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Dating advice


June 8, 2018 by


Scientists think the relationship that starts online may have a huge advantage over relationships that start in real life. A new paper suggests partners who meet online are more likely to be companionable than those who meet in person.

However, the research doesn’t prove that online dating causes relationships to be stronger. May be that people who register for dating services are actually more interested in a relationship.

Nevertheless, telling people you and your partner met online can seem boring.

Many people believe that long-distance relationship is never going to work out. Your family may discourage it and some of your best friends may advise you not to take it too seriously, just in case you get your heart broken. Nobody says it is going to be easy – the extra distance makes many things unachievable. Things may be difficult, and you could get sad and lonely at times.

Wouldn’t you rather be able to share a story about how you were both reading the same novels at the local library daily? Or how you had been best friends since kindergarten and that one day something just clicked?

However, the extra distance also makes the simplest things the sweetest, being able to hold the other person’s hand. Eating together at the same table, feeling each other’s touch, taking walks together, smelling each other’s hair…these small wishes could suddenly mean so much more in a long-distance relationship.

Just a few decades ago, if you were in a long-distance relationship and wanted to talk to another person. The only way to do so was to make a call using a phone that connects to a landline and you had to deal with time differences also. But thanks to the technology of today, there are countless ways to stay and feel connected to your partner when you are navigating a long-distance relationship. From tagging each other in funny memes on Instagram to sending photos, texts, FaceTiming and the list go on. There’s no shortage of platforms and opportunities to be in touch.

Furthermore, people in long-distance relationships are more likely to share meaningful thoughts and feelings with their partners than those who were not.

Why do people try a long-distance relationship?


Rarely people get themselves into long-distance relationships on purpose. Typically, what ends up happening is that couples become a victim of circumstance, where one partner finds themselves needing to relocate. Another way that long-distance relationships get facilitated is when one person ends up spending a lot of time in a different state. Also, a city for either work or leisure and forms a connection with someone there. Usually, both partners know that distance will be a factor they have to deal with before starting the relationship.

Here is some vital advice for couples to assist with a long-distance relationship.

Stay with us for more updates.

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Dating Etiquette for Men on a First Date

June 8, 2018 by
Dating etiquette for men

Going on a first dating is not easy. It is nerve-wracking, confusing, exciting and terrifying all at the same time! You spend time choosing what to wear, thinking about what to do and where to go. You worry about how to keep your conversation as enjoyable as possible.  You focus on doing all the other preparations to make that first date just perfect.

But, if there’s one thing you must pay attention to when going on a first date, it should be your dating etiquette. There isn’t anything more impressive than a man who has manners. Want to make a good impression during a first date? Here’s a list of dating etiquette to live by.

Arrive Early

Ukrainian women appreciate a man who knows how to value their time. You shouldn’t keep your date waiting. You have to make sure that you are the first one to arrive at the venue.

Be a Gentleman

Being a well-mannered person doesn’t mean that you have to be formal or stiff. Good manners are something that should come as a second nature. You can be a gentleman by simply holding the door open for your date and pulling out a chair for her. Be polite and make sure you attentively listen to her. Don’t forget the magic words “thank you” and “please”. They can go a long way.

Dress Well

Depending on the venue of your date, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Taking your Ukrainian lady to a fine dining restaurant? You need to be in formal clothes. Having your first date in a more casual venue like a café? Planning to do some other activities? Then just make sure you are dressed accordingly.

When dressing up for a first date, you don’t have to wear something extravagant. The most important thing? Wear clean, comfortable clothes which fit and make you look neat, decent and presentable.

Compliment Your Date

Ukrainian ladies love it when they know they are being appreciated. So don’t hesitate to compliment your date if they look lovely in their outfit. Of course, you have to make sure that you don’t do it out of obligation. Your appreciation must be something that comes from the heart. It must be sincere and genuine.

Be Mindful of Your Table Manners

If you want to increase your chances of a second date, be mindful of your table manners. It may seem very basic but it can make a huge difference. First and foremost, wait for your date’s food to arrive before you start eating. Pace yourself during the meal and make sure you’re not eating too fast. Chew with your mouth closed and do not talk while your mouth is full.

Avoid Using Your Phone

It is incredibly rude to keep checking your phone when on a date. It will make your date feel that you are bored or not interested. Instead, concentrate on and give your undivided attention to your date.  Focus on your conversations and listen attentively. If you need to take an important phone call, make sure to excuse yourself politely.

Treat Servers with Respect and Courtesy

There is nothing more unattractive than a man who is rude to the server or wait staff. You must treat everyone with the same level of respect regardless of who you’re dealing with.

Take Care of the Bill

You’ll be the one to take care of paying the bill on the first date. No questions asked. It is even a better idea to excuse yourself after your dinner to pay the bill out of her sight.

Don’t Drink Too Much

A glass of wine or a bottle of beer during a first date is perfectly fine. However, make sure not to drink excessively. It doesn’t send the right message. You don’t want to end your first date getting drunk. You surely won’t be getting a second date.

Because first impressions are important when it comes to first dates, follow these dating etiquettes tips. Make sure you are making the right impression to your Ukrainian lady. If you want to meet and Ukrainian women, please visit our international dating site – Ukraine Brides Agency.

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May 29, 2018 by


A woman is such a lovely creation and you have to know how to treat her. We all know that without trust any relationship has no chance of success. Did you know that on average, a woman says that her level of trust in men is only 4 on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest level of confidence? If you want a strong relationship, we have some important tips for you to gain access to the woman’s heart.

Let’s start with the three main reasons why woman say she does not trust men.

  1. They were deceived or lied to and now do not dare to give their heart again.
  2. Men say one thing and do another, leaving women feeling insecure and suspicious.
  3. Men are vague in their communication and do not seem to tell women the whole truth.

Trust is a key element in forming a mutual understanding with a woman, so let’s see how you can create a secure foundation of trust in your relationship.


Being dishonest about your intentions is the worst thing you can do. If you are not ready for a relationship and would rather play, tell her this so that she can make the right decision for herself.

In addition, if you are ready for a relationship, then express your wishes to her too. She will respect you more if you are frank and direct, even if that’s not what she wants to hear.


Knowledge is a power. We have problems when we do not ask the right questions. She will appreciate your curiosity and readiness to understand her needs.

The right questions also give you the opportunity to express your position openly, so that everyone is clear, and the needs and desires come to the table.


Misunderstandings (and false expectations) are can lead to trouble. Therefore, frank discussion before the transition to the next level of relations creates great confidence in a woman, shows that you respect her and helps to remove misunderstandings. Women want to feel love, and they want to love you more than you know. It is important to understand that women are much stronger than you understand and they can cope with what you tell them. Honest communication is the key ingredient that forms a stable foundation and gives you access to the woman’s heart.

If you practice these simple methods of building trust, you will have the most valuable relationship of your life. And the articles in our blog will help you to understand the way of woman’s thinking.


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May 22, 2018 by

At times a man who has just met a woman wishes to change things about himself so that he does not repeat mistakes he made in previous relationships. Other men, who are in a relationship with a woman, may feel the same and they’d like to know why it seems like she doesn’t appreciate him. From time to time, men may feel unwanted or even undesirable. How do you change this? There are three tips to make a woman appreciate you more.


Women love kind men. It’s the truth! Women admire men who can take care of them and who treat them with grace and honor. The truth is that it is easy to be kind. You just need to be a considerate person.


And to find people who are 100% true to themselves is rare nowadays. Therefore, too often, people are not really how they demonstrate themselves to be. Eventually, your true self will show and your relationship is likely to crumble. Don’t worry about doing or saying something wrong as no-one is perfect.  Hence, just be yourself. Consequently, in this case, women will value you, not your imaginary character.


Especially relevant, women like men who can entertain them and men who have a good sense of humor will attract women. Don’t be afraid to tell playful stories or something amusing that happened to you. It indicates to the woman that you are not afraid to admit your faults and she will be more relaxed with you.


Women appreciate men who can make them happy and enjoy good communication.

Nevertheless, just be that man who brings out the best in these women. If you do, your relationship will be that much stronger. However, feel free to read more essential information about how to make your relationship better and stronger.

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May 10, 2018 by

The holiday season is rich in symbols and meaning that is both universal and particular to each marriage and family. These symbols and rituals are part of the shared meaning of a marriage and family. Creating shared meaning is the basis of a sound relationship where the important dreams, narratives, myths, and metaphors about our relationship and family find a home.


Here are four ways that couples can build a stronger relationship with shared meaning:

  1. Creating daily or weekly rituals of connection will enable you to build shared meaning. Carve out time to be together and spend time doing enjoyable activities that bring you both pleasure.
  2. Implementing your shared goals can help you to be a stronger couple with a purpose. Regardless of what your shared vision or goals are, they can strengthen your bond.
  3. Sharing a common dream or vision for life can help you gain a healthy perspective. Creating a larger context of meaning in life can help couples to avoid focusing only on the little things that happen.
  4. Talking about your shared vision can foster attunement. Couples who talk about their hopes and dreams with one another openly are more likely to be happy and less likely to be struggling. Taking time to process your dreams can bring you closer.

Maintaining a Deep Connection to Your Partner

However, while a new relationship is often exciting having a deep and meaningful connection with your partner can infuse your relationship with love. Developing shared meaning over a longer period will sustain a deep connection in your marriage.

Couples who take the time to develop shared meaning and goals are more likely to cultivate intimacy – a hallmark of a matured and lasting love.

We watch out for our client’s best interest.

We are always glad to help you with any advice. Feel free to read our blog

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April 26, 2018 by

Dating always requires a great input. When you meet a woman with children, you probably don’t do it just for fun. Most likely, you really like this woman, and you are clever enough to understand that her children are in the kit with her.

Dating has entered a new dimension, with incomprehensible little people who control the ships that you want to save from disaster.


If you are ready for such an adventure, here are some tips for dating a woman with a child:


Do not be surprised if the situation moves a little slower than it used to. We do not necessarily mean physically. You could strike at the usual, but still were not invited to her house or met her children. As a bachelor, your idea of home is probably transient. Probably, you will leave your apartment sooner or later, and you can share your place with guys you hardly know. Mother’s house is completely her and her child’s home. An invitation to a house or meeting with children can make them vulnerable. If she takes you there, her children’s drawings, family photos, and personal things will fully display her life. If she doesn’t hurry to show you her friends and family or give you a full tour of the house, do not worry. When she decides to let you in, it will mean much more.


Everyone loves spontaneity, but not all the time. This may seem ridiculous, but if your lady has small children, they will be spontaneous whenever they want.   Unlike some other unmarried girls, your lady cannot afford to be unemployed, because she has to fully provide for her child. It’s better to get used to the planning of events a few weeks before so that even the simplest date passes without a hitch. It is also not bad to think about plans for unforeseen circumstances. If the nanny is too busy, or the game of the little guy is canceled, you do not want to get stuck far away from home without any option to quickly return.


Do not think that just because she is a mother, she cannot get distracted by anything else. Like any other girl you can meet, she may be interested in casual relationships or doesn’t want any relationship at all. If you expect to see a mother- housewife, whose life begins and ends while waiting at the bus stop before the parents’ meetings, you simply set yourself up for failure. “Mother” is just one of the words that a woman uses to define herself. Simply because she is a mother, this does not mean that she is not sexual, independent or slightly wild.


She has a little man who depends entirely on her and who will constantly demand her attention. And you, for sure, already know it. This does not mean that you are ready to put up with that, then you will be in second place in your relations. It’s easy to say that you do not have problems with this, but, like in many things, it can be easier said than it is.Not every young man is ready to cope with the limitations of family life. However, you can never put a mother before the choice of “me or a child.” After all, you understand what the answer will be.


Whether the child is a kid or a teenager, everything will change at the last minute. The child can suddenly get sick, mess things up at home or at school.

You were a child – you know how it works. Having a child is like water in that in a second he changes the calm state to a storm. Believe, she really was looking forward to this date all week and did her best to spend this time with you, but one word from the child can change all plans.

It is sometimes better to have more open plans, where you will have several options. In addition, you will greatly surprise her, showing that you can cope with sudden changes in the schedule.


Perhaps you accidentally met her with a child, or maybe you just know the child through social networks. In any case, just because you started dating her doesn’t mean that you automatically get the right to meet her child too. Acquaintance with people who briefly appear in the life of their mother, and then dehumanize for no apparent reason can be detrimental to the children.

Don’t push her to introduce you to her child. She knows exactly when will be the right time. She wants to make sure that you will be around, at least in the short term, before bringing you into the life of your child. At the same time, if you have met for several months, you are seriously attuned and have not yet met with her child, you can raise this issue. But never push it, otherwise, you can push your girlfriend away.


If she is a single mother, there is a high probability that she didn’t imagine her life so. Her dating might fail once. Maybe her Child’s father left, maybe they got divorced, or maybe she’s a widow. In any case, she trusted one of the most important events in her life, and this trust was violated, even if it was the fate that deprived her of her husband.

First, you need to be gentle and do it slowly. She cannot just jump on your neck without thinking. Secondly, you must earn her trust. Things that can be missed or easily removed in other ways (for example, being late, stumbling upon an untold past, or some suspicious texts on your phone) can now be much bigger problems. You need to make sure that she knows that your word is firm, and she can rely on you.


Her child will not go anywhere. Even if you have a good relationship, her child is a part of her life and, in turn, will someday become a part of yours. If your relationship with the mother passes by the relationship with the child, you must be honest about your feelings for the children. If you are not mature enough to deal with family life, or if you just do not like children, back off.

To know her mother is rather essential. You just need to approach it differently. This idea may be more attractive than the thought of starting from scratch, experiencing pregnancies, diapers, screams and sleepless nights. Do not be afraid of dating. Just do not make assumptions and walk slowly and cautiously. For more dating tips please read this



April 15, 2018 by

During the last several years, online dating has become a very popular activity in the Western world. Online dating has its own set of dos and don’ts and it can be difficult to find out those rules by yourself. You’ve possibly noticed that online dating isn’t exactly like dating in the real life.



If you want your online dating experience to be a good one make sure you keep these 5 tips in mind.


The person you’re talking to on the other side of your PC, laptop, or cell phone screen may seem honest, but you really have no idea if it is true or not. You don’t know what to expect from a stranger, so it would be more secure to meet up in public place.


Even if you’re a woman, you should be prepared to pay for yourself. Many men believe that the man should always pay for dates and some women will suggest picking up the check if they’ve invited a man.


You should constantly keep in mind how you look like your dressing and appearance when you are going on the date. Your chances for the excellent date will extremely increase if you remind this simple note.


Take some time to know your date much better and you may change your mind. If your date has some pimples on the face or something like that, remember that we are all not perfect. Maybe you also have something that your date may not like. Dedicate time to learn more about your partner and do not overly focus on the imperfections.


Be kind, even if you haven’t decided whether to continue your communication or not. Some people assume that since they don’t know their online dates very well, that gives them a free pass to just disappear. It’s life, you don’t know what will happen tomorrow and it is always better to make a good impression of yourself.


While the dos of online dating can ensure that you have a great time during the date, without risking anything after the date, these 5 don’ts can help you enjoy a better dating experience, and make a wonderful first impression.


Do not waste your time in meetings without any online communication. You should recognize your partner a little to understand if you want to develop your relations in real life or not.


Mostly, you’ll have no idea if your date is trustworthy. Going to your date’s house not only increases the chances of risk but also increases the possibility of something sexual happening.


While it’s understandable that some people like to exchange hot pictures, do NOT send such photos to people whom you’re just begun communicating online.


Also, while you want to refer your date’s attention to your personality and not to your bare body, you need to wear something more reserved. Suitable clothing won’t distract the attention and your online dating will have more chance of success.


It’s extremely irritating to wait for someone who’s not punctual. If you’re late, this shows that you don’t respect your date. In addition, they may think you’re not coming, and leave before you get a chance to meet up.

Well,  follow these 10 online dating dos and don’ts, you’ll have much more chances for a great first date online and avoid the most common mistakes.

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Interracial Dating: What You Need to Know

April 13, 2018 by
interracial couple

Whether we want to admit it or not, race and culture play a significant role in a relationship. That’s why many people believe that interracial relationships don’t work. An interracial relationship is one each person belong to different races. And while being an interracial couple can be challenging, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build a healthy and successful relationship. When you know how to rise above the trials, you will come out stronger. Here are some of the few things you need to learn about interracial dating.

Your relationship should be tight and rock solid

To protect your relationship from the social pressures and the opinions of other people that can wedge you apart, you need to have a tight and rock solid relationship. This means that your foundation has to be strong. You need to work as a team and feel like you’re in this together. If your love is strong, you will be able to handle anything that life throws at you. Issues and challenges will be there to test your relationship. And as an interracial couple, it’s not going to be easy. If the world is tough, you need to be tougher.

You need to be comfortable talking about everything, including your differences

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. It is even more important when you engage in biracial dating. This means that you have to be open and talk about everything including your different races. Your differences are not something you should avoid discussing. Talk about your views on important matters like marriage, children, where you will live, and so on. You may or you may not have the same opinions on certain things. But this is where you need to learn how to compromise and meet halfway. In mixed race dating, you need to have the utmost respect for your partner. Even if you disagree, it’s critical that you know how listen, understand and arrive at an agreement in the end.

Don’t make judgments or assumptions

One of the most common mistakes people in an interracial relationship make is that they judge their partner based on their race. This is never fair because racial groups are not homogeneous. Just because they come from a certain race doesn’t mean they share the same values and belief as the rest of the people in their country. You and your partner may not agree on everything but it’s essential that you understand where each other stands. Understand that each person is unique and you have to respect that uniqueness.

Learn to embrace your partner’s culture

When you engage in biracial dating, you will realize that you and your partner have a lot of cultural differences. And these things, no matter how tiny they are, should never be overlooked or taken for granted. Instead, they have to be welcomed and embraced. After all, that’s what love is all about. It’s about accepting everything about the person you love regardless of their race, culture, and beliefs. And there are also good sides to being involved in mixed race dating. For one, you can learn more about a new culture that you may find amusing and interesting. You might even love it. Then you can share your own culture with your partner. There’s completely nothing wrong with embracing something new. It might even add spice to your relationship.

Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you

People will always have something to say, especially when it comes to interracial dating. But if you want to make your relationship succeed, listening to what others have to say should be the least that you should do. The judgment of other people may be one of the biggest problems of most interracial couples today. But they don’t have to be your problem too if you know how to shrug them off. The most important thing is that you know that your love is true and that you have each other no matter what.

Interracial dating isn’t something that should be treated differently than other relationships. Be proud and embrace what you have and you will make it until the end. And if you are interested to meet single Russian women, please visit Ukraine Brides Agency.

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April 10, 2018 by

Men ought to know that meeting with a woman at the age of 50 means that you are meeting with a woman who has finished repeating the same mistakes and is ready to finally find her love story.


Here are seven more things that men should remember about women in their 50s.


A woman in her 50’s already known for certain that she doesn’t need relationships to be happy. In her life there are close friends and relatives who don’t let her feel alone. In addition, she knows what to do with her free time as she has a lot of interests and hobbies. So, if a woman is interested in you in her 50’s, you are exactly a special person.


A woman at the age of 50 knows for sure what she wants in life and in relationships. It also means that her choice of partner is more balanced than in her 20’s or 30’s. In addition, she knows how to express her feelings and desires. With a woman in 50, there are no games and guesses at random. On the other hand, she will demand the same from her partner.


In her 50’s, a woman knows the importance of taking care of herself, which includes going in for sports, eating well, etc. In any case, her age gives her confidence that positively affects her appearance.


Most likely, a woman at the age of 50 already has adult children who no longer need constant care. She can devote more and more time to herself, her interests and her personal life. You have nowhere to hurry and your relationship can develop gradually and easily.


No more inconvenience, a woman at the age of 50 knows not only how to conduct a conversation, but also knows how to manage it. A lady will give you an opportunity to talk about yourself, and leave enough time to tell about herself too. A woman is not afraid to be vulnerable and laugh at herself.


A woman who meets at her 50’s does not want to have anything in common with her past. She is not going to recall past grievances or regrets, and she is mature enough to prevent negative feedbacks about her or your ex. The lady intends to move forward.


A lady is no longer riddled with anxiety and insecurity, as she was in her 20s and 30s. She values life for everything, including ups and downs, and seeks to make the most of the time she has.

A woman opens up with age and becomes only more attractive. If you happen to meet such a woman, do not miss your chance to get to know her better.

Please, read this essential article to get more advice.


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How to Date Russian Women after a Long Relationship

April 6, 2018 by
couple looking at the clouds

Going back to the dating scene after ending a long relationship? That can be scary! The thought that you will be jumping back into the dating pool once again can be unsettling.  It can stir up feelings of anxiety, as well as doubt and uncertainty. But if you think you are ready to fall in love again, and meet the Russian woman of your dreams, there’s no reason to fear. After all, love is all about taking a risk.

To help you start dating again, here are some tips on how to date after you ended a long relationship.

Don’t carry the baggage from your past relationship

No matter how bad your experiences were in your previous relationship, there’s no reason to carry the baggage forward. It would be unfair for the next person you will be dating. You need to leave all the pain and resentment behind and start anew. Stop thinking that things will be the same. Embrace the thought that this is a fresh start for you and you will be with a totally different person. You deserve to be happy so give yourself that chance to be happy.

Don’t be scared to try new methods of dating

Online dating is one of the excellent ways to meet new people. And many people who ended up being couples have met through online dating sites and apps. If your goal is to meet and date Russian women, then online dating could be the solution you’re looking for. The key to increasing your success rate in online dating is finding the right website for you. Find out the site that will give you what you’re looking for and go for it. There’s no reason to be afraid.

Take your time and don’t rush things

Dating is something you shouldn’t rush, especially when you’ve ended a long term relationship. The break up probably taught you a lot of lessons and made you realize some things. So you must use that learning to make sure your next relationship is going to be better and healthier.

Enjoy the ride and make the most of this new experience. If you think you’re not yet ready to jump to a serious relationship, then don’t. You are the only who knows how much time you need to be ready. Enjoy the process and have fun.

Get a hobby

The options are endless if you want to meet new people and start dating again. Aside from trying online dating, you may also want to consider getting a new hobby. It may feel good to stay home and watch your favorite series on the weekends. But getting yourself imprisoned in your house won’t get you a date. Instead of being a couch potato, get up and enjoy some new hobbies. Do the things you’ve always loved to do or try something you’ve never done before. Aside from increasing your chances of being with people, the experiences will add value to your life. It will even improve your dating life.

Reconnect with your friends

Your friends, especially the single ones, can help you get back up and start dating again. They can introduce you to the latest trends in dating especially when you have been out of the game for quite some time. Spending time and going out with them more often will also open more opportunities for you to meet new people.

Seek advice from the people you trust the most

Learn how to date again by seeking advice from your family, friends and other people that you trust the most. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. You’ll never know how much help you can actually get until you asked for it. The people who want to see you happy again will go out of their way to give you advice and even suggestions on how you can start dating once more.

Getting back to the dating game is indeed not easy especially when you came from a long term relationship that didn’t work out. But you can use these tips to help you start on the right foot. Trying to find your ideal partner? Please visit Ukraine Brides Agency.

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