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Dating advice

What You Need to Know About Dating a Russian Woman

September 11, 2017 by
Russian Woman with flowers

Russian women have a reputation for being one of the most admired women in the world. That’s because apart from being beautiful and flawless, they are very artistic and have good taste in fashion. And not only are they good looking, but they are also known for being smart and intelligent. And that’s the reason why those men who get to date Russian women can be considered lucky.

Russian girls can be considered as anyone’s dream girl, and if you are planning to date one, here are some of the facts that you need to know.

1. You need to be the one to pay for your food and drinks when you take her out on a date

A lot of things may have changed by now, even when it comes to dating and relationships. But there are also certain things that never change and one of them is the guy being the one to have to pay for the food when inviting a girl out for a date. In other places, it is acceptable for the man and a woman to split the bill, but the Russian girl’s culture is different. Even if they actually offer to split the bill with you, you are expected to refuse and pay the entire amount.

2. Russian girls are straightforward

For Russian girls, if they find anything that bothers them in certain ways, they will tell it you straight to your face. They might sound cruel or ruthless at times, but when they communicate, they are not actually fond of beating around the bush. They value time a lot, they also do not waste time when they want to get their message across. They will also let you know if they do not find things fair anymore, because they are the type of people who don’t let anyone walk all over them. They are very vocal with their thoughts and emotions, whether they are happy, excited, sad, or frustrated. So don’t get surprise if they yell at you because it only means that they are mad or pissed.

3. They expect you to be a gentleman

While we have a high value for feminism, when it comes to dating and relationships, Russian women still expect the man they are dating to be a gentleman. When you accompany her for shopping, you need to carry her shopping bags. The only thing that she should be left holding is her hand bag.

The same thing is expected when you ride a car. You need to open the car door for her, and if she is wearing a coat, you need to help her with it as soon as you get to you destination. You should also open the doors for her wherever you go and allow her to go or walk ahead during your entrance and exit from a certain place.

4. You should give them flowers

Most women still appreciate flowers. And Russian girls are one of those that find flowers as special gifts. This is the type of gift that they cherish and treasure because they find it sweet and romantic. So don’t ever feel hesitant to buy her a bouquet, even when there is no occasion. She will appreciate you for doing so.

5. They can be very loyal to the person they are dating

Russian women are also known for being loyal to just a single guy they are dating. They take relationships very seriously, and that is why you are very fortunate if you get to date a Russian girl. Also, you must also show them the same loyalty, because you surely don’t want to make them mad.

6. They have value family

All Russian girls put their family first above everything and everyone. So you should never speak anything against their family. You need to learn how to love and respect the people they value and they will thank you for it. If you get lucky to be married to them, you can expect her to give the same value for the family she will be building with you.

7. Learn how to wait patiently

For some reason, women are given the right to be late when it comes to your scheduled date. That is because there are a number of possible reasons why they could arrive a few minutes after the appointed time. Guys should be considerate because the fact remains that girls really take longer to fix and get ready than guys. Also, it is more appropriate for a man to wait than to make a woman wait for him. So the next time you ask her out, make it a point to arrive on time, and when she arrives late, don’t be disappointed. Instead, tell her you are happy that she came. Don’t even ask her for the reason why she arrived late.

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August 21, 2017 by

“I think she’s just afraid of a new relationship”. “She’s not 100% sure about me”. These are typical phrases of men using different marriage sites. So, the frequent question is “How to make a Ukrainian lady trust you despite her previous experience?”

Outlining the problem

Many people – men and ladies – have had a negative experience in the past. This always causes a side effect on their next relationship. The same is true about Ukrainian ladies. It’s not so easy to just stop thinking about the past. Moreover, it most likely won’t help, because running from your problem is not the same as dealing with it. If it’s your problem, you need at least to face it. If it’s of your beloved partner, the case is more difficult.

Give her time

I think that is important that you give your Ukrainian lady some time to start trusting you. Prove it with your attitude, show her patience and loyalty, show your respect towards the Ukrainian lady and your interest in her everyday events. Ask about people she communicates with. Do not rush things, although do not push her aside pretending to have intentions to build a simple friendship. Let’s be honest: you are interested in her as a lady – that is why you are using a dating or marriage site.

Accept that she has her personal life

If the Ukrainian lady you are interested in is a single mother, you should be very tactful. Raising children and caring for them is a hard everyday job, especially when there is no father. Try to accept that the lady has many duties and responsibilities, therefore, she is not able to be 24/7 available for a chat with you.

Get to know each other well

Do not waste your and the lady’s time on idle talks. You will have many evenings together in future to do this after you meet. Speak instead about the things that concern you both, and not necessarily in a chat. Writing letters is a good way to open your heart and soul as it does not involve personal on-line contact. This may give you and your Ukrainian woman more freedom and avoid stress and misunderstandings.

Make your efforts effective

When speaking in a real-time chat, the words are not always carefully chosen. Instead, letters are a good opportunity to think about and to choose the best way to express your thoughts. It is worth talking frankly with her about her doubts, distrust and about feelings that you have about this and, if your sympathy is mutual, do not stop on this stage of writing letters. Continue to develop your relationship making it more real and personal. Only by your actions can you show that you can be trusted. And of course here you need patience.

Turn off your conjectures

Try to overcome your imagination and not to invent some reasons why she doesn’t trust you. All this may be far away from the real facts. The truth is that the reason is in the lady, not yourself. Therefore, you cannot fight her past other than accept it. So, be patient and do not waste your time trying to change your tactics all the time. Be still and consistent in your actions.

I hope that these recommendations will give you a key of how to stay calm and confident on your way to the heart of a Ukrainian lady. Be sure, she is worth it. To get inspired you may read this article in our blog:

We look forward to your success with Ukraine Brides!

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Excellent Ideas to Spice up your Long Distance Relationship

August 11, 2017 by
Couple having Long Distance Relationship

Anyone who has experienced or is currently in a long distance relationship would agree that it is really a difficult situation to be in. It is just an ideal situation for any couple because of many reasons. It is sad especially when you start missing each other. It is even harder when jealousy starts to creep in, your trust with each other becomes questionable. Each day that you are apart is just getting harder and harder to endure.

There will be days when either of you or both of you will start feeling cold and excitement can no longer be found because you can’t physically be together. There will be times when you will start getting bored.

If you are also in a long distance relationship and you feel the same way but you want to save the relationship, here are some things you can do to spice it up.

1. Pay a surprise visit

Who does not like a sweet surprise? If you cannot take your longing anymore, why don’t you surprise your partner and show up at their front door? Or better yet, show up in the least expected places or anywhere they are at, like the café where they are currently grabbing a coffee. You can be as creative as you like when it comes to your surprise spot.

2. Write a love letter

Who says love letters are old-fashioned? Yes, they may be a traditional way of expressing love but it never dies. You can write as many love letters as you like. In fact, your partner will even appreciate it better when you write them a letter because you can better express your feelings and they will feel your sincerity. This is a lot better than text messages, chats or emails. It will be a romantic surprise when they see your love letter in their mailbox.

Love letters are also a great memorabilia when you are already older. You can re-read these letters together and reminisce the old times. Another romantic way to bond, don’t you think?

3. Make time for date nights

Being in a long distance relationship does not mean that you can no longer have date nights. You can schedule this at least once or twice a month and you can do it during a video call. Both of you can prepare an extra special dinner which you can eat while you talk or while you watch a movie. The most important thing is that you still have to feel as if you two are actually together.

4. Send a care package

Sending a care package is like sending your love from afar. Your care package can just be anything under the sun that your partner may find useful like a new jacket or fleece blanket because you know it’s cold where he is from. It can also be his favorite local food or pastry that they miss the most. It is not about how cheap or how expensive the contents of your package are, it is about your thoughtfulness and the effort that you have put into this sweet gesture.

5. Avoid overdoing your communication

While it is true that communication is vital in any relationship, you also have to be very careful not to overdo it. If you talk over Skype every single day, you might just run out of things to tell each other and that’s where boredom might probably start. However, it also does not mean that you should not keep in touch with each other. You may text and chat every day to make sure that you guys are updated with your whereabouts but you can probably schedule your video calls. This will keep the excitement high especially when you have some fresh, exciting stories and news to tell. This will also make the two of you look forward to your next Skype session.

Or you may not really have to strictly follow your schedule because there will be days when you really have to talk. But, when you know that there isn’t much to really talk about, you can save your video call the next day or the day after. It’s always nice to look forward to something.

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Asking Someone Out: Subtle Ways to Flirt

August 7, 2017 by
Subtle Ways to Flirt

Going on a first date can be very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Let alone when you are the one who will have to make the first move of asking someone out. If you have been thinking about asking a person out for a date, you definitely have to make at least a little preparation. You just can’t show up to someone and ask them to go out with you, because you might not just hear the response you would like to hear.

Because people love to feel special, admired and wanted, you might want to make sure this is how you make a person feel so that you can get that yes to your invitation. While it is nice to have a nice plan in mind, knowing how to subtly flirt is just equally important.

Here are some helpful tips for the best ways to flirt and asking someone out for a date.

1. Smile and make eye contact

These are the basics of flirting but when you do these things, it will make it easy for people to approach you. That is because when they notice that you look friendly and approachable, they won’t look intimidated. Therefore, they will feel brave to walk over and say hi. In addition, you also will look attractive when you smile, so you definitely become an eye catcher the moment you show off those pearly whites.

2. Write a note

This may be an old practice but it never dies. Passing a handwritten note is still something romantic and an instant charmer. Give it a try and who knows that napkin passed on to your crush might just be your lucky charm.

3. Buy them a drink

A popular way to initiate a conversation is by offering to buy someone a drink. As soon as you get that chance to talk, it is now going to be a lot easier for you to invite them for a date. And if you are lucky because they are interested in you, they will certainly accept your invitation.

4. Pay for their order or their coffee

If you are attracted to someone you probably have seen in a coffee shop, you can get the chance to talk to them by paying for their coffee. This is also a subtle way of letting them know that you are interested. And if they accept it, it only means one thing and that is because the feeling is mutual.

5. Break the ice

If you feel very shy to walk over and talk to someone, just mutter up all the courage you can get and say something. Ask some basic questions like; where they are from or just anything under the sun. You can’t just let this chance go or you may not have it again. This applies to both men and women. If you are a woman, you will actually look more attractive if you can confidently approach a man and strike a conversation.

6. Give a compliment

Giving a person a compliment is also a good way to catch the attention of the person you are attracted to. Everybody feels great when they know that they are admired and appreciated. Making someone feel flattered by your compliment can go a long way. You can say something about their clothes, their look or just anything good that you think is noticeable. If you make them feel special, you are more likely to get that yes.

7. Look for a common ground

When you are finally able to muster the courage to initiate a conversation, try to look for a common ground. This way, when you ask them out for a date, they will be more likely to say yes because they will think that they are sharing some common things with you. They will find it interesting that you have some things in common to discuss and enjoy, so they will entertain the idea of going out with you. When you also find out what they like, it will help you make some plans on what you need to do or where to bring them during your first date.

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10 reasons to date Ukrainian ladies over 40

July 30, 2017 by

They say that an ideal life partner should be a friend, a lover and a spouse. Are you aware that Ukrainian ladies over 40 understand this the best? If you use a marriage site to find your future Ukrainian bride, the following information may be of a great use for you.

  1. Ladies over 40 have already made up their mind

When a Ukrainian lady over 40 registers her profile on a marriage site, she definitely knows what she wants. She came here to find a life partner and a future father for her children. Neither adventures nor affairs interest her.

  1. They are great housewives

Disregarding the fact whether the lady has already been married or not, ladies over 40 already have great experience of managing the household. They also know how to manage their free time and spend it in a most efficient way.

  1. Ladies over 40 are aware of their needs and desires

Ladies over 40 know that buying food and essentials is more important than chasing after a sale of another pink blouse to add to her collection. They know how to plan the budget and daily purchases. They are aware of the necessary goods and where to get them at the best price. Despite this, it is important that you treat your Ukrainian woman with a nice surprise, such as a new outfit, from time to time. It’s no secret that this makes ladies happier and is a reason why…

  1. … they control emotions

If you don’t want to experience emotional storms and waves of mood swings, you will succeed when dating ladies over 40. They can control themselves. It is simply a matter of fact. Emotional stability is something that comes only with maturity.

  1. Ladies over 40 are mature

They say a lady is like a bottle of wine: she becomes even better with time.

  1. They are free to control their lives

Most of the ladies over 40 already have grown up children who have likely left home and are independent. Therefore, a lady is free to work on her private life with her future husband. Becoming a mother again and raising common children with her life partner is also not a problem for ladies over 40.

  1. Ladies over 40 have life experience

Dealing with governmental clerks, making wise long-term purchases, raising children, finding a job and surviving in tough conditions – all this has already happened in life of the ladies over 40.

  1. They are grateful

Ladies over 40 value everything you do for them and they are willing to care about their partner. They want to do small pleasant things for their potential husband, they create romance and bring something new into the relationship.

9. Ladies over 40 are wise

Ukrainian women are ready to make decisions for their families, though they always consult with their man when making vital decisions.

10. They are good listeners

If you search for a life partner who is willing to listen to you and support you in your decisions, ladies over 40 will be great listeners. They will provide sound advice as well.

Remember that every mature lady has an inner tender girl striving for attention and care. She is open to the wonders of the surrounding world. It is up to you to make her feel your love.


How to Have a Magical First Date with Your Ukrainian Girl

July 28, 2017 by
Magical First Date with Your Ukrainian Girl

Dating is universal—in etiquette, in niceties, and in being out to create a great impression. Whether you’re dating someone from your own culture or crossing borders to see if love will find you in a sea of Ukrainian women, creating a great first date experience is the key.

Here are a few reasons why you need to create a magical moment on your first date:

– Whether it works out to be a full-fledged romance or just a one-off date, at best, you both come out of the experience happy. No one likes to be remembered as “that jerk,” so create a good impression, and you’ll come away from the first date with good vibes and happy memories at the very least.

– You’ll increase your chances of finding lasting love when you create that great first date.

– Heartbreak is never easy, so even if the long-term relationship won’t work out, you’ll always have good memories of an awesome first date.

Think of the first date as getting to know a new friend—no expectations, just being out to have a good time.

I understand that you’re here to find a lifetime mate, a spouse to be with for the rest of your life, but it’s also important to realize that this isn’t a perfect world and not everything will work out perfectly. And this is why it’s crucial to create great lasting memories.

Understandably, it takes a considerable amount of money to travel to Ukraine to finally meet your girl. While most girls will require complete and total fidelity, there’s a way to date and see if you and your Ukrainian girl are a good fit–without committing to “forever,” just yet.

– Treat your trips to Ukraine as a travel to have fun. You don’t need to make a life-changing decision just yet. Plan for three trips. Four. Think that you are looking for the woman you’ll be spending the rest of your life with, so it’s important to be sure about your decision.

– Be completely honest with your Ukrainian girl that you’re still looking around. Women prefer honesty than to be led on under veiled pretenses. So, it’s better that you set her expectations straight.

– Don’t hang all your hopes on one Ukrainian woman. Rather, take a wait-and-see approach and be on the lookout for the best fit.

Personally, I believe that the pursuit of finding love isn’t an exercise akin to grocery shopping. While a list of non-negotiables or “good-to-have’s” is a great guide, ultimately, you’ll have to accept your future wife for all that she is, and she will have to return the favor. Love and marriage are both exercises in seeking perfection in character, and as a sculptor whittles through the clay in order to unearth a work of art, love and marriage are about whittling through the rough patches—and experiencing a bit of heaven on earth.

An ancient proverb says, “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure.” And indeed, a woman treated right is a gem, one who can brighten up your life in ways that other things and other pursuits cannot.

So how do you create that “magical” first date with a Ukrainian woman?

Make it comfortable

A lot of relationship and dating websites advise that coffee or drinks are the best way to go for a first date. This way, if there is neither chemistry nor spark between the two of you, then there’s no reason to go through the awkward snazzy dinner. Also, if you schedule the drinks close to dinner time and you do discover that you both are truly interested in each other, you guys can go to dinner right after. If you really hit it off, you can have more drinks after dinner or hit the club scene, or probably go back to your hotel or her place and talk further. Being spontaneous and setting a comfortable scene is best to break down interpersonal barriers.

Be your best self

By your “best” self, I don’t mean a polished, overly formal version of you. By “best” self, I mean someone a girl can let her hair down with, someone she can laugh with, and someone whom she can talk forever with. If you have a temper, work on being chill throughout your first dates. And if it’s that bad, you could try getting anger management classes. Ask yourself, “Would I date me?” If you hesitate to answer in the affirmative, talk to your closest friends or even go to a therapist, and see which parts of you need to be improved. Remember, finding a spouse is a lifetime investment, so you should also invest in improving yourself. It’s the best thing you can give yourself and your future wife as well.

– It can’t hurt to bring out the “big guns,” a.k.a. that one detail that’s mushy, quirky, or over-the-top classic romantic. Well, don’t go over-the-top. As mentioned on the first point, a comfortable atmosphere is the key. However, one unique, quirky, or classically romantic detail would be a great touch. Bring a really good bottle of wine or invest in a decent bottle of champagne. Bring a tiny teddy bear. A box of good chocolate. Plus points if the brand is Amedei or Pierre Marcolini, though Godiva, Dove, or Lindt would do.

Just check the common brands in your Ukrainian girl’s city, and make sure that the brand you bring isn’t readily available there. If you want to go quirky, order a pair of cute earrings from Etsy bearing her favorite cartoon character or cute animal of choice.

Do you travel a lot? Get your girl a shawl from Thailand, India, or Cambodia. Girls love anything exotic. Make sure it’s in her favorite color. On top of it all, the standard bouquet of flowers won’t hurt, too. If you ask me, I’d be happy to receive a pair of Etsy earrings, a box of chocolates, and a bouquet of flowers. The chocolates and flowers to make me feel like a princess, and the Etsy earrings to show me that my date cared enough to get me something quirky and unique. Touches like these show any girl that you care. If you add in a handwritten note, you’re the bomb!

Ukrainian girls are sweet, intelligent, and gorgeous. A lot of them are well-read, and compared to Russian women, Ukrainians tend to be more caring and sweeter. Sure, you have to adjust to their use of the English language, just a bit. Remember that they have English as a second language, so Ukrainian, Moldovan, or Russian may not translate to English perfectly. Set your expectations that your Ukrainian woman may not be able to communicate smoothly (100%), so don’t feel offended if her use of the language is a little abrupt, or may come across to you as rude—something just got lost in translation.

Fun, laughter, and ultimately, love, are universal. For these, no one needs a world-class translator to send these messages across. Let her feel your warmth, authenticity, honesty, and fun-loving side, and who knows, your first date may turn into a second date, a third, and maybe we’ll see you saying your “I Do’s.”

Good luck!


If you find the logistics of traveling to Ukraine a little daunting, let us help you. We assist our clients in making travel arrangements to Ukraine.

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12 Secrets You Need to Know for a Great First Date

July 24, 2017 by
Great First Date

There are so many reasons as to why a person should know the secrets to a great first date. Every platform regarding dating and lifestyle always features horrible dates. They probably didn’t know what you are about to read. You can easily turn your first date jitters to a perfect date. Check out the 12 secrets to a great first date.

Being single for a long time can be scary. Going on your first date is even scarier. But, if you want to find that special someone, you’ll have to get yourself out there, don’t you? You may think that a date is a waste of time, but first dates can and will get you one step closer to your special someone.


Before the date even happens, prepare yourself. Surely, it’s easier said than done, but trust that you’ll have these down with the proper mindset.

Secret #1 Don’t doubt yourself.

Doubting yourself is the last thing you should do on your first date. Once you think that you are going to fail, you might as well fail. Confidence will clearly show and make anyone, woman or man, more attractive. It will help your date feel more at ease as well.

Secret #2 Prepare early.

This doesn’t mean prepping for the date a whole day, even two, before. “Prepare early” means to note what you’ll wear to make yourself feel confident. You can practice your “game face” in front of a mirror before leaving the house if you have to. If you’ll pick the girl up, make sure your car already has a full tank. More importantly, call early enough to ensure they are still available for the date.

Secret #3 Be positive.

Being positive about the night to come can go hand-in-hand with being confident. Although this is part of preparing early, it is important that you stay positive everything will go right. As mentioned earlier, it is all about mindset.

Secret #4 Make an effort.

Dress up, but do not make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Do not wear clothes that are too uncomfortable for you to enjoy the night. Remember that first impressions can set the mood for the night, dress to be confident and positive.

The Date

You have prepared everything you need to. Made reservations, called to check if the date is still on, found out if you’ll pick her up, or she’ll meet you there. Now, the moment of truth – the date.

Secret #5 Be punctual.

Whether you are picking someone up or not, be punctual. Either be at the place before schedule or be right outside her place a few minutes before the agreed time. Any girl (or guy!) loves punctuality for one reason: no one likes to wait. Beyond increasing the anxiety of the person being stood up, it may make the night uncomfortable. Dates who wait can easily make the night a living nightmare.

Secret #6 Show good manners.

Do you know people say chivalry is dead? Well, it is really not. Chivalry, in essence, focuses on duels between two men. However, one law of chivalry is for a man to always treat a lady with respect. Men are supposed to treat a lady like a lady. If you are picking up your date, make sure to open the car door for her. Place your hand lightly on her back to help “guide her.” You don’t have to guide her, and you’ll know if she is uncomfortable. So, check for body language, and walk beside her instead. Important Note: Do not swear too much.

Secret #7 Focus on your date.

When on your date, DO NOT use your cellphone. You don’t need to be splitting your attention elsewhere but your date and if she’s having a great time. You’re there to get to know each other, so don’t go checking other people out. Even if you think you’re not being obvious, it probably is. Be genuine and keep your body language in check as non-verbal indicators are important.

Secret #8 Use eye contact.

Eye contact together with great body language is one of the many things people forget to do on a date. Making eye contact while having a conversation with your date can make you irresistible in a snap. Don’t stare deeply and risk creeping your date out, though. Simply making sure that you are listening and paying attention to them is great.

Secret #9 Talk about yourself.

Talking about yourself does not mean to tell your date all the great things you have done. Even worse, don’t tell your date about your past relationships. These types of conversations can be saved for later on, on the third or fourth date. Rule of the thumb on this one is: Talk about yourself as to encourage your date to talk about themselves as well. This will help lessen awkward conversations.

Secret #10 Do not get drunk.

Although not all dates involve alcohol, some still need to be reminded that alcohol is not a solution to the unnerving feeling you have on your first date. Pace yourself with drinking or limit yourself to what you can handle. This will lessen possibilities of embarrassing yourself and missing out on the chance of having a great date.

After The Date

Now you are on your way back to your date’s place (or your place). The evening has been going pretty well (Hopefully!). However, you may feel a bit disappointed about one thing that you said or they said that night. If everything went well, should you go in for the kiss? What do you do next?

Secret #11 Do not show disappointment.

If something bothered you during the date, don’t show it right away. It will ruin both your nights, so be wary of what you show. Not everything’s always what you expect; but as it was said earlier, always be positive. If it wasn’t what you expected, you can reassess that for later on.

Secret #12 Give a good night kiss.

“Should I?” You may be debating with yourself if you should kiss her or not. This is the most common part of the night that men get wrong. All of the time. The easiest trick to find out if it’s okay to kiss the girl at the end of the night is to lean in. You will instantly feel the connection if she wants a kiss goodnight for a successful date. Lean in closer to her lips, and let her finish the kiss. If she tilts back, then that is something men will have to respect.

Dating Pro Tip #1: Text her. When the date is over and done with, send a text when you get home. Something as simple as, “I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did” or “Thank you for tonight. Sleep well.” Basically, don’t be afraid to follow up. Whether she replies or not, that’s on her.

Have you had a great (or bad) date?

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6 Stages of a Healthy Relationship

July 21, 2017 by
Healthy Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. However, there are many ways to make one healthy and make it last. And while all relationships are different from one another, there are some things in which they can be similar.

Each and every relationship go through certain phases or stages That’s because relationships evolve. They don’t remain stagnant. And while the time that each couple stays in a certain stage vary, everyone passes through the same timeline. All relationships will have to change and grow.

If your relationship is a healthy one, here are the stages that you are most likely going to go through or have gone through.

1. Interest and infatuation

This is the stage where you became interested and attracted to a person. This is when you feel butterflies in your stomach because you are excited and you can’t explain why. However, infatuation should not get mistaken for love because these two are entirely different things.

2. Reality of love and relationship

After the part of attraction and infatuation, you will eventually move on to know what real love is. This where you officially begin the relationship and that you officially commit to someone. You will get really close to each other and you will feel like you are partners and best friends. This is also a happy phase because you will feel so loved and cared for by the person who matters a lot to you.

3. Conflict

Going through conflicts and misunderstanding does not mean that your relationship is unhealthy. In fact, these things are very important so that your relationship can grow and you can be mature individuals for your relationship. However, in order for these conflicts to work in your favor, you should know how to handle conflicts well. Otherwise, it could be a reason for the failure of your relationship. Conflicts are healthy when you get to listen to each other’s opinions with open mind, and then learning from it. You don’t necessarily have to agree with each other and that’s okay. You just need to know how to respect each other’s differences and varying perspectives.

4. Second honeymoon or marriage

After getting to know each other well and accepting each other’s differences and flaws, your relationship will evolve to the part where you feel like you are on a new level of intimacy because you have surpassed the obstacles and trials. This could also be the stage where you both will realize that you are ready to take the relationship to the next level which is marriage. That’s because you have grown to love this person more and more and you have accepted them for who they are. This is also the part where you realize that you are ready to face more of what life has to offer with no one else than your partner.

5. Seven-year itch

Most couples who reach their seventh year while staying unmarried go through the so-called seven-year itch. It is called the seven-year itch because this is normally the time when most relationships fail and couples drift apart. This is when the couples feel a certain feeling of depression and emptiness or they feel that the relationship is meaningless. However, it does not necessarily mean that you surely will break up with your partner when you reach seven years. There are still a lot of couples who managed to survive, and some still get back together after passing through this stage. All it takes is a lot of patience, maturity, and commitment to remain in love with the person no matter what it takes.

6. Mature relationship

After surpassing the challenges, especially the seven-year itch, this is a time when you can finally say that you have grown mature in your relationship together. If you have not gotten married yet before you turned seven, then this would be the best time to take your love to a whole new level. You are both ready to face a new phase in your life, and that is to commit your lives each other, and start a new family you both will build and fill with love.

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Tips to Make your Relationship with your Partner More Meaningful

July 17, 2017 by
Make your Relationship with your Partner More Meaningful

There are many things right now which have changed how we are when it comes to our personal relationships, and one of these things that are technology. Technology has made a significant impact on the world, in most especially in our personal lives. While it has helped us a lot in reaching out and connecting with the people who matter to us, it has also been a reason for why we are drifting apart.

When it comes to your relationship with your partner, there are just so many factors that could be affecting how you are to each other, and it is not just technology or social media. It could you be your lack of time due to busy schedules, it could be your other priorities and many others.

Working on your relationship might seem like a lot of work to do. But, what you should know is that it actually does not have to be that difficult. In fact, the little things that you do every single day can do wonders for enhancing your relationship.

Here are some helpful ways to make your relationship with your partner more meaningful.

1. Start rituals or routines that will strengthen your connection with your partner

There are many times in a relationship when couples overlook the things that they used to do, especially when they have been together for quite some time. If you find yourself in the same situation, why don’t you rekindle the connection and the spark and go back to the sweet, simple gestures you used to do. They do not necessarily have to be grand. They could be the little things. You just need to have that tiny little routine every day that will make you feel connected again as a couple.

It also does not have to take so much of your time, but the most important thing is that you make time for it every day.

2. Take time to bid hello and goodbye with affection

This is another thing that many couples who have been together for years are taking for granted. Do you still hug and kiss each other when you leave for work for the day, and when you come back home? Do you still say goodnight before you go to sleep? Remember putting efforts into these things will help enhance your relationship.

3. Don’t forget to appreciate your partner

When we get used to the things that our partners are doing for us, we often forget to appreciate and thank them. If they prepare your breakfast in the morning or make sure that you have coffee on the table as soon as you wake up, you should acknowledge their efforts and let them know that it means so much to you.

This gesture will make your partner feel that you are not taking them for granted and that you are happy with every little thing they do for you and for the relationship.

4. Do random surprises

It does not require an occasion for you to do something or for you to surprise your partner. And it also does not have to be a very extravagant surprise. It can be as simple as randomly leaving a note on the mirror with a message that reminds them that you love them. It can also be a surprise dinner which you cooked yourself after you have been busy at work for a long time.

5. Don’t forget to check in on each other

Though you may be spending every single day with your partner, there could be days wherein you are not really having a real conversation. You might have even forgotten to ask how they are, how their day was or just anything to check on them and make sure they are fine. Sitting down and having real conversations are a great way to bond. You can also make this as a routine at the end of your day instead of ending your day holding your mobile phones and getting yourselves engrossed on the internet or the social media. Nothing beats investing quality time with your partner if you want your relationship to be more meaningful and if you want it to last.

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How to Find Out if Someone is Attracted to You

July 14, 2017 by
Couple Attracted to each other

You can be considered lucky if you are naturally good looking and gorgeous. You probably won’t have to exert so much effort in making people notice you. However, even if you are a good looking girl, someone else might not see you the same way. And if you have a crush on somebody, it could be hard to tell if they also find you attractive.

That is because people’s opinion about beauty also varies on what they consider attractive. Each person has a different perspective on what beautiful means. It means that even if you think and your friends and family think that you are pretty, does not mean that that is how other people look at you, too.

If you like someone and you want to find out if you look attractive to them, here are the signs you should be looking for:

1. He keeps an eye contact with you

One of the biggest signs you should look out for is how he keeps an eye contact with you. If he does this, then it means that he is attracted to you and that he is trying to get your attention. And it’s because of only one thing, and that is the fact that he finds you attractive.

2. He smiles at you

If a guy smiles at you, it simply means that he is happy to see you. If you didn’t go noticed, then you won’t his smiling face. But since he smiles your way, it can also be his way to catch your attention.

3. He flirts back

If you want to know if your crush shares the same feeling, you can try flirting with him and see what will happen. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it, and just make it a little friendly, too. If he responds with the same gesture, then you know what it means.

4. It shows in his body language

Aside from making a lot of eye contact, another way to find out if a guy likes you is by observing his body language. If he learns or turns his body toward you, or find a reason to touch you for a second, then it could be a huge sign of attraction. On the other hand, there are also some gestures that might give you a clue that he is a little nervous. If he is tensed when you are around, then it also means that he likes you.

5. He fixes his appearance every time you are around

When a guy likes you, it is natural for him to make an effort to look good in front of you. That’s the reason why you will notice him fix himself when he sees you. He will straighten up and try his best to look as pleasing as possible. Sometimes, they do not even realize they are doing it. It just happens naturally when you’re around.

6. He teases you

Teasing is one of the most common ways guys use to get your attention. It is also one of their classic flirty ways. If a guy incessantly teases you then that tells you that he is attracted to you. It is just his way of making sure that you are engaged with him.

7. He asks you questions

Someone who is interested in you and finds you attractive will want to know you better. He won’t waste his time doing so if he doesn’t, right? So what he will do is that he will start bugging you and asking you questions because he is interested and he wants to start a conversation with you.

8. He makes an effort to make you laugh

Laughter is one of the fastest ways to connect with a person and if he tries to make you laugh, that only means that he wants to get closer to you. He wants you to feel comfortable with him and enjoy his company. If he likes you a lot, he will try his very best to entertain you and to give you a good laugh until he sees that you start to feel at ease around him.

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