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4 Most popular Wedding Floral Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2017

May 24, 2017 by

Flowers that are being used for your wedding arrangements are one of the most important elements of your special day. They set the tone, define the color palette, and they also have the ability to express your personal style on your wedding day. Flower trends are constantly evolving. But the traditional wedding flowers and floral arrangements never go out of style. These days, most of the brides and wedding florists are coming up with unexpected uses of floral arrangements.

Beautifully arranged wedding flowers in your wedding bouquet and unique floral arrangements can transform a time-honored tradition like the unity candle into something truly your own. Always choose an experienced wedding florist for your wedding ceremony that can give you more and more options for personalizing your wedding by exposing you to the latest industry trends.

By properly reading the pieces of information that are written in this article, you can find the world of changing flower trends, flower types, floral varieties, flower colors, and floral design styles and many other arrangements. A modern wedding is all about shine and style. Nowadays, many couples choose modern style wedding because they can customize it to their personalities and tastes.

There are so many different ways to incorporate modern touches according to the latest trends into just about every aspect of a wedding. When you are planning for your wedding floral arrangements, and simply decorating your wedding venue with beautiful flowers, you will get all the inspiration with the help of this post that you really need.

Many brides choose over-sized organic wedding bouquets with cascade style, jewel tone with hot pink colored floral arrangements, and citrus centerpieces for their center tables. Using all these things in your wedding according to the latest trends that can transform your simple wedding venue into a beautiful and memorable place and they can give your wedding the wow factor.

  1. Statement entrances with beautiful flowers

If you want to create maximum impact at your wedding ceremony or reception, ask your wedding floral designer to create a stunning statement entrances with sweet smelled flower pillars and foliage’s. This type of decoration can work with every style of your event and will allure your guests.

When it comes to your wedding centerpieces on the entrance, it’s all about making a statement, the bigger the better. Extra large centerpieces with a flower vine bouquet which are placed on both sides of the entrance of your wedding ceremony can create a stunning look.

  1. Romantic flower vine bouquets

 According to one of the best wedding florist in London, there is a definite trend of romantic flower vine bouquets for 2017. The wedding bouquet is very special for a bride and comes in countless styles and types to choose from, but the flower vine bouquet style has gained traction in the last few years. This type of bouquet is packed loosely in bountiful pieces.

Most of the brides and people opt for this type of bouquet for more and more flowing and natural look that can combine with a wide variety of flowers in one piece. Many people like to place these bouquets at the both sides of the door or the entrances of the wedding venue.

  1. Hanging Floral Moss with Greenery

 Hanging Floral Moss with more and more greenery is a supremely popular decorative trend. This hanging floral moss looks like the garland trend. Many people select various types of greenery to decorate their wedding venue. There are so many different ways to incorporate greenery as part of your wedding, regardless of your wedding theme or budget. You can decorate your wedding venue with an open-air floral tent and moss can be jewelled with additional beautiful flowers and other accents to create a jaw-dropping setting.

4. Floral Lei Curtains

 This can be a great idea to decorate your altar with floral lei curtains. This can serve as a backdrop for a wide variety of potential decorative pieces. Different varieties of floral curtains are a popular choice for wedding planners. They have the ability to create a more intimate feel for space or to partition certain areas.

Furthermore, using flowers instead of clothing curtains can make a dramatic new focal point. Ask your florist to use different varieties of flowers with a little touch of greenery to make floral lei drapery. They can add a dynamic cascade of flowers that will add to the romantic elegance of the ceremony.

This article was published for Ukraine Brides by our guest writer Daniel Clark

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Understanding the Five Languages of Love

May 22, 2017 by

Five Languages of Love

No relationship is ever perfect. There will be a lot of time when you will have arguments with your partner, and you will end up wishing that they can read your mind. You’d wish they know how you were feeling, what you were thinking, and what you’d want them to do instead. This is where the concept of love languages comes in.

This idea will pretty much give you an insight on what makes your partner tick; it will give you an insight to understanding your partner better, especially when it comes to their own understanding and expression of love. Understanding these things can better help you deal with the differences in your relationship.

Dr. Gary Chapman is the one who coined this term, and according to him, people express and interpret love in five universal ways. He also believes that each and every person has a primary and secondary love language. I’m pretty sure this sounds interesting and if you can’t wait to find out your own and your partner’s love language, read on.

1. Words of affirmation

Using words to affirm and build up people is one of the most effective ways for you to express love emotionally. When you use words of appreciation or verbal compliments, you are also using one of the most powerful tools in communicating love. It does not have to be very complicated. You can use very simple words and statements to show that you appreciate your partner.

Words of affirmation are one of the most basic aspects of the five languages of love.

2. Quality time

We all know that time is one of the most precious gifts you can share with someone who means so much to you, whether it is your partner, parents, siblings, or friends. And when you say “quality time,” that means you are giving your undivided attention to a person without any distraction like devices, television, and everything else. Quality time means spending time together, just the two of you, like taking a walk or just enjoying your sweet time over a delicious meal.

3. Receiving gifts

There are some people who feel they are most loved when they are being given tangible gifts. However, this does not mean that the person is into material things, but there are just types of people who feel that they are more appreciated when they are given presents. In addition, love revolves around the spirit of giving, which means that gifts are also one of the most visible symbols of love.

When somebody gives you a gift, you will be able to tell that the person remembers you or is thinking of you. And it does not necessarily have to cost a huge amount of money because the most important thing is that you are thought of or you are also thinking about the person. Even if you are not naturally a gift giver, this is something that you can still learn to do.

4. Acts of service

There are also some people whose basis of love relies on a person’s actions instead of words. They would rather believe what a person expresses based on what they do and show and not on what they say. There are so many ways for you to express the language of service if you want to make your partner feel loved. One of them is simply by lending a hand to show that you care, proactively doing some chores without having to be asked, or just doing anything that will do them a favor.

5. Physical touch

Physical touch is also considered to be one of the most powerful tools in communicating emotional love. And it does not only apply to couples. This fact also holds true for parents, children, siblings, and friends. For married couples, holding hands, kissing, and other acts of intimacy are their ways to express their emotional love to one another. However, there are people who have a greater need to feel physical touch because, without it, they have a tendency to feel unloved. But you do not necessarily have to constantly do this even when you’re in public. Just a little touch or everyday physical connection will be appreciated.

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3 Tips to Marry a Ukrainian Lady

May 10, 2017 by

If there is one thing that you need to learn about Ukrainian ladies, that is the fact that their love cannot be bought. And if you want to win their heart over, you must only show them kindness, respect, and sensitivity.

In Ukraine, women’s perception is gradually changing because of the development of the modern society. What’s happening is that women feel compelled to adjust and adapt to the changes that are happening in the society, which leads them to reconsider their social role. This is the reason why we now see more women actively engaged and taking part in larger companies and taking leadership positions in corporations and organizations.

Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women are not left behind, especially when it comes to the world of management. They have always been punctual, diligent, and reliable which is why they have started to earn more than men. However, their desire to get married and have a family of their own never changes and never disappears. They have always valued their families and considered it as the most important thing in life. If they would be asked to choose between career and family, they will surely choose family.

Women who desire to find foreign husbands are just like any other individual who search for happiness and a good life. They want to act and be treated like real ladies. Men who would want to date Ukrainian women and marry them should be treating them with passion and respect because the only things they long for are be loved, needed, and desired. For guys who can manage to make them feel this way, it won’t be hard to capture their hearts. If you want to easily do that, you have to demonstrate tenderness and kindness, and give gifts and flowers. Then, you are on your way to making them fall in love with you.

Ukrainian women prefer men who are polite, so the best strategy is for you to be kind and gentle. Make sure that you show good manners and consideration, and she will surely appreciate you. If you are interested in her, do not hesitate to make a move; do not be shy.

Ukraine women are also quite conservative, so you have to make sure that you avoid being aggressive. Just show her respect and let her feel how much you admire her intelligence, beauty, and ability to care for herself. Women always feel good when they know that their efforts are being appreciated.

Another important thing you need to bear in mind is that you should demonstrate that you are a reliable person and sincere about your intentions for her. Make her feel that she can count on you and that you can stand by your promises, no matter how little they are.

And even when there is no occasion, it is important that you surprise her or give her anything that will make her feel special. They will definitely appreciate your kindness. But you also have to be careful not to remind her of the things you have done for her; that is a no-no.

If you are really serious about winning her heart, here are the things you need to bear in mind:

Keep her wondering.

One effective way to make a girl like you is to tease her mind all the time. If you are telling them an interesting story, cut it in the middle and finish it the next time you get to talk. This way, she will always be looking forward to talking to you again.

Do not be reactive.

You do not have to think and care about what others think or say about her. If you like a girl, be socially intelligent and just focus on your intentions. At the end of the day, the most important thing is what’s between the two of you. The girl will highly appreciate you.

Trust her.

If your goal is to also find true love, you have to learn how to trust her. Do not hold back, and do not be shy to show your true nature, your true intentions, your qualities, and your character. Do not be afraid to open up.

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Essential Tips for Writing the Perfect Online Dating Profile

May 4, 2017 by

Online Dating Profile

When it comes to online dating, a great and attractive profile is the key. While you also need good-looking and compelling photos, people who are looking for serious relationships go beyond the looks and try to get to know a person better.

If you want to attract the right person on online dating sites, your profile will have a lot to do with it, and here are some tips to help you make that perfect profile for your online dating site:

1. Give them a glimpse of who you are and the kind of relationship that you seek

When you write your profile, you should start with your most positive traits. Think about the things that will sound really interesting for most people. But you have to make sure you do not overdo it. Just choose a few adjectives that will best describe who you are and your personality. If you cannot come up with a description, ask the people around and see how they describe you and what they think of you.

You also have to include in your profile the things that you care about or the things you are passionate about: music, helping the community, pets, sports, and anything else that will make people think that you are a fun and interesting person. Just be sure that the things you write down about yourself are all true.

Also, be honest about what you want from this online dating scene. If you are looking for a serious relationship, go ahead and be honest about it.

2. Indicate who you want to meet in your profile

It is important that you also tell the character of the person that you would like to meet, although you don’t really have to be specific with their characteristics. Avoid putting down very specific details about the person you are looking for like their height, interests, hobbies, and others.

Focusing on a person’s character would mean that you are looking for a person’s values more than anything else because if you focus too much on characteristics, you will tend to sound like you are overly picky, and that is not very attractive at all. Instead of stating physical attributes of your ideal person, it is better to state the things you want them to value.

3. Show the reader about who you are instead of just telling

This means that you have to show them what it looks like in real life. This is important because you really have to be specific if your goal is to attract the right people to you. For example, you mentioned in your profile that you like to travel. You have to talk about your favorite travel destinations, your dream travel vacation, etc. If you are describing yourself with a trait, show your readers how that looks like in real life.

4. Leave the negativity behind

When writing your profile, it is always best to avoid talking about pessimism, bitterness, or cynicism. Negative people are never attractive. If you are good at attracting people, the less likely you are going to attract the wrong ones. Remember that your goal is to be contacted by the right person you would like to have a date with.

You will be more successful if your focus is attracting the right people instead of trying to repel the wrong ones. Another mistake you should avoid is having sarcasm in your profile, especially if you are a woman. Very few men get attracted to a woman who leads with sarcasm.

5. Check your spelling and grammar

One of the most common mistakes that many people make in their online profiles is their spelling and grammar. While these errors can be forgiven, it is better not to risk turning someone off simply because you failed to proofread what you have written. You will be more appreciated by people if you put more care and thoughtfulness in your profile. It will also reflect the kind of person that you are.

6. Decide the kind of story you want to tell

Your profile is like a story about you and your personality. You got to decide what you want people to know about you in general. It will be your story that will determine the kind of people that will be attracted to you.

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April 30, 2017 by

“I have been on the site for several years already and I can see the same ladies still single and searching for a partner. Is there something wrong with them or what?” This is the most often asked question from men using a dating site about the ladies who are still single. I well understand their concern and want to comment on this.

Online dating vs real communication

Many men say that some ladies are a bit picky in their search for a life partner, especially young and extraordinarily beautiful ones. They get a lot of attention and therefore think that they may choose. Actually, don’t men do the same? πŸ™‚ Online dating is not just a one-on-one communication, so writing letters to each other may not yet be considered a serious relationship. Choosing and comparing is a natural process at this stage as only a personal meeting may show you that you have met the right person and that there is “chemistry” between the two of you. This chemistry is what keeps you together as a couple and makes you stop searching for someone else.

Models of on-line behavior of the single

We do our best to help our members to find their soul mate. However, it’s not an easy and quick process. Many ladies on the site are extremely active as they search in an attempt to find their love and create a family soon, as time flows really fast. They often send introductory letters to get the chance to catch the eye of a potential life partner. The others prefer to consider their choice and to take a measured decision. The same is quite true about many men on the site. I personally think you can easily distinguish them just by looking through their personal information.

An ultimate goal?

Do you want a life partner whose only goal in life is to get married? Ukrainian women really do want to start a family. I already mentioned that this is a very important factor for them in the article about Ukrainian ladies

But if you think that this is the only goal in their life – you are terribly wrong. Ukrainian ladies do a lot of things in their everyday life. Most Ukrainian ladies work, communicate with their relatives, spend their free time with friends and develop their personality. If you are curious to know more, you may read about it by following this link:

Single ladies’ usual pastime

Many Ukrainian ladies learn foreign languages, acquire various hobbies, do handcrafts of different kinds (a very popular pastime among Ukrainian ladies!), go to dance sessions and grow plants. See? Life in Ukraine taught them to be proactive. Therefore, they don’t just sit and wait for a prince on a white horse (though, that may be exactly what they do in their spare time) πŸ™‚ So, if a lady isn’t on-line on the site all the time – do not take it as a disinterest. However, be alert enough to see that when she starts off communicating with you as a friend it may lead to a potential partner.

 They keep energy for you!

A wise woman (even a single one) understands that being a wife is not just living together. There are many, often unseen, daily tasks to which she needs to be prepared and trained. I very well know myself that doing household chores is not something you can easily succeed in when you first leave your parent’s house! Furthermore, it requires years of training to do such routines automatically. In this way, they spare enough energy for something more interesting, like a hobby or communication with a partner. Keeping their feet grounded and being in a good mood truly takes a lot of effort.

Success rate

We really do have many happy couples. Most of them, unfortunately, prefer to keep their relationship private after exchanging personal information. The happy moments of their marriage, which are almost never allowed to be shared is what makes all our efforts worthwhile. You can see success stories of many couples and judge for yourself if on-line dating works or not: . Some couples decide ona marriage after just 6 months!

Individual matchmaking service

I hope that this article was useful for you and will help you in your search for a special lady. The Ukraine Brides Agency team believes that every person has the chance to meet the right person and to be together. For those who are busy searching on the site, we would be pleased to suggest a matchmaking service. Our specialists will be happy to help you find the right person according to criteria that is vital for you. You may learn about our matchmaking service following this link:

I wish you to find your one and only among the others soon and obtain the happiness that everyone deserves!

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10 romantic ideas for Lviv. Part 1

April 21, 2017 by

Lviv is known as the western capital of Ukraine. It is not only a beautiful city bearing the charm of ancient architecture, but also a place with many modern peculiarities. In this article I will tell you about the most popular and unique places in Lviv where you may spend exciting times together with your Ukrainian lady.

General direction

Firstly, I suggest you starting in the city center and, more precisely, from the Plosha Rynok (The Market Square). This is the focal point of the cultural and historical life of the city. There are many interesting places worth visiting which are easily reached on foot. The overall architectural view reflects the initial city landscape as the city governors ordered it to be preserved.

  1. Lvivska Kavova Kopalna (Lviv Coffee Mines)

The first location which will lift your spirits after the long trip to Lviv is Lvivska Kavova Kopalna. You will find up to twenty different coffee types which will help you to wake up in a cozy atmosphere. The most unusual of which you will find on the ground floor – a coffee covered with a sugar top brazed with a burner. For those who don’t like coffee there are several types of a tasty tea sorts. My favorite is pomegranate tea with ginger – it is something special!

Intriguing name πŸ˜‰

The name of the cafe which may be translated as Coffee Mines was purposely chosen. This place is definitely worth visiting. Your lady will for sure have a wish to make a selfie with you wearing a real miners helmet. Though, I don’t want to uncover all the details and will leave you to discover them yourself πŸ™‚

  1. Lvivska Shokoladna Maysternia (Lviv Chocolate Workshop)

If your lady likes chocolate you just cannot go past the Lviv Chocolate Workshop! It is a café where you may taste several sorts of hot chocolate with fillings. You may create your own composition choosing from a wide range of additions. Walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, coconut chips, almond, caramel, cashew may be mixed with a white, milk or dark chocolate according to your taste.

On the first floor you will find a candy shop which offers a great choice of different types of handmade chocolate candies which are a great present for your Ukrainian lady as well as for your relatives at home. We have mentioned in another article that these chocolates are a “must have” souvenir when you visit Ukraine πŸ™‚

5 Souvenirs to Get on Your Trip to Ukraine

      3. City overview

If you wish to explore the whole of Lviv, I suggest you visit the following locations in different parts of the city. This is of course a Townhouse which is in the middle of the Market Square. You may even hear the trumpeter announcing every second hour of the day from a top window of the Townhouse. Another location situated in the center is a restaurant at «Panorama Lviv Hotel» from which you can see the buildings of the different centuries decorated with statues, the churches and the Townhouse. You will feel like a bird above the roofs of the old houses. Lviv high castle is the highest place of the city. This is another place from which you can see the new city and the center.


     4. Horse-drawn carriage

Take a break from all the excursions on foot and take a trip through the old city in a horse-drawn carriage. This will add a bit of romance to your day and will definitely excite your lady. Riding in a carriage will make her feel like a medieval noblewoman.

       5. Night Guard

On Fridays and Saturdays at 10 PM, you and your lady may take part in an exciting excursion called “Night Guard” together with a night burgomaster (mayor) which lasts for 2 hours. They will appoint you both as mayoral helpers and, wearing a mantle, you will keep watch while walking through the streets of an old part of city. You will hear a lot of thrilling legends and stories about the people, the old buildings and the city itself. The excursion commentary is available in different languages: Ukrainian, Polish, English, German and Russian.

Mind your lady’s taste

A first acquaintance with a Ukrainian woman will show you her personality and give you a hint of the place which is worth visiting together. It may be either a Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet, a museum, a cinema or a park, a club or a church. Take into account the lady’s unique preferences. For me, as a former member of a club of historical reconstruction, an excursion to an armor museum Arsenal was also an exciting event!

I will end the first part of our excursion here and leave you to choose the most interesting places for you and your lady to visit! πŸ™‚

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April 7, 2017 by

To be buy or not to be buy – that is the question! It may seem funny, but this way sounds the most common issue a man faces when dating a Ukrainian lady. Communicating through the Internet men often suggest financial support to the ladies they like. It is no secret that every woman wants to be treated like a princess and Ukrainian ladies are not an exception. Here comes the question: how much is it needed to make her feel this way? Guess what? Actually nothing!

Your care is what it all about

When you date a Ukrainian lady, all what matters is how you behave and how you treat her. Any small gesture of your care, like helping her with her everyday shopping (I mean exactly this type instead of going to boutique), carrying her shopping bags home, helping her to cook tasty dinner and meeting her after a long working day shows her your affection. This is all true about the real dating. But what if you can’t be close to your lady for some reason? How can you show your love and care?

All the gifts you may buy to your lady may be just a feeble replacement of your real presence beside her. Well, this is also better than nothing. You may show your affection by hundreds of different ways. You may buy your lady a 101 roses, a golden necklace, a voucher for a spa salon, a villa, a yacht, an island… Though, do you actually remember the list of things that a Ukrainian lady really appreciates in her relationship with a man? πŸ™‚

 Money can’t buy everything

Most of Ukrainian ladies value support (emotional and financial support as well). Ukrainian ladies, especially single mothers, may seem strong and independent. You may get an idea of how bravely they meet all the life difficulties reading this post However, they will be immensely thankful to a man who can make them feel tender, weak and fragile. At these circumstances a financial support would be of a great use. It could unload the lady from working-to-survive to working-for-pleasure. Note that I didn’t say that you have to buy her free time completely.

Any adult person has his/her set way of life. Therefore, intruding too much in this scheme may do you a disservice. The lady may be either scared or angry at you. She may become spoiled as well. Nobody can guess how every particular person reacts on easy money. If you don’t want to make your lady feel like she was bought, don’t provide her money before you meet the lady personally. Considering everything I told you, I do not recommend you to buy expensive clothes, devices, jewelry when you are actually not a couple yet.

Excessive financial support and its consequences

The desire to provide for your lady is a noble and respectful one. Though, I think it is better not to send big sums to the lady as this may cause negative consequences. You will likely get a natural wish to know if the lady got your money transfer and if she spent it. The lady in her turn will have no desire to report you about everything as she is an adult and independent person. Your questions may make Ukrainian woman think that you have doubts in her ability to earn enough on her own. Taking that into account you may get some doubts about the real purpose the lady used your financial help for. All this may cause a loss of trust between you.

Don’t pamper her child too much

Building a connection with your lady’s child is a great influencer on development of your relationship. Be careful: if you decide to pamper the lady’s kid you may also get into a trouble. Accepting expensive gadgets like a smartphone, a laptop, etc. from an unfamiliar man is not something a good mother teaches her child. There can also happen that the lady starts to think that she owes you now when she got some money from you. The loss of independence may scare the lady and you will lose a connection with her.

Vital advice for your relationship

One more final recommendation I need to give you concerning the topic is this: do not ever ask to give your presents back. It is unacceptable even in case if your relations completely broke no matter what the reason was. This is something that a gentleman would never do. Any gift should be a gesture of a good will and not a bargain. I will repeat myself that actually your support and care matters. This is a strong base of a healthy relationship with a Ukrainian lady.

I hope that everything I wrote in the post will wipe out some doubts you may have now and will help you to build a healthy and strong relationship with your Ukrainian lady.

I would be happy to get your feedback and your ideas about the topic πŸ™‚


Myths and Truths About Online Dating Revealed

March 30, 2017 by

Online Dating Myths

The trend of online dating has been increasingly becoming popular for several years now. Online dating is indeed an excellent option for those who are interested in socializing, meeting more people, and getting to know potential partners. If you haven’t tried this online dating just yet, there are some things that you need to know before you start doing it. Here are some myths and truths that you should know to help you arrive at a sound decision. Go ahead and take a look.


  • Online dating is not considered a category of dating. But, since it also does not have any end to it, it can be compared to traditional dating.
  • The profile picture on the online dating site guarantees a good-looking date. But you have to remember that there is more to the person than just their picture. They may have a cute face but wait until you find out their qualities. Or, even if they don’t look that good in the picture, they may actually possess admirable qualities that are actually more attractive.
  • If a person is indeed good-looking, they will not even have to do online dating. There are many reasons why a person gets involved in online dating. Most of the time, it is because they do not have enough time to socialize and meet people in the real world.
  • Having second thoughts about someone does not mean they won’t make a good date. If you are not really sure about a person, why take the risk? If you are in doubt and you feel uncomfortable about it, there are many other people you can meet in other online dating communities.
  • It is possible to determine whether there’s a spark or chemistry by means of chatting and e-mailing alone. There is no better way to find out if you are compatible with a person than by meeting them in person and get to know them.
  • The Internet is not a safe place to meet new people. While there is a risk in using the technology to socialize and meet potential dates, there are plenty of ways by which you can make sure that you don’t fall prey to someone who wants to take advantage. Besides, the number of people you meet in the real world is nothing compared to the ones you can meet in the online dating sites.
  • Online dating is for losers. People who utilize online dating sites are actually the global community of single yet intelligent adults—the professional individuals who share common goals when it comes to finding great friends and dates online.
  • Online dating is for the younger generations. There are plenty of online dating sites for different groups of people, so there will definitely be a right place for everybody. This is even an excellent venue for those who are trying to race with time because it is a lot faster to meet matches online than in real life.


  • There will be a lot of people who would like to get to know you, and some of them might just pretend that they like you and are interested in you but they actually are not.
  • Men who are good-looking in online dating sites are not necessarily bad dates. And, women who look so nice are not always the most pleasant ones they pretend to be.
  • If you think that there is something wrong with your date’s profile, or something you are not sure about, it is better to move on to other possibilities instead of taking a risk. There are a ton of liars in online dating, and many of them just want to have fun.
  • It is common for people in online dating sites to tell you that they want to see you when they actually don’t have any plans at all.
  • Women who will refuse the offer of a meeting have important reasons for doing so: 1) They are not interested, but they just cannot afford to let you know. 2) They are overwhelmed with the great offers. 3) They are not ready to date.
  • Women get more propositions than men.


10 Romantic ideas for Odessa. Part I

March 30, 2017 by

Odessa is a city full of romance and passion. Its old-style architecture begs to be explored. I would like to suggest you a top 10 places of interest which you may visit together with your beloved lady during your trip to Ukraine.

  1. Seaside Boulevard

This street is probably the most charming place in Odessa which you will easily find after your arrival. A perfect view on a Black sea, the harbor and the elegant hotel “Odessa”, where the famous Potemkin stairs catch the eye of every tourist who visits. A pleasant walk will lead you to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater – a building designed as a copy of the famous Semper Opera House in Dresden.

Lots of nearby cafes invite you to drop in during the lunchtime. If you come to Seaside boulevard late in the evening you will be amazed by the beauty of the lighting decorating the nearby areas, trees, bridges and buildings.

  1. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

This is truly the outstanding building in Odessa. If you haven’t had an opportunity to visit Dresden, you can at least have a quick look at this building to understand the beauty of the city. This theater, created in neo-baroque style and opened in 1887, presents tremendous plays and hosts the best opera singers from around the world.

A Ukrainian lady will be happy if you invite her to listen to an Italian opera or watch a ballet during your stay in Odessa. You can easily buy tickets for a desired event beforehand following this link

Even if you don’t like opera, you ought to visit the building to at least see how amazingly it looks inside decorated in a rococo style with many gold-covered elements. Don’t forget to take a memorable photo of you and your Ukrainian lady in front of this beautiful building!

  1. Teschin Bridge in Odessa

This place of interest is included in your walk by the Seaside Boulevard. Its name you may translate as Mother-in-law’s Bridge. There are many versions of the origin of its name. The most interesting of them is that the construction of the bridge is so light that it trembles in a strong wind – just as the tongue of a mother-in-law when she quarrels with her daughter’s husband πŸ™‚ I experienced myself an exciting feature of this bridge while being on an excursion with a group of classmates – if 10 or more people jump simultaneously on the middle part of the bridge – it really starts shaking!

Teschin Bridge had been a special place for loving couples up until 2011. It was full of all-size metal locks hanging on the railings of the bridge. Sadly, for the last several years it was cleared of these signs of love. The locks have been transferred to another place of interest I will talk about further.

  1. Loving heart

A lovely metal construction was gifted by the city to all the couples willing to leave their sign of love aimed at two purposes. Firstly it saved the unstable bridge from an extra-weight which the locks added to its construction. And secondly it gave an opportunity for newlyweds to keep the beautiful tradition of hanging the locks with their names written. So, if you want to add some romance to your walk and leave a reminder about your trip for your Ukrainian lady – don’t forget to buy a lock before you come to the Loving heart which you may find just at one of the ends of Teschin bridge πŸ™‚

Photo by Anastasia Photesko

  1. Colonnade

One more interesting place waiting for you when you pass the bridge towards the Seaside boulevard. It is the Colonnade (they call it also a rotund or a belvedere).

This art object was once a part of a Vorontsov palace which stands right behind it. Unfortunately the palace doesn’t look very attractive now due to many renovations made. It was a part of a conservatory where exotic plants and trees grew. They say that this was once the most beautiful place of the palace. We may only guess nowadays how pretty the whole ensemble looked. Meanwhile, you may enjoy a great view on a harbor from the highest points of the Seaside Boulevard where the Colonnade stands. The newlyweds often make photo sessions near the colons.

Nearby the Colonnade, closer to Vorontsov Palace, you will find one more interesting object with a nice history. I guess I will leave you to explore it yourself! πŸ˜‰

I am going to stop my excursion at this lovely place full of mystery of the past centuries. If you wish you may find in the Internet a number of intriguing legends connected with the art objects I mentioned. We will soon continue this excursion through Odessa in which I will lead you to the places bearing a unique charm which you may find only in Odessa.

Meanwhile I suggest you to have a quick look at a note made by the founder of Ukraine Brides Agency, Keith Gordon, about Odessa. I guess his comment will add a bit of intrigue to the image of this magnificent city πŸ˜‰

Odessa is hot!


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The Do’s and Don’ts When Dating a Ukrainian Woman

March 24, 2017 by

Beautiful Ukrainian Women Extremely Popular

Dating A Ukrainian Woman
Beautiful Ukrainian women have been so extremely popular in the world because aside from being so good-looking, they are known to be devoted, faithful, and smart.

If you have considered marrying a Ukrainian girl, it is important for you to learn more about them and their native culture.

Here are a few points you might want to take note of:

Ukraine’s culture is traditionalist, and it means that they are giving so much importance to their family values. Ukrainian people are very family-oriented and they concentrate on starting their own family, raising their own children, and maintaining healthy relationships with their husbands and wives. So, if your goal is to win the heart of a Ukrainian woman, you need to speak to the family about your intention.

Ukrainian women do not intend to leave their country, contrary to what many people say that they are in search for foreign men to marry to be able to spend their fortune. But this is not the case because, in reality, citizens of Ukraine are now more patriotic.

Girls in Ukraine prioritize their families above everything else. While they also have their own dreams and ambitions, they are also into businesses and charity programs. They love being given opportunities to find themselves in the crafts they enjoy and love.

Now, if you are planning to pursue a Ukrainian girl, here are the things you may need to do and not to do:

1. Know what you want

If you plan to initiate a conversation with a Ukrainian girl, you need to make sure that you know your purpose and you know what you are doing it for. It is also important that your goals are clear to your potential date. When you express your plans about the future, it will give her the impression that you are a matured person, which is rather important for a Ukrainian woman.

Be respectful of her culture, family members, and relatives

Women in Ukraine love the nature and their own land. They also value their traditions, although they do not force anyone to use their native language but learning it is viewed as a sign of respect. You should also pay respect to their families and relatives.

2. Be a man

For Ukrainian girls, they have a firm belief that the man is the breadwinner and the woman is the housekeeper. Gender roles are well protected in countries like Ukraine, and in their country, the man is still the one who provides for his family while the woman is the one who stays at home doing the cooking, cleaning, as well as taking good care of the children. While Ukrainian women are popular for being skilled housekeepers, they also want to be valued and appreciated. They know how to respect their husbands if they act like a real man.

3. Be intelligent

Ukrainian girls find intelligent men attractive. They want men who are smart and the ones who have the ability to keep the conversation going, that’s because women from Ukraine are rather smart and educated and they do not want to be bored. They want a company that will keep them entertained and that’s why they are looking for a witty man.

4. Give her some space

Just like everybody else, Ukrainian girls would also love some time to spend alone. They want some personal space where they can enjoy certain activities by themselves, just anything that makes them feel happy and complete.

5. Be generous

Ukrainian women expect guys to pay for the cost when they are invited to go out with them. It is just normal for men to be the one to pay for all the activities when going out because it is a sign of being courteous. It is also going to be a nice gesture to pay for the cab so that she gets home safe after the date. If you are from another country, the girl will appreciate it better if you bring her something from your home country. It is also still very common in Ukraine for guys to give girls flowers because it is a good sign of how thoughtful and sweet they are.

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