselves for working hard or preparing for an event or a party that they have been invited to.

The most wonderful thing is there never exists a time to expand topics. Chances are some of the answers they will give you are something they get up to on a regular basis. The beauty of having this knowledge in hand is you can ask the same questions every time, but the answers will rarely bear any similarities.

6) Relate similar subjects.

There comes a time when a conversation can get “too interesting” that it must simply be brought down to Earth. People have a tendency to talk too much about a particular subject until it becomes necessary to change the topic. Changing the topic in which a discussion revolves is rarely easy, but it also is the only thing that can save the conversation from expiring.

This can be achieved by relating subjects that share similarities to what is already being talked about. For example, your conversation could presently be about holidays with the family. You can prefix the shift with only four words – That reminds me of.

This strategy can also be employed when you want to change the current topic and steer the conversation towards a subject that you desire because you are of the opinion that it could possibly lead to something more fruitful.

7) Ask them about their plans for the remainder of their day.

Sometimes, because of time differences, either person is in the middle of their day when a conversation erupts. Also sometimes, because of stress brought upon by the work day, people tend to run out of things they can talk about. In situations like this, it will serve you well to ask them about their plans for the remainder of their day.

Not only does this give you something new to talk about, it also demonstrates that you are interested in the routines that characterize their daily life. Moreover, it just seems like a natural conversation to have. People in relationships often check on each other during the day. It does not necessarily mean that the person asking this is clingy. That is as long as you refrain from asking them the same question every other hour or so.

The new conversation topics that this question guarantees you that the rest of your lunch break will not be filled with deafening silence. In addition to telling each other about your plans for the rest of the day, you also will have an idea what to ask them when you talk again at the end of the day. If their afternoon will be spent inside a conference room, you can ask them at night how the meeting went. As previously mentioned, this provides your conversations a natural feeling because of the continuity and spontaneity.

8) Pick up right where you left off.

In an ideal world, you will have as much time as you can to talk to the person you like. However, in the real world, online conversations often get interrupted by work commitments and, sometimes, emergencies. After three or so hours, when you start talking to them again, four times out of five, you find yourself talking about an entirely different thing. And four times of five, you have to rebuild the flow of the conversation.

It is never easy to gain momentum whether you are talking to someone you have known for a short while or a long while. That is why it is recommended to pick up right where you left off. Resuming the last topic you were discussing is a guaranteed to give your conversation a more natural rhythm, so much so that it will feel as though you never took a break from talking in the first place.

9) Show them something.

This is something people hardly think of when they are in desperate need of saving a dying conversation. It does not matter if you are messaging each other or are in the middle of a video chat. If it is the former, all you need to do is to send them a picture of that something you want to show them.

Now, what could that something be? This is not, of course, something you just happen to have. It also does not have to be a super interesting thing. Tell them to please hold on for a few seconds because you want to show them something. Then go find that old photo album that documents your childhood. Show them pictures from holidays, birthdays, or school programs. Try your best to choose pictures that you know that back story of.

If you have a pet, you also can show it to them. Tell them about how long you have had your pet or about their crazy habits.

The best thing about this idea is that you do not have to wait until your conversation threatens to fizzle out. You can show them that particular something at the beginning of a conversation or during the middle when you feel the need to switch subjects.

With these ideas on how to keep online conversations interesting, you will never have to worry about awkward silences. Have fun!

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How to Keep Online Conversations Interesting, Part 1

December 11, 2016 by
Online Conversations

Countless love stories wither before they ever get the chance to blossom into something unmatched in its beauty, leaving you with nothing else to do, except wonder where you went wrong. You blame yourself as you wallow in the sadness that only a broken heart knows. After some time, you gain enough courage to open up your heart to the possibility of loving again. “This is it,” you whisper to yourself in the middle of a conversation with the person you are grateful for piecing the pieces of your heart together again.

The first date is everything you could have ever dreamed of and more. In the dim light of a fancy restaurant or a coffee shop, you keep blinking your eyes and pinching yourself because you find it nearly impossible to believe that something good is finally happening. Love, at last, is standing at your door. You find yourself lost in a conversation that is only interrupted by the waiter clearing the plates and asking if you would like another glass of wine. You say yes without breaking eye contact.

You head out to the street as you wait for a cab to take you home. You break all your promises to yourself not to seem too keen and proceed to tell them that you have never had such a fun night in a very long while. You discover that your feelings are mirrored. The night is yet to come to a close, but you already are making plans to see each other again. Friday night, Saturday afternoon. You tell them it hardly matters as long as you get to spend more time with them again.

The second date cannot come too soon. You are giddy with the impatience of a child on Christmas Eve, picking up the box underneath the Christmas tree, the one with their name on it, shaking the box to figure out if what lies inside the shiny wrap is what you have written in your Christmas wish list.

As if out of the blue, you find yourself in front of the person you are pretty sure you will be spending the rest of your life with. Yet it also feels as if you are with a different person. You open your mouth, but barely anything comes out of it. You look at your date. While during the first date, it has seemed like you are catching up for not having known each other for a quarter of a lifetime, this night feels as if you are strangers with absolutely nothing in common, like two people waiting on the train platform engaged in small talk, politely complaining to each other about how the train is late again for the hundredth time in a week.

You throw a smile at each other. You gaze into each other’s eyes, but turn your head to stare at the table because the silence is anything else but comfortable. The night ends, and you have only exchanged more awkward smiles than sentences. You know how bad of a night it has been, but you want to be polite. You lie through your teeth and tell them that night has been splendid. “Yeah, splendidly awkward,” you tell yourself as they get on a cab that will take them home.

Half an hour later, you find yourself in bed with troubling questions. “Where did I go wrong?” you ask yourself once more. You smell your breath and your clothes. They smell exactly the same way they smelled on the night of your first date. You let out a sigh. You are in the very same rut you were in a few weeks or months ago. It is another love story that has withered before it ever gets the chance to bloom into something unmatched in its beauty.

You alternate between wondering about what you can do to break the cycle and pondering on giving up on love altogether.

Some people realize where they go wrong almost immediately while others take some time, enough time to become disillusioned about romance.

In many instances, conversations are to blame. Rather, the lack of quality conversations. As one song goes, “I want love to love me back. I want two-way conversations.” Yes, the seed of love has no chance of ever blossoming without interesting conversations to shine its warm rays upon it.

The ugly truth is that it also applies to the online dating scene. You spend hours upon hours looking through various online dating profiles and grow more and more surprise at how many people out there can be the one you can share your whole life with. After gathering just the right amount of confidence, you reach out to a few of them. Everything is going well until you notice a similar pattern. After some time, the conversations just seem to die, and you finally admit to yourself that you are partly to blame because you are clueless when it comes to keeping conversations going.

But worry no more because here are few tips on how to keep online conversations interesting.

1) Ask questions.

Several years ago, a story came out that sent shockwaves across the entire dating scene, online and offline alike. According to a certain social experiment, it apparently takes only a few hours to fall in love with someone and also make the other person fall in love with you. The most important part of this experiment, second to finding someone you can have this conversation with is, is asking each other specific questions from a set composed of thirty-six. These questions range from personal ones to silly ones and are sure to make them think, laugh their asses off, and share pieces of their life with you. While these questions are meant to be asked when you are face to face with someone, it is nonetheless a marvelous idea to make them a part of your online conversations.

The simplest and lightest of questions are also a guaranteed way to keep online conversations interesting. As a matter of fact, asking these seemingly thoughtless questions is a good way to keep the conversation running. Because they hardly require answers that a person can only come up with after a minute or two-minute long trip down memory lane, they will ultimately feel comfortable around you until they eventually let their guards down.

In addition, a variety of psychological studies have proven that when you are asking someone to talk about their life, they immediately take a liking to you. Once someone starts liking you, they certainly will find ways to spend more time with you and put in more effort towards keeping the sparks burning.

A conversation filled with questions is also a reliable indicator of whether you and your date are a pretty good match. This happens when they also express interest in you by asking you questions. However, if you are the only one asking away, you can be sure that the person you are talking to is self-absorbed and is not the kind of person who will value your emotions.

2) Honesty is still the best policy.

When you find yourself talking to people online, it becomes easy to adapt a new personality. According to scientists, this is normal because people tend to let their hair down when they are talking to someone whom they are not face to face with. However, some people more than crank things up a notch. Rather than gaining a more confident personality, some people down right take on new identities. Experts explain that this is born out of the unhappiness that people have in their lives, in addition to insecurities that prevent them from building connections in their lives outside of the online dating scene.

Honesty is indeed the best policy because it saves you from more heartache in the end. Say, you are hitting it off with someone. You are so alike, and you both want to take your relationship to the next level. However, you lied about your height.

People who embrace their flaws are instantly more attractive because they seem more human. That is not license to beat yourself up, though. Be flawesome and tell them while you are shorter than the average person in your age group, you make up worth it with humor.

Moreover, make fun of yourself to demonstrate your confidence. This can result in the other person sharing their own insecurities with you because they are aware that you can handle the truth.

3) Flirt away.

There is nothing in the world that can ignite more sparks than flirting. While good conversations are a good indication of whether the other person is interested in you, flirting is the only indication that someone likes you more than as a friend. And when you are talking online to someone that you like, you no doubt want to know if they like you, as well.

However, you need to consider that flirting online should be carried out at a different pace than when you are flirting with someone you know in real life. The reason behind that is since the person you are engaged in an online conversation with cannot see you, your flirtatious words and acts can easily be taken the wrong way. Various relationship experts have also agreed that flirtation in an online setting can be a major turn off.

Now, what are some things that qualify as flirting? Sending a gym selfie or talking about sex toys send a clear message that pertains to physical intimacy. Instead, turn your flirting dial a few notches down and ask them questions that have just the right amount of spice. For example, ask them if they are a cat person or a dog person, then casually throw in the fact that dog persons are popularly known as better lovers.

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Here are the Dating Lies It’s Okay to Tell

December 9, 2016 by
Dating Lies

When you reflect on past interactions, more often than not, you catch yourself recognizing the benefits of hindsight and wishing you had said something else. Next thing you know, you’re pacing back and forth and your anxiety is pulling your face into different contortions. The many minutes you spend doing this is laced with several interjections. You come up with witty retorts a day too late or you begin to appreciate the benefits of widening your vocabulary after realizing that you could have better communicated your thoughts if only you had chosen a different word. Sometimes, sobriety blesses you with the realization that you shouldn’t have let that totally inappropriate story escape your lips. Other times, you realize all the troubles you could have avoided had you only told the truth and nothing but the truth.

Growing up, chances are your parents gave you more than an earful after they caught you in the act of lying. “Honesty is the best policy” and “The truth shall set you free,” they told you and, after repeat offences, they remind you. So, you promised to your parents, your best friends, and yourself that you would never ever lie again.

Lies, whether they’re the white variety or the kind that come from a bad place, have consequences that are so beyond our control. When you were still dating your first boyfriend out of college, you bragged about your mastery in baking and supported it with a detailed tale of waking up early on weekend mornings so you could watch and help your mom bake cookies, brownies, or cakes. “I love how freshly baked cookies make my apartment smell,” you exclaim. Months later, you got into an ugly argument with your now boyfriend. The loving person that he was, or probably still is, he wouldn’t think twice of forgiving you. Then he flashed you that toothy grin and said, “On one condition. Make me chocolate chip cookies.”

You screamed internally before saying, “Of course, sweetheart.” And then you screamed internally some more. You make pancakes out of the box, and even then, you couldn’t make decent ones. So how on earth can you bake cookies to show your boyfriend how sincerely sorry you are?

So, you turn to saints or your guardian angels for help. They aren’t exactly miracle workers. So, you look up recipes for chocolate chip cookies online, sweat while reading the instructions. You then take a trip to the nearest supermarket to buy all the ingredients. Then you sweat some more, much more, while making the batter and the rest of the baking process.

Then it’s judgment time. Your chocolate cookies couldn’t be more unspectacular. You see it in your boyfriend’s face after he takes the first bite. Your fake smile withers. You think of expressing to your boyfriend how disappointed you are because of his lack of appreciation. He swallows one half of the cookie and return the uneaten half on the china plate you hoped would make up for your chocolate cookies’ horrible taste. Then another argument erupts. It’s an even bigger argument. Your boyfriend tells you that he’s tired and fed up of all your lies and wants none of it from this moment on. He calls it quits. You leave his apartment with your plate of chocolate chip cookies that even you won’t dare to eat.

You’re single again.

All because you lied.

As you look for a new romance, try to take comfort in knowing that everyone lies. Well, not everyone. A survey found out that sixty-one per cent of people lie on their first dates. Nearly half of these liars fess up by the third date while a quarter wait until they’re in the act before delivering their confessions.

But you also know from previous life experiences that lying is sometimes okay and occasionally makes for an interesting story. Here are the dating lies it’s okay to tell.

1) Your name.

No, this isn’t permission to adapt a new identity. You can’t go from being an Emily to introducing yourself as Charlotte. If you’re looking for hookup, that’s completely understandable and acceptable. But if the reason you’re even dating in the first place is to end up in a relationship, it’s an absolute no-no.

What this means is you don’t have to give them your full name. You don’t even have to tell them you’re given name. If your parents named Emily, it’s perfectly fine if you introduce yourself by your nickname Emma.

So, why is lying just a little about your name advisable? It’s because there’s no guarantee that your date will go well or will lead to more dates. For safety purposes, use your nickname. That way, you can avoid creeps who will definitely stalk you online once they get the chance to.

2) Your address.

Lying about your address is also suggested for purposes involving your safety. You don’t want to run the risk of your totally horrible date showing up at your door completely unannounced, with a bouquet of roses and chocolates and an apology for insulting you on your first date. Chances are most first dates won’t lead to second, third, fourth, and fifth dates. So, don’t give away your address just yet unless you want unwelcome visitors turning up at your door.

Lying about your address isn’t a permission to fake your identity, as well. Don’t tell them you live in an upscale neighborhood just because you want to impress them or feel superior.

3) Your five-year plan.

This isn’t a job interview, so you don’t have to tell your date where you see yourself five years from now. Yes, you want to be in a loving relationship, but telling your date that you want to be happily married and a mother to two adorable kids isn’t going to fool yourself date into thinking that you’re truly, madly, deeply attracted to them. It’s a first date, not a marriage proposal.

4) Your culinary preferences.

Allergies are understandable and are one of the things that you should never ever lie about. So, he offers you a bite of his rotisserie chicken. Say no, instead of politely tasting his food. But don’t forget to offer an explanation. Instead of lying to them about how you dislike the texture and taste of chicken, just tell them that you’re allergic to chicken. Trust me. Even if you bring antihistamine with you, it won’t work like magic and prevent you from having allergic reactions.

You also don’t want to develop red blotches on your face and up in the emergency even before you get a chance to order dessert.

5) Your precise job title.

No, don’t lie about your job. Don’t say you’re a model when you’re a primary school teacher. Again, this is a date, not a job interview. Instead of telling them what you do for a living, tell them the things you like about the industry you work in.

6) Your annual salary.

This is pretty self explanatory. You don’t tell them how much you make. Be modest and don’t brag or complain about how much you get paid. First dates aren’t a suitable time to give them a sneak peak of your bank account.

7) Your thoughts when you first saw their profile.

This only applies when you’re dating someone you met on an online dating site or a dating app. Yes, you believe in love at first sight. But you know better than to date someone just because they’re attractive.

Their profiles probably contain a little description of their personality or, at least, how they see themselves. If you found them a little boring and archived their profile, so you can narrow down your choices, but later decided to give them a chance, that’s okay. But don’t give them a detailed narration of your step by step process when selecting who you want to date. Besides, it’s just not polite.

8) Your dating history.

In this day and age, it’s totally okay to go on as many first dates. The logic behind it is you don’t want to miss out on possibly the love of your life. If the night before, you went out on a date with someone else, your current date doesn’t need to know. Exclusivity is decided upon after a few dates.

9) The state of your life.

First dates are meant to be fun. This isn’t your support group where air out every bit of your dirty laundry for everyone to see. Or even if you met your date in the aforementioned support group, it still isn’t advisable to talk about your life dramas on a date. Moaning about life takes the fun and romance out of dates.

10) How much you’ve enjoyed their company.

So, the night comes to a close. By now, you’ve probably formed an opinion about your date. If you want to see them again, it’s because you’ve enjoyed the time you’ve spent with them. If you can’t wait to leave that place, it’s because they’re just not the type you’re looking for.

And there’s nothing wrong about that. However, that’s still not a license to tell them that you’ve had the absolute worst time. Politeness can go a long way. Who knows? You might meet them again under different circumstances.

Try your best to stick to this list when thinking about what and what not to say on your date. If you lie, don’t forget to come clean at an appropriate time.

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