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How to Find the Right Russian and Ukrainian Woman

September 22, 2017 by
Russian and Ukrainian

The world we live in today is a lot different from how it was before. We now live in a very fast paced kind of life and we feel as if we barely have time to do everything we want and need. We sometimes even barely have time to breathe and relax. This is one of the reasons why many people are still single at the moment; why they still have not found the person they will marry.

Sure, there are plenty of ways to meet the one that’s right for you, especially now that we have the internet that makes everything so easy and convenient. However, how do you really know it is the right person.

If you are a man looking for the right woman to marry, Russian and Ukrainian women will be one of those that you have to look out for. Not only because they are gorgeous, they are also popular for possessing unique qualities that make any guy fall head over heels in love with them. They much more than just their pretty faces. But how can you meet and find the right Russian and Ukrainian woman?

Here are some tips to help you find the love of your life.

1. Look in the right places

If you are eager to meet Russian and Ukrainian women, of course, you must be willing to travel far to be where they are. Aside from that, there are online dating sites that you can depend on but you have to make sure that you go to something that is as reliable as Ukraine Brides Agency.

2. Use the right approach

What most Russian and Ukrainian women want in a man is someone who is confident about himself. When you meet her, you need to already be assured and confident about who you are. However, make sure that you understand the difference between confidence and arrogance. You don’t want to start on a wrong foot just because you seem arrogant already. It does not take a lot to show confidence. You just have to be comfortable with yourself, your appearance and your beliefs and outlook in life.

You must also show these women that you are capable and one way you can show them that is by having your own career. Your profession can tell a woman a lot of things about you. It will give them an idea about how you are as a person, your sense of responsibility, how you manage your time and your skills.

3. Show a bit of your funny side

If you want to impress a Russian or Ukrainian women, you need to show your sense of humor. Any woman will easily feel comfortable if you can make them laugh a little. And you don’t have to force it or overdo it. You can simply do it by telling them a funny story or you can also say something witty. Your humor and your wit will also help make you look attractive.

4. Make her feel special

Russian and Ukrainian women can easily tell if you are exaggerating things, so when your praise her and give her a compliment, make sure that you are not overdoing it. Just let them know how you appreciate them and admire them, and show them it is sincere and genuine. If you have reached a point where you feel comfortable with each other already, you can already ask her out. Again, be confident but courteous at the same time. Whether she accepts your invitation or not, accept it with all your heart and respect her decision.

However, if you got lucky and got a yes for your invitation, make sure that you are prepared for it. When it comes to dressing up, it’s okay to look casual, yet neat and comfortable at the same time. You must also be the first one to arrive at the designated place where the two of you are going to meet. When she gets there, be a gentleman. Take off her coat and pull a chair for her to sit. And because you were the one who asked her out, you should pay for the bill even if she offers to split it. Enjoy the date and be yourself. Just pay close attention to what she says and make the conversation as natural as possible. Don’t force things to happen. If you enjoy the moment, she will more likely enjoy the date, too. This could be a make or break situation so you want to make sure you show her you are worth her time and you are worth dating.

And if you are looking for the best online dating site that can help you find the woman you are looking for, Ukraine Brides Agency is just exactly what you need. You will be guided in every step of the process from building friendship and relationship, until such time when you have finally been able to find the one you are marrying.

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6 Qualities of the Ladies for Marriage

September 18, 2017 by
Single Ladies

If you have been dating for a while, or probably living together for a couple of months or a few years, the thought of marriage might have already crossed your mind. However, there are times when you think if you are ready to take the plunge or you have to wait a little longer before finally walking down the aisle.

If you are a guy, you would want to know if the girl in front of you is the right person and is a great partner before you pop the question. And if you are a girl, you will also want to make sure that you possess the things that your guy is looking for a woman so that he considers marrying you.

Here are some of the most important qualities that the right woman for marriage should possess.

1. Honest

Any person would want to be with someone who is honest and genuine. And honesty is very important in any relationship. This is the foundation of trust. If you are with someone but you cannot trust and believe what they say, you will not be able to build a strong foundation for your relationship, and that is not going to be a good start for a married life. You will only keep on fighting and have suspicions and that’s going to lead to a failed marriage in the end.

2. Goal oriented

Another indicator that a woman is right for marriage is when she has her own personal goals. As a woman, it is not enough that you are dependent on your future husband even when it comes to your personal life. You should also have your own set of goals apart from the ones you have for your relationship and for your future family. Aside from being ambitious and goal oriented, the right kind of girl is someone who also knows how to support her future husband’s dreams and ambitions because she believes that they both need to grow even when they are already husbands and wives.

3. Family oriented

A woman who values her family and respects her parents is a person that a man should marry. That’s because it is an indication that she will also have the same value for her future family. Also, no one will want to get involved with someone who does not have a good relationship with her parents or siblings as it might not be a good sign on how she will take care of your family relationships in the near future.

4. Realistic and logical

Getting married means that you are going to be spending the rest of your life with someone; it means that you will have to accept and love the person for who they are and who they are not. A woman that is right for marriage is the one who knows about all these things and knows the reality of relationships. She is someone who knows that a married life is not a bed of roses and that there will come a time when the relationship is going to be tested but she knows that at the end of the day, it is all about commitment. When it comes to arguments, she knows when it is time to speak up and when to stay silent.

5. Intelligent

Looking for a smart girl for marriage does not mean that you have to discriminate but if a man needs a woman worth marrying, it will be someone that they find as intellectually challenging, because it is one of the things that will keep the spark in marriage. While good looks can be very attractive for men, there is nothing more attractive than a brilliant and intelligent mind. When you are married, the chemistry and excitement may fade over time because you are going to spend years and years with this one, single person. However, if a wife is smart enough to hold conversations and is capable of making them fun and still interesting, no man ever will be able to even think about leaving her. They will always have meaningful conversations and topics to talk about.

6. Affectionate and caring

Who does not want to be married to a woman who is loving and affectionate. Anybody would want to want a wife who knows how to show her love and care not only for her husband and her kids. This is the type of person who will be willing to do anything and everything for the welfare of her family because she loves them and cares for them. She is always willing to make sacrifices when there is a need to, because her love is selfless and unconditional. On the other hand, she also does not forget about herself because in order to share love, one must be able to love herself as well.

If your goal is to find a serious relationship and have marriage as a next step in mind, allow Ukraine Brides Agency to help you. As a dating site, our ultimate goal is to help you find a potential partner and meet them face to face; and we are here to help you go through each stage of the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be more than glad to render our top of the line dating services.

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Why You Need to Marry a Russian Woman

September 15, 2017 by
Russian Woman

If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of foreign men looking for Russian women to marry. That is because of the many beautiful qualities that can be found with Russian ladies. They are not like any other women if you look at it in certain ways. There is just really something about them that makes them special and makes men want to chase them.

It is not a secret that Russian women are very attractive and charming, not only physically, but even when it comes to their character. They know how to take good care of themselves and also care for the people that matter to them. If you are looking for someone you want to take seriously, someone who has a good heart and is also looking for a good man, Russian women might just be what you are looking for.

Here are some of the reasons why Russian girls are the type that any man should marry.

1. Russian girls are very friendly

Like any European women, Russian women are very friendly and approachable. They don’t have any issue making friends with people of any gender. They do not get offended, nor do they get defensive when someone approaches them to make friends with them. They take it as a positive thing and they are very open to meeting new people.

2. They take good care of their physical appearance

Russian women are popular for having one of the most beautiful faces in the world, and even if they are already good-looking, they really know how to take good care of themselves. They put in efforts to maintain their beauty. They spend time going to the gym to work out or do their own exercise. They are even very conscious about how they look.

3. They know how to dress well

When it comes to dressing up, Russian women will not get left behind because they know how to dress well. In fact, they look classy, elegant and stylish especially when there are formal occasions and parties that they need to attend to. Their clothes compliment their natural beauty and physique.

4. They have high regard for femininity

Women in the other places in the world have been fighting to have equal rights with men. While Russian women also want equal opportunities especially when it comes to education and career, they are also very proud of their femininity. They strongly believe that even if women can be independent, then can still behave like a lady in any aspect. And they still want and they love to be treated like ladies. They still expect men to be gentlemen especially when it comes to dating.

5. They possess admirable character and attitude

It is natural for Russian ladies to have great character and attitude, and that is one of the things that make men fall head over heels in love with them. As a man, you would be very fortunate to win the heart of a Russian woman because they have more than just pretty faces. However, you don’t need to overdo things just to impress them. You just need to be natural, sincere and make sure that you show that you have pure intentions towards them.

6. They are intelligent

Russian ladies are known to have rich intellectual life. They value education and most of them are well bred and cultured. In fact, they have a deep sense of knowledge about their literature and arts.

7. They have a strong character

Another thing that Russian women are famous for is their being strong willed and having a strong character. No matter what they go through in life, they manage to go through them successfully and victoriously. They may experience pain, loss and tough and challenging times, but they are the type that never gives up. However, despite having a strong character, they can also be very caring and gentle, especially to their children and husbands. And that’s what makes them a good wife and mother.

8. They are family oriented

Russian girls have a good sense of loyalty to their family. This value is instilled in their young minds even when they are still a child. It means that when they get to have a family of their own, you can expect them to love and value this family above anything else in the world. They are a good house maker but they do more than just cooking and cleaning the house. They can help their husbands in the livelihood because they are career and goal oriented too. However, they also know when they need to make sacrifices for their husband and children. There is just nothing in the world that they will be willing to do for the sake of their loved ones and family.

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Top 5 Reasons to Find a Ukrainian Bride

September 4, 2017 by
Ukrainian Bride

Ukrainian ladies are known to be one of the most sought after women in the world. And that is because of the many pleasant qualities they possess. Just like any Eastern woman, they are pretty and good-looking but that’s not all that they have. They possess certain characteristics that are actually very attractive to men.

Appearance may be eye catching but there is always more to a person than how they look. And that’s the great thing about Ukrainian women because they are not only beautiful; they have a lot of other good things they can be proud of.

Here are some of the good reasons why Ukrainian women are more appealing.

1. Ukrainian women are a complete package

If you are looking for a bride, you need to know that Ukrainian girls are actually a complete package. They have beautiful faces that, and attractive physique that matches their pretty faces. But there’s a whole lot more to them than their physical attributes. They are known for having kind hearts and good attitude that make them more admirable.

2. They are admired because of their intelligence

Many men consider Ukrainian ladies as good catch because they have admirable level of intelligence. This is actually one of the things that make guys go crazy over them. These women are really smart but they have the tendency to hide it. They are not the type that brags about what they know. They are not used to it because men in the early times get to be intimidated by smart women.

Another reason why Ukrainian women are intelligent is because they value education so much. Many of them strive hard to make sure that they get a degree in a college or university.

3. They are family oriented

One characteristic that makes a woman a good wife material is their being family oriented, and this characteristic can be found common among Ukrainian girls. They have a deep sense of close family ties. They value their families more than anything in the world and therefore, willing to do anything and everything for them. This could be considered as a traditional value but it is one of the things that are actually admirable about them. When it comes to relationships, they really show affection and appreciate and they really go above and beyond to take care of them. This is the reason why you are really considered a lucky guy if you get to be married with a Ukrainian lady.

4. They are really passionate

When you get the chance to date a Ukrainian lady, you can consider yourself very fortunate because they are very passionate when it comes to their romantic relationships. Relationships with their partners are something that they consider a serious business. They do not enter one if they know that they are not ready to commit. And when they commit themselves to you, you can expect that they will pour their heart into it, and they will show you all their love and affection. They are the type that is willing to do everything to make sure that they please and make their partners happy. They will take care of you and can even become your best friend. And no matter what happens, they will make you feel that they will support you all the way through.

Another great thing about them is that they are very loyal and faithful. You won’t have to worry about them cheating on you. You won’t have any trust issues, because they will always remain truthful and faithful. They are the type that can be your companion for life, the kind that will back you up.

5. They are humble

No matter how good looking Ukrainian girls are, they do not take pride on their good looks or intelligence. In fact, many of them are not even confident about themselves.

If you want to find the girl that you think is right for you, you need to also make sure that you are in the right online agency, and the premier place to look is Ukraine Brides Agency. They focus on matching you with the perfect partner and help in every step of the process. They also do things quite differently from the norm. They boost 5 minutes of free chat with everyone on the web site, a 10 credit sign up bonus, free matchmaking services and even have their own travel agency. If you are looking for a ukrainian bride, this is the agency for you!

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Congratulations, New Matchmaking Services and New Team Members

August 28, 2017 by

Congratulations to Will and Olga
We congratulate our latest couple, Will from North Carolina and Olga from Zaporozhye who have announced their engagement. We are delighted for them both and we delight in their love. We are very pleased that they have shared their story with us and you can find the link here
Many couples choose to keep their story private so we thank Will and Olga for sharing their story and the advice and encouragement that it brings. I know that we also have another story to share next week!

Free Matchmaking

We have always offered free matchmaking to our members to help them to narrow their search and work with each member to find love and happiness. This is especially helpful to new members who may not have used internet dating previously or are new to searching for their Ukrainian lady.
We formally added a page to the site last week to encourage more members to take up this option and it is proving very popular. You are not obligated to communicate with any of the recommended ladies, but this service helps to refine the search to Ukrainian women who fit your criteria.
Additionally, we added a personalised matchmaking service and this is much more involved, including a free skype chat with our marriage specialists, customising your profile to make it more professional and tailored to your search, free video chats with the ladies selected and ongoing support.
You can read about the matchmaking services at this link

Payment Options
We are pleased to now offer direct credit card payments through the site, in addition to the Paypal option that has been available until now. Many of our members have requested options and we are pleased that this service is now available.

New Team Members
Recently we have added a number of new members to our team of support specialists and feedback from our members has been very positive following the service that they have experienced while using the site and contacting the team.
We welcome VictoriaZ, VictoriaL, AlinaK, OlgaP and Tatiana to our support team and they are available 24/7 to support you in any way to make your search enjoyable and successful. Feel free to contact them at any time – they will be delighted to hear from you.

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August 21, 2017 by

This story is a real fairy tale! It shows that internet dating is really a great chance for foreign men and Ukrainian ladies to find each other and be happy.

All team of UBA site and NOVA agency were witnesses of a beautiful love story and a wonderful meeting of two amazing people – Ukrainian girl Olga and American man William.

Their story started with letters and videochats via the Ukraine Brides Agency site Olga and Will even introduced their children to each other in the video chat!

The way Will was showing his attraction and attention to Olga was really heart piercing. He  takes care of Olga and her daughter like a real gentleman and his presents of 101 roses made her heart to beat faster!! Thousands of miles separated them but with every day they become closer and closer to each other.

Will and Olga met at the beginning of summer 2017. It was wonderful time, Olga took days off to spent more time with a man she dreams about.

Will, Olga and her daughter had amazing time in Zaporozhye.

It is so difficult to be apart for two loving  people. So, in a month Will came back to Ukraine. His beloved lady was waiting for him and they spent an amazing weekend together after which Will proposed to Olga!!! Yes!!!! – It was her answer. The wedding ceremony is planned for this autumn.

It is really a fairy tale because Olga waited for a man of her life for quite a while and she did not lose hope to meet him – her dream man!

And Olga takes Will’s breath away.  He had been waiting for a woman full of life – someone who sees life through the same lens, and he truly has found his second half.  He adores Olga.


How to choose the right Ukrainian lady

August 12, 2017 by

People may have great online communication and their own impression of the other person, but after meeting each other face to face they may realize that the chemistry is just not there. In life, there are no guarantees about this and such situations can happen to anyone. We will try to help you choose the “right” Ukrainian lady for communication on a marriage site.

Comfort in communication is above all

Choosing to start a relationship with the Ukrainian lady that you’ve got your heart set on is a big decision. The emotional investment involved with any serious relationship is huge. Therefore, you’ll want to choose your Ukraine lady carefully. If the woman you’re considering makes you wish you were someone else or causes you to become tense or unhappy, you’ll want to seriously reconsider.

When getting acquainted ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I be myself around this person, or do I have to put up a “nice” front?
  • Is this someone I naturally enjoy talking to?
  • Do we seem to enjoy the time we spend together?

Consider several options

You have found a Ukrainian woman who you find interesting and with whom you have had some correspondence and this woman would gladly meet with you if you ask her. Marriage experts say that to make the right choice you need to meet with several people to have a clear impression of the person you are going to be with, because everything is relative and such a decision should be deliberate and considered. If you are going to travel all the way to Ukraine and it costs you precious time and money, it would be sensible to have additional meetings with several Ukrainian ladies.

Common values and interests

Look through her profile and consider whether this Ukrainian woman is the one you have a lot in common with. Compatibility in values, life goals and faith/spirituality is key. You will also want someone who inspires you to be the best you can. Above all, choose someone who is genuine, trustworthy, loyal and kind.

Proper self-image

Choose a Ukrainian woman who demonstrates self-respect, who loves herself and has a healthy self-image. Such ladies are likely to be emotionally stable and have reasonable, realistic priorities that are compatible with a relationship.

Good sense of humor

Laughter is a part of every healthy relationship! Sharing a laugh is one of the greatest ways to form a quick emotional bond with someone, so the more you and your lady can make each other laugh, the better. Try to choose a lady with whom you’re able to regularly enjoy open, natural laughs and a little good-natured teasing.

To get inspired and understand how to find the “right” Ukrainian lady at the early stages, you may read the story of one of our clients which was written recently:

We wish you luck in finding the right Ukrainian lady and building a happy and strong relationship!

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Pros And Cons Of Living In Ukraine: What’s It Like In Ukraine?

August 2, 2017 by

Coming from a Western background of either North America or Western Europe, then you may not know a lot about Ukraine. In some instances, you may only know that Ukrainian women are beautiful. But, mostly, you don’t even know much about their culture as well as how it really is living in Ukraine. Unlike what most people think, Ukrainian women don’t actually look for foreign partners to find a better life. They look for foreign partners as many of them think they’ve exhausted their time in their local men. Sometimes, it works out for those women, but most of the time it doesn’t. And, although Ukrainian women can stand up for themselves and not let their local men treat them badly, finding a love that’ll last is difficult for them as well. So, when looking for a Ukrainian lady to marry, one also has to consider the possibility of living in Ukraine.

However, uprooting yourself from what you know could be very difficult. So, we’ve done a little research to help you know about the pros and cons of living in Ukraine. We’ll also show you what’s in like in Ukraine and how do people live their lives in most days. Hopefully, the information will get you acquainted with some of the cultural aspects of Ukraine that differ greatly from both North America, especially the US as well as Europe, mainly the UK.

What is it like in Ukraine?

To give you a quick background of Ukraine, you’ve got to know one thing first: every city, town, and region are different from one another. Each of these has their own specific set of unique attributes. This also includes the landscape of the place as well. So, if you’re going to go visit Ukraine or live there, it’s best that you do some research of the place. This is especially important if you’re planning to move, choosing a venue on where to start your Ukrainian trip may be a good thing.

Most of the women on dating websites come from either Kiev, also spelled as “Kyiv”, or Odessa also spelled as “Odesa”. According to popular belief as well as stigma, many foreigners think that Ukraine is a dark, communist place that’s dangerous. However, in reality, Ukrainians really take care of their environment. Many foreigners who have visited Kiev can attest to the fact that there is barely any trash on the ground. Furthermore, it’s safer than what people are led to believe. Even if there was a recent people’s revolution that happened (back in 2014), it doesn’t mean that it happens every day.

On the other hand, Odessa is a very different city from Kiev. A lot of foreigners have said that living in Odessa is fun as it’s located near the shore of the Black Sea. According to many, the best time to visit Odessa is during its summer days as it’s full of life.

Overall, there are a lot of good things as well as bad things about these cities and Ukraine in general. Therefore, we’re here to show you the pros and cons of living in Ukraine. The list we’ll provide you may not be the most complete as sometimes the experience is totally each to their own. So, we’ll be presenting some of the general pros and cons of living in Ukraine.

Pros and cons of living in Ukraine: the foreigner’s quick guide


Learning a new language

If you’re planning to stay on the outskirts of cities, you’re going to have to learn their language and/or dialect. At the end of it all, you’re learning a new language that you can use in your future travels to Ukraine.

Busting nightlife

You don’t have to be a fan of the nightlife to appreciate it’s every glowing beauty. While Kiev and Odessa are somewhat busy cities with life bustling at every corner. It gets Moreso when the evening encompasses the place. It becomes lively at night with electro music blasting from places.

Compassionate people

This is one thing most Westerners love about their visit to Ukraine. They boast of an experience wherein they are welcomed as they are. There is not racism or judgment even if you’re a foreigner. This holds especially true in Ukraine’s major cities. However, it may not be the same as the small towns and regions as they don’t speak much English. Nonetheless, the place is still filled with people who are compassionate and friendly.

Amazing food

This may be a bit subjective in a sense that if you taste food from another country you’re going to have to get used to the taste of their cuisine. However, Ukraine offers some of the freshest foods. Their fruits and vegetables are always considered fresh. Although you may have a little difficulty being served meat in some places, you’re going to enjoy their selection of fresh foods. Plus, their local markets and local produce are things you can’t miss on your journey to Ukraine. In Moreso, the food and beverages are cheap as well.

Public transportation

Their public transportation can get you almost anywhere in Ukraine. You can ride the bus or the train or even rent a car. The best thing about their transportation is it’s considered to be “dirt cheap.” Foreigners who’ve ridden the bus say that the average cost is about 33 cents of American dollars.

Beautiful women

According to Westerners who’ve visited Ukraine, one of the first things they mention is that there are beautiful women everywhere you look. This could be a good thing for many men who are looking to meet new people and have the courage to go up to a woman.



Ukraine can only get expensive if you’re buying items of clothing, technology, vehicles and any other type of luxury items. In the case of technology, you’re going to pay the international prices for this plus the tax they’ve imposed on it. So, if an iPhone costs $649 in the USA, expect to pay more or less the same amount in Ukraine. The quality of clothes in Ukraine can also be low. So, if you’re buying a long lasting piece of clothing, it’ll be very expensive. According to many, it only takes a few washes to turn the clothes you’ve bought in Ukraine into rags. Again, because of the low quality of the materials used.

Local pricks

As with any place, there are some people you should really avoid running into in Ukraine. There are some people who can’t be bothered to welcome others even if they’re locals or foreigners. These are usually men who are alcohol driven and usually carry a bottle or two of vodka. Yes. There are still some people who drink on the streets. But, beyond this, more or less it’s safe in Ukraine.
Language barrier: As mentioned earlier, the language barrier can really put its walls up when you only speak English. If you aren’t linguistically inclined or at least ready to learn a new language, then you’ll be having difficulty in going around Ukraine. Even with just knowing a little bit of the Slavic language can go a really long way in Ukraine.

Public transportation

Although the public transportation is amazing and dirt cheap, you’ll often find yourself in a crowd. Many Ukrainians really use public transportation to get around, so you’re going to be against Ukrainians who are used to this kind of lifestyle. If you’ve ever been to China or seen videos of Chinese and Japanese trains, you’ll get a good figure on how crowded the trains could be. However, this is mostly during rush hours. If you opt to ride the buses instead, then you’re going to have to take care of your safety. Don’t be afraid that you’re going to get mugged or anything. The only thing to be afraid of is the driver. The drivers are usually reckless as they smoke, talk on the phone as well as collect money all at the same time. Plus, they do this while driving in both traffic and at high speeds.

Corruption, poor customer service and bureaucracy: No one can really take out corruption in any country. In all honesty, some countries just hide it better than others. So, if you’re going to be in Ukraine, make sure that you don’t get caught in with the police. Some policemen may hassle foreigners for a “small token.” This is much like a gift. Plus, if you’re getting anything done in Ukraine, like paperwork etc., you’re looking at some time to wait for that kind of thing. So, what usually happens to make things “move faster” is you pay the occasional “extra fee.” Beyond this, you may actually experience bad customer service. The only reason for this being is good customer service is just beginning to make itself known around Ukraine. Sometimes, waiters and cashiers may view their customers as “problems” or “annoying.”

The pros and cons of living in Ukraine may look bad or good. But, with any place, you’re looking for the good things rather than the bad. Furthermore, don’t just take our word for saying that Ukraine is a great place to visit, why don’t you go there and visit it yourself? When you’re there, you’ll get to experience the hustle and bustle of a city in the morning rush. By the afternoon, you’ll see people leaving their work and going off to do their evening routine.

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Ukraine vs. USA: The Differences in Cost of Living in Ukraine and the United States

July 31, 2017 by
Cost of Living in Ukraine and the United States

Cost of Living in Ukraine

Finding your Ukrainian woman may have been a difficult journey. As we know, it entails a lot of trial and error before getting the right one. Beyond this, though, you’ve also got to consider if you’re willing to have her stay with you in the US or you staying with her in Ukraine. Maybe you’ll even go there for a visit and you wonder about the price of their products. So, we’re going to show you the cost of living in Ukraine in comparison to the US. We’ll answer your thoughts on living in Ukraine, and how it could differ from living in the United States.

This post was inspired by something I read a couple of days ago. I read in a forum that a guy had been with his Ukrainian woman. They’ve lived together as husband and wife for two and a half years. They’ve been residing in South Carolina. And although they’ve got children of their own and a home, they both stick to a good amount of money to spend every month. However, the wife was constantly talking about how much cheaper it would be if the family was living in Ukraine. Much more than that, the wife tells the husband how they can both have a carefree life instead of paying off their mortgage in the US, which is the only debt they have to worry about at the time.

Beyond the story of this man who’s considering moving and living in Ukraine, he asked the important question of what the cost of living in Ukraine is. This is a really great thing to know if you’re really going to uproot yourself from the US to another country. So, to help everyone get a grasp of the life in Ukraine, we’ll show you the differences in prices.

What is the cost of living in Ukraine?

To be solely specific, that’ll focus on the average cost of living in Ukraine as well as the average cost of living in the United States. Since it’s an average, it means that the price may differ from state to state as well as city to city. All the prices are in US Dollar.

Food and Beverages Ukraine    US  
Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 3.93 $ 12.00 $
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 15.85 $ 50.00 $
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 2.52 $ 7.00 $
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 0.58 $ 4.00 $
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 1.13 $ 5.00 $
Cappuccino (regular) 0.80 $ 3.86 $
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 0.40 $ 1.72 $
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 0.30 $ 1.38 $

You can already see from this table the great differences between each country in terms of food and beverages. How about the utilities or monthly rent?

Utilities and Rent Ukraine     US
Basic (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment 59.75 $ 146.19 $
Internet (10 Mbps, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) 3.36 $ 51.80 $
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center 297.30 $ 1,214.15 $
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center 179.32 $ 912.37 $
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center 540.10 $ 2,003.86 $
Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Center 334.46 $ 1,500.39 $

Again, you’ll see that the price difference between living in Ukraine and in the US. It’s obviously cheaper to live in Ukraine than in the US. However, don’t be fooled by the vast difference in prices. You’ll also have to consider the monthly wage that you’ll receive in Ukraine. That is unless of course, you’ll be working remotely with a US company.

How much is the average monthly wage while living in Ukraine?

The monthly average wage after tax in Ukraine is about 205 USD, while in America it can range from about 2,000 to 3,000 USD. So, the differences are definitely vast. As you can see, the monthly wages in Ukraine don’t even come close to that of the US. Although the US has a high standard of living, working and living in Ukraine may mean working for lower salaries.

So, if you’re really taking the opportunity to go live in Ukraine, take into account some things. The living is very different. Others say that you’ll feel more compassion as the people there are nicer compared to the US. Plus, you’ll get to learn to love new things. There have been many people, especially Americans, who recommend moving there. However, before even actually selling everything you own, make sure you’ve looked first through some houses as well as jobs there. Afterward, you’re going to have to do some math on whether it’s worth it. Also, make sure that you’ve talked it over to your friends and family. They can help you figure out if the finances are good to go even if you move there. If you have a Ukrainian wife, talk it over with her as well at how everything would work out. Iron out plans if ever anything needs to be ironed out.


Meeting the Ukrainian woman of your dreams is a delight. Now that you’ve found her, are you willing to uproot her from where she’s from, or are you going to uproot yourself and move there? Those are the most important questions. If you’ve got a retirement fund or you can work from another country with the same amount of money as your salary, would you ever consider living in another country? Maybe, Ukraine will be your next destination.

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