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July 5, 2017 by

As you already know Ukraine is rich on various rites and traditions. Ivan Kupala is one of the upcoming national holidays of the summer circle. Many Ukrainian ladies gladly celebrate it nowadays. I would like to tell you about its customs to make you more aware about the history of Ukraine.

Background of the holiday

Due to its pagan background, the holiday of Ivan Kupala glorifies the three elements: fire, water and herbs. With their help you can either drive away evil spirits or attract them. It is important to carry out ceremonies and follow the Kupala traditions correctly.

Bonfires on Ivan Kupala

The tradition of burning a fire at night on Ivan Kupala from July 6th to 7th reaches its roots the pagan past. The fire itself represented the summer solstice. The day became shorter after June, 21 and this was a good opportunity for dark forces to show themselves. To drive away all sorts of demons people went out to mass festivals around the campfires. In order to provide a night entertainment, the village boys set fire in the barrels and rolled them into the river from the high bank.

Magic of a bonfire

The bonfires were used not only for warming up, but also for carrying jump competitions. The higher a person jumps above all the bonfires the happier he will be. Loving couples used to jump holding hands over the fading fire. If their hands split up the couple wasn’t about to stay together long. But if they held tight – their destiny was to love each other for many years ahead.

Another usage of fire was healing. People believed that if the clothes of a sick person were burned on the holiday night the person would soon recover.

Water on Ivan Kupala

Many Ivan Kupala traditions are connected with water. On July, 7 Christians also mark the birthday of John the Forerunner, who baptized Jesus in Jordan. Therefore, people believe that from this day on bathing in open water becomes safe. The evil is believed to be expelled from the rivers and lakes.

In addition to healing bathing, it is possible to heal the body and soul by washing with the morning dew. Young Ukrainian ladies are believed to become even more beautiful. In the evening Ukrainian ladies set the wreaths onto the water for divination. This tradition repeats the divination performed on Trinity day.

Herbs on Ivan Kupala

On Ivan Kupala herbs and flowers acquired special healing powers. That is why Ukrainian women harvested them, dried and used them throughout the year for treatment and protection against malice.

The most important plant of the day is a fern. As the legend says ferns can bloom for a few seconds on Kupala night. If a man sees this miracle, he must tear the flower and escape from the forest fleeing from evil spirits. Successful escape from evil spirits can give a person superhuman powers. A person may learn to understand plants’ and animals’ language as well as be able to easily find any treasures.

What cannot be done on Ivan Kupala?

Ivan Kupala wakes up all the evil spirits of the forest, so you should not sleep this night. In addition to this there are some other prohibitions. On the night of July 6th to 7th pregnant Ukrainian women, children and the elderly should stay away from the water. Evil water spirits (like mermaids) can bring harm to the weakened bodies of these people.

To ensure that the family will not impoverish it is better for its members not to give, sell or borrow anything on Ivan Kupala day. Moreover, if a person finds money on the road – even a big sum – he should by no means take it.

Women that celebrate Ivan Kupala must visit the evening bonfire. They say that only witches avoid doing this.

Russian ladies also celebrate Ivan Kupala

Ukraine is not the only country keeping the ancient traditions of Slavic ancestors. Russian women, especially those living in villages also celebrate Ivan Kupala or Kupala night. Traditions of the holiday are the same as the Ukrainian ladies keep. Some women dress in traditional clothing and floral wreaths and take part in the night gaiety.

Knowing rich Slavic traditions can help you break the ice in your conversation with a Ukrainian lady. Just greet her on the day and ask her whether her relatives told her about the family members taking part in such events. You will have an opportunity to hear a very exciting story or tell the lady about the day if she has never heard of it 🙂



Fun New Feature to Help Find Your Ukrainian Bride

July 4, 2017 by

We have just added a new feature to the site to help you find your Ukraine woman much easier. It is clever and fun and I am sure you will enjoy it.

We have added a section to your dashboard called Suggested Members:

These are Ukraine ladies that are generated from the list of ladies that you have favourited (you must have at least 5 ladies favourited to enjoy this feature). The site will search the attributes of your favourited ladies and will select other ladies who have similar attributes.

These attributes are based on:

  • Age
  • Physical Attributes (height, hair colour, eye colour)
  • English Level
  • Has Children
  • Desires More Children

The system will search our database of women and suggest to you Ukrainan ladies that are a close match to those whom you have favourited.

The neat thing is, and this is where it is fun, you can adjust the attributes by clicking the Improve These Suggestions link and you can move the sliders for each attribute to give them greater or lesser importance, refine your search and show a new list of suggested ladies. If you think some attributes are more important to you, just move the slider – simple!

We hope you enjoy the new feature and that it helps you find your special lady.

However, this feature is not matchmaking, but merely suggestions based on who you have favourited. If you want our help to match-make for you, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist. We offer a free matchmaking service and also a more intensive matchmaking service and we will look forward to helping you to find love and happiness. This new feature is a great way to narrow your search and our matchmaking can help refine the list to that really special Ukraine Lady.

We are available 24/7 and look forward to talking with you.


Why you need to Pursue the Love that you Want

July 3, 2017 by
Pursue the Love that you Want

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, simply because nobody’s perfect. There will always be a lot of things to fight about, to argue about because no two people are the same. The differences, imperfections and the flaws of the two people involved in the relationship are the things that will naturally cause the trouble every now and then, but that is perfectly normal. While love and relationships are indeed challenging, there are also a number of beautiful reasons why they are worthwhile.

Here are a few important reasons why you need to pursue that kind of love that you want

1. Falling in love is not something that happens every single day

If you are a believer of soulmates, then you must know that meeting them is not something that you can just take for granted. We will never know who the right person is for us until we decide and begin to risk. The danger of staying on the safe side and not risking is the fact that you might lose that single chance at love and you might not be given the same chance again.

2. It is difficult to live life with regrets

Life is too short to live it with regrets, so do not be afraid to take risks and take chances. It is better that you risk and find out, than choose to play safe and live the rest of your life trying to think about the “what if’s”, or the “what might have been’s” and the “what could have been’s”, especially when you know you had a choice.

3. Love is worth fighting for

There are a few things in this world that are worth fighting for and one of them is love. Misunderstandings and arguments are natural and that is because of each and every person’s indifferences, imperfections and because no two people are the same. But at the end of the day, it only loves that can surpass all of these things, and it is only love that could make you want to go back to the same person no matter how messy things can be because you don’t see yourself being with anybody else anymore.

4. It makes you feel alive

No matter how difficult and risky love is, it is one of the most beautiful things that can make you feel alive. It is a life-changing experience that gives several rewards. The possibility of pain and getting hurt are always there, and there is no guarantee that you won’t get hurt, but even if you do, the experience will let you grow as a person. There will be a lot of life lessons that will enrich your soul. Your life will be so much more fulfilled in meaningful ways than you have ever imagined.

5. You are human and you are allowed to make mistakes

This means that you are not expected to make all the right decisions all the time. After all, what makes us human are our imperfections, and it is perfectly okay to commit mistakes at times because we will never know if it’s wrong or right until you’ve had the chance to be there. Just learn how to forgive yourself no matter what happens. Who knows, this chance could be what you are waiting for so you can finally be happy. But whether you succeed or fail, the things you learn along the way will always be a part of your most valuable life lessons.

6. Life goes on

Whatever you go through in life and in love will never last, whether it is good or bad because nothing is permanent in this world. If good and happy times do not last forever, the bad times will not last either. It does not mean though that you cannot live a happy life with someone, the thing is that ups and downs are always going to be there. And whatever it is that you go through today will not matter tomorrow anymore or next day, or next month or next year.

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Romantic Gestures that will make any Woman’s Heart Melt

June 30, 2017 by

Most women dream of falling in love with a guy who can sweep them off their feet; someone whom they can fall head over heels in love with; and someone who is hopeless romantic. However, when girls get to see all these things in a guy, they have the tendency to keep their defenses high because fear overtakes and they start to doubt the intentions of the guy.

So what really are the things that can make any woman’s heart melt? Here are some of the things that guys need to know in order to break the walls and make a girl’s knees weak.

1. Sweet text messages

For many girls, there is no better way to start a day than by getting a romantic text message from their guy. It does not have to be a long message of love, but when guys send them a simple good morning greeting, they have the power to draw a beautiful smile on a girl’s face right away. It is because this gesture only shows that your very first thought is about her and that’s true romance for them.

2. Surprise snacks

Girls love it when they are being surprised, especially when it is their favorite food. Surprises do not only have to be limited to flowers and chocolates because in fact, many girls appreciate it a lot when a guy brings them their favorite snack or comfort food when days are bad and when they are not feeling well. This means that you have to pay attention to the things that make her happy and bring them to her on just any random day. Gestures like this does not require any occasion. The more it is spontaneous and unexpected, the more it will be appreciated.

3. Leave her a love note

Who says love notes and letters are old school? The never are and never will be, even in this world of technology, text messages, chat apps and social media. Some good things will still never die. It won’t take so much of your time to write a simple note even just a reminder that you love them, then leave these notes in places where they can be easily seen.

4. Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is a very simple gesture but it can mean so much. This means that you care enough about your girl and you are taking really good care of her. Even if your girl is independent, strong and self—reliant, and they may not show it to you but deep inside, they want to feel like a little child and a princess being protected and cared for.

5. Make date plans

Another romantic gesture that girls appreciate is when guys plans for a date, and there is nothing you really have to do but simply to be there. One of the reasons why couples fight is because they can hardly decide about where to go and what to do when they go out on a date. But if you can manage to get everything covered, you are really on your way to making your girl’s heart melt with gladness.

6. Remember the details

Another important thing that matters to most girls are the important dates, especially their birthday and your anniversary. They are impressed when guys remember the special dates. And it is not just about the occasions, it can also be about the details about their favorite things like favorite food, favorite music, and everything else that matter to them.

7. Discussion about the future

Talking about the future with her included in your plans will surely make her blown away because it only goes to show that you are sincere about her, your intentions are pure and that you want to have a lifetime commitment with her. It also means that you are already happy with your girl and that you are no longer interested with finding another one or you do not consider being with someone else anymore. That is because you are already happy and contented with who you are with and you cannot imagine spending your future with a different person anymore.

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Matchmaking service

June 28, 2017 by

Many successful businessmen as well as Ukrainian ladies are using marriage sites and matchmaking service today. The international men and Russian women who search for love have their own business that requires their full attention to continuing its growth and prosperity. Therefore, these people try to minimize their effort in searching for a partner by turning their attention to marriage sites. They also often use a matchmaking service to find a person who completely fits their expectations. I would like to tell you more about our special service of matchmaking.

Types of matchmaking

Ukraine Brides offer 2 different types of matchmaking service:

1.  Free matchmaking service

2. Individual matchmaking service by your criteria

Both options include filling in a Matchmaking Questionnaire to determine the search criteria and partner characteristics. Once the survey is returned to us, we start working on it to find your special life partner. We choose from a range of the Ukrainian ladies from  agencies, all of whom were personally vetted by our team. According to your wish we may additionally invite you to a one-on-one Skype consultation with our marriage specialist. This communication will help us to understand your expectations and fears, your personal attitude to different types of ladies and their behavior. The whole procedure usually takes up to 7 days to be completed. So, what is the difference between the matchmaking types?

 Free matchmaking service

Our team searches for 5 Ukrainian ladies that fit the criteria you state in your questionnaire. We suggest to you the women in your age category and desired weight and height range. We may choose them by a specific city due to your preferences. You are under no obligation to contact any of the ladies that we recommend, but this procedure will significantly save your time and money while you search for your special Ukrainian lady. The free matchmaking service is a good opportunity for newly registered users as it helps them to start communicating with the ladies of a target group soon after initial registration. You do not need to waste your time and effort on getting to know how the site services work as the Ukraine Brides team will gladly explain you the ways of interaction while discussing your preferences.

 Individual matchmaking service

This service includes additionally searching for profiles with specific features important to you. We supply you the usernames of the Ukrainian ladies who we feel meet your criteria and personality, based on your questionnaire.

If the choice of ladies does not satisfy you, we continue the search. We offer you additional personal consultations via Skype to further refine your criteria. Our main aim is to find Ukrainian women that will be perfect matches for you. This work is the very heart of what we do and why we do our business.

 Why is this search individual?

Men often search for a specific feature that a Ukrainian lady must possess, in which case we turn to our partners to ask them whether one of their elite ladies fit their criteria. We often get a request to find a lady of a specific profession or having a particular hobby. Many men want to share all spheres of their life with their Ukrainian bride and their favorite hobby is a great way to unite with their lady and spend a lifetime of wonderful time together. Sometimes we even have the pleasure of searching for Ukraine women similar in appearance to a certain movie star! Such request is not an outstanding one. Remember that your questionnaire is private and confidential and that we do not release it to anyone outside of our partners and we only use it for the purpose of finding an ideal lifetime partner for you.

Individual matchmaking procedure

This matchmaking type requires a lot of time and attention and easily justifies the investment of the $100 fee. This includes:

1)  one-on-one Skype consultation with our marriage specialist;

2) working out your questionnaire and pre-selection of the women among all the Ukrainian ladies from the database of ladies according to your requirements;

3) a survey of ladies and refinement of the list to determine who are sincerely interested in you, have no serious communication on the site and want to be in serious relationship very soon;

4) contacting each lady to find out whether she is interested in getting to know the man judging from his profile details;

5) submitting a final selection – this is the final choice of ladies for communication.

 When selection is done

The next step after the selection is to see with which ladies you will have successful communication and which ones you like in a video chat. For this, you need to ask the ladies what time is comfortable for them to video chat and then to book the chat.

If you want to order one of the matchmaking types, please contact us and inform us about your desires. We are always happy to help you with any questions during the whole process – just ask or experts. Our personal consultations will help you to understand national specialties and avoid cultural misunderstandings with your Ukrainian lady. We will make the matchmaking a wonderful experience for you.

If you wish to find out more about either matchmaking service follow this link:


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How to Make Courtship the Most Romantic Phase of your Life

June 28, 2017 by

Courtship is a phase when you have finally found someone you can call your own. It is the stage before the wedding, a stage where you are still getting to know each other better before you finally decide to tie the knot. This is in fact, one of the most exciting parts of a relationship, but you can actually make it even more exciting with these following steps.

1. Spend more quality time together

Any relationship needs ample amount of quality time because it is necessary for its growth. There may be times when both of you can become preoccupied and busy especially when both of you are working. And while it is important for you to have your own personal space for other things and for other people, you also have to make a conscious effort to be with each other and spend quality time together. Make sure you decide or schedule a time when both of you can catch up and have a good conversation.

2. Start opening up

If you see that this person is someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to be comfortable to tell them anything and everything. Yes, it is good to leave some secrets on your own, but when it comes to your relationship, you need to be honest about your opinions and feelings. There is also no reason to be shy if that’s what you feel at the moment because this person is your wife or husband to be already.

3. Get to know their family

Since marriage is going to happen sooner or later, there is no better time to bond with your partner’s family than now. By getting to know their family members, it will make your relationship even stronger. After all, your partner’s family will also become your family in the long run.

4. Be honest

This stage is the perfect time for you to get to know each other, and it means that this is also the time when you need to let them know what you like and dislike in a relationship. However, you also have to make sure that you give your partner the chance to speak as well, and you need to hear them out. Respect each other’s opinions and feelings so that you can avoid misunderstandings.

5. Start planning and talking about the wedding

In any relationship, it is pretty much exciting especially when you know that there is something that you are looking forward to. Wedding preparations can be stressful and toxic, especially when you already start cramming. That is the reason why it is best when you start discussing the things that both of you would like to happen so that you can compromise and make adjustments when it comes to your choices.

6. Take time to look good

Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to stop dressing up and looking good for your partner. You still need to make sure you show them that you are not taking good care of yourself anymore. The thing about this step is that you are making your partner constantly want you and appreciate you. Always dress up nicely and neatly.

7. Appreciate each other

Nothing feels better than knowing that the person you love appreciates you for who you are and what you are. Therefore, you have to do this to your partner too. Don’t forget to complement them, thank them and appreciate them. It does not matter how big or small, the most important thing is that they know they are loved.

8. Plan for surprises

Surprises always make any relationship exciting and romantic. It does not require any special occasion for you to plan out for a surprise. It can be done on any random days when you just want to show love. It also does not have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as preparing for a little surprise dinner with their favorite dish which you cooked yourself. Going a little out of your way will surely be something that will make them feel happy, and loved.

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Apple Embraces Online Dating – At Last!

June 17, 2017 by

June 7 saw an announcement from Youenn Fablet, software engineer at Apple, which the computing world has been waiting for years and which will have far reaching effects for the Online Dating industry

In basic English it means that Apple devices, including Mac (Safari) and iPhone (iOS) will finally support software (called WebRTC) allowing audio and video chat ability. Launch is expected in September.

From the website :

From the link, Peer5, a startup that offers serverless CDN for massively-scaled video streaming, writes in a blogpost:
This is HUGE news for the computing industry. Since its introduction in 2011, WebRTC has become an incredibly important part of everyone’s favorite platforms and applications. It is at the core of a few services that you might have heard of, including Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Slack. WebRTC is also supported natively by most major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Opera. But there were 2 big holdouts — Microsoft’s Edge browser and Apple’s Safari. This meant that people using those browsers couldn’t access WebRTC-based services without installing some type of plug-in. Well, those days are over given the WWDC news and Microsoft’s announcement back in January regarding WebRTC support in Edge. Developers can now create compelling browser-based applications that incorporate real-time audio and video (and maybe even a peer-to-peer component) and know that 99% of the world’s Web surfers will be able to use their services without having to install any plug-ins or additional software. This newfound ubiquity for WebRTC might even make a developer question whether he has to build a native iOS or Android app to deliver his service to end-users.

For Ukraine Brides, this is great news! Many years ago we were faced with the decision whether to provide audio and video chat ability on our site, fully aware that anyone with an Apple device would not be able to use the facility. We decided to implement the software, allow those that had non-Apple devices to enjoy the benefits and wait for Apple to implement into their software. This same issue faced the entire computing community, not just dating sites.

Many of our members have complained over the years that “our chat system does not work” and we had to explain and arrange alternate methods for video chat, such as skype. It was a frustrating wait for our members and ourselves – Apple don’t typically announce impending launches, so it was a wait and see situation.

What is wonderful for Ukraine Brides is that the moment that the software is launched by Apple, our chat system will be fully operational – we have already developed the software which will allow for immediate video chat functionality.

We have always believed that allowing video chat is a key component when searching for a Ukrainian bride using online dating and that is why we launched the chat facility, even though we knew some members could not access it. Being able to see each other is much more likely to solidify the emotional chemistry than messages or text chat and, for that reason, we introduced free video chat with every lady on our Ukraine Brides website in 2016 ( We also now strongly encourage men to have at least one video chat with their Ukraine or Russian lady before they travel to meet her.

We are delighted with the announcement from Apple and we will confirm as soon as it is live and available.

We welcome any questions and you can contact us anytime – we are available 24/7 to serve you.

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10 romantic ideas for Odessa. Part 2

June 16, 2017 by

Although Odessa cannot be named a capital of Ukraine, it may be definitely considered a capital of tourism of our country. This city has an international airport as well as an international seaport, now the largest existing in the country. Therefore, Odessa is very convenient for both – travelers and tourists visiting Ukraine. The time of your trip to Ukraine is coming but you don’t know where to spend time in Odessa? I will gladly help you with that!

  1. Muzey interesnoy na’uki (Fancy Science Museum)

Address: 4e Shevchenka Avenue

This museum is probably one of the most fascinating places in Odessa that is worth visiting with your lady as well as alone. I would even say that it should be the very first thing you must visit in Odessa when you meet each other. The atmosphere and entertaining showpieces will help you both to break the ice and feel at ease. The lady will understand at once that you are the person she may not be bored with! This place is a tiny copy of the German Museum in Munich but continues to grow and develop.

The exhibition contains several theme blocks connected with a field of optics, electromagnetism, anatomy, acoustics, engineering, mechanics, planetarium and much more. All the exhibits are touchable, movable and exciting. The museum staff suggests a number of shows connected with electricity and physics as well as an experimental room. You may also find a dozen of different puzzles there. Be careful that you do not spend too much time playing on your own 🙂 In fact my personal experience shows that 3 hours are not enough to see and try everything here. I will not tease you with any photos from this place – you just need to visit it yourself!

  1. Odesskiy Spaso-Preobrajenskiy kafedralniy sobor (Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa)

If religion is something that unites you both, then I highly recommend you to visit the Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa.  The cathedral was founded in 1794 and was continuously expanded throughout the 19th century. The original structure was demolished during the atheistic Soviet Union times but was rebuilt starting from 1999.

Although the building is not that interesting outside, it is really sumptuous inside. The entire floor is covered with white marble plates, the marble pillars stand throughout the building and the icons are usually decorated with white roses. The atmosphere is very ceremonial and calm inside. You may definitely spend a long time here listening to choral recitals and enjoying peace and grandeur of the place.

  1. Passage hotel

If you walk 100 meters from the Transfiguration Cathedral in the direction of Deribasovskaya Street, you will see another wonderful architectural complex – the hotel “Passage”. The building was constructed in the 40th years of XIX century. The architecture of the inner yard of the hotel “Passage” with retail premises has been preserved to the present in original form. This building is included in the register of architectural monuments. They say that the prices in the shops are inflated, but the architecture is really worth seeing.

Approximately 10-15 meters from the exit of Passage gallery there is Lvivska Shokoladna Maysternia (Lviv Chocolate Workshop) and Caramel workshop on the right side of Deribasovskaya street. If your lady has a sweet tooth, she may be interested in seeing with her own eyes how the caramel is made and taste different kind of chocolate sweets with different fillings and spices.

  1. Gorodskoy Sad or GorSad (City Garden)

This place was gifted as a city property by Felix De Ribas – brother of the Odessa founder. It is located in a city center on Deribasovskaya Street. In the middle of the park there is a musical rotunda where an orchestra often plays on weekends.

  1. Gambrinus restaurant

If you want to feel the unique Odessa spirit, this place is a must-visit! Gambrinus is situated just opposite the City Garden. Although the restaurant is not very pompous, the atmosphere is cozy and interesting for those searching for authentic places. A number of dishes will surprise you with their names and will please with their taste. Every evening the live music band plays in the restaurant and a singer performs songs of Soviet Union times in specific Odessa style.

Do you know that Odessa is called the capital of humor in Ukraine? The inhabitants of this city have a specific sense of humor and mentality. That is why every year, on April 1, a festival of April Fool’s day takes place. This day in Odessa everybody has a day off. Clowns walk around the city streets. City residents and tourists dress in funny costumes, walk around the city, sing songs, play tricks with passers-by and congratulate each other on April Fool’s day. If you want to spend a funny day with your lady, visit Odessa on this day! Believe me, no Ukrainian lady will refuse to visit Odessa on April Fool’s Day!

In conclusion

Odessa is a wonderful place which offers wonderful sea, convenient beaches and parks to travelers. Therefore, you may spend some wonderful time with your Ukraine lady here and you will definitely be excited by the attractions it suggests. I bet you may be interested to know what the experience of people coming to meet their lady in Odessa is! You may find a post about a trip to Odessa made by one of UBA clients here:

Be aware of the places of interest in Odessa and make sure you haven’t missed the first part of the article!


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Conversation Topics To Make Your Relationship Last

June 12, 2017 by
Make Your Relationship Last

Many romantic relationships succeed, but there are also many that fail. The success and failure of each relationship may depend on a number of reasons and factors but at the end of the day, it will still depend on how the two people in a relationship work together to make it last.

If you want to make your relationship work, there are a plethora of things that you can actually do together with your partner. One of the most important things you can work on is having a meaningful conversation during your quality time.

Here are some of the conversation topics that could help make your relationship last longer.

1. What love means for both of you

Each person has their own language of love. It means that each one of us has our own understanding, and ways of expressing love. By discussing this topic, it will help both of you to gain understanding on how you can make each other feel loved, and that should bring you closer together.

2. The things that you like about each other

Discussing the things that you love about each other will make both of you feel appreciated. Also, do not forget to compliment them for something they did right during the day or week. Recognize the things they did right even the smallest ones. It will make them feel good and it will also encourage them to continue doing good or become even better for you.

3. Little secrets

Another thing that can keep you bonded as a couple is your little secrets. These are not the secrets you keep from each other but the secrets only the two of you share and understand. These things are fun to talk about because nobody else knows it but you.

4. Favorite shows and movies

TV shows and movies are always a great topic for conversations even for strangers. It is something that everybody can relate to, and when you talk about it with your partner, you will have more opportunity to get to know them better.

5. Relationship to your families

When you talk about your own relationships with your respective families, it will help you gain insight on how they will also be treating your own family in the future when you get married. If you find out how much they love and respect their parents, it should give you an idea that you are actually with someone who knows how to value their family.

6. Future plans

Your future plans together are an exciting thing to discuss. This topic can lead you to discuss the number of kids that both of you would like to have when you are getting married, your plans for your own family, where you are going to be living and so on and so forth.

7. Food

Just like movies and TV shows, food is always an excellent topic. It can bring people together. Whether or not you love to cook, sharing the things you like about food, your favorites will help you make exciting plans for your future dates. You can somehow decide the restaurants you will be visiting especially on important occasions.

8. Personal dreams and aspirations

Even when you are in a relationship, it is important that you have your own dreams and you should never stop trying to make it come true. Tell your partner about these dreams as this is a great opportunity for them to get to know you deeper.

9. Dream vacations

Planning or talking about your dream vacations can make you look forward to something very exciting. All couples need to have quality time and you can certainly have it on your dream vacation. If it is still impossible to make it happen at the moment, make it a point to still make it happen in the future. Have concrete plans about. It is always good that both of you are looking forward to something.

10. Hobbies

You can also talk about the things you enjoy doing when you are alone or when you are bored or your passion. This is something that is very interesting to discuss and at the same time, interesting to try especially when either of you has way too different hobbies.


The Holy Trinity traditions in Ukraine

June 4, 2017 by

Christians celebrate the day of the Holy Trinity as one of the main religious holidays. This holiday is celebrated annually on a different day, but it is always on the fiftieth day after Easter. The date of the holiday in 2017 is June, 4. The Holy Trinity completes the spring cycle of Orthodox Christian holidays. After that the fast and summer round of holidays begins. On this occasion, the Orthodox Trinity 2017 will be celebrated on a grand scale, folk festivals and the obligatory celebration of the revived nature.

Historical background of the holiday

The day  of the Holy Trinity comes from those ancient times, when it was established by the apostles. Therefore, it has developed stable traditions that change not from time, but due to the place of celebration. From ancient times the Trinity begins with a solemn service. It was foreshadowed by the all-night vigil, lasting from the evening on the eve of the holiday. The worshipers glorified the day when the Holy Spirit descended to the apostles and the Virgin Mary, in order to commemorate the appearance of the triplicity of God. The apostles were struck by a blessed cleansing fire. It did not burn, but cleansed the soul and mind, filling the heart with awe and trembling and love. The descent of the Holy Spirit was predicted by Jesus Christ even before the tragic events that cut short his life’s path.

Trinity traditions and rituals

The main symbol of the Trinity for the Orthodox Slavs is the birch. Therefore, it has always been present in a house of a believer, like a Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve. On this holy day the floor of the church as well as at home was traditionally covered with freshly mown grass. This was believed to bring luck. Moreover, the birch branches were often placed near the iconostasis. In some regions, where birch did not grow, people used oak, viburnum, mountain ash or maple. Ukrainian women often made crowns of flowers and twigs to wear them on the holiday.

On leaving the church after the solemn service Orthodox Christians always tried to bring some grass from the floor to their homes. Then, Ukrainian ladies hurried home to prepare a festive table for their family. The main dish was a freshly baked loaf of bread. It had to be round to symbolize the sun as well as eggs on Easter do.

On the Trinity evening it was traditional to sing songs, play games and dance. On this holiday people called guests, treated their friends and left the rest of the meal to those in need.

Trinity divinations

Ukrainian women truly love different kind of divinations. Every lady does this at least once in her life. On the oncoming of the Holy Trinity people went to the forest and decorated a chosen birch tree with bright ribbons. Ukrainian ladies found small birch trees and bound their top branches together. If on a Trinity day these trees remained together – this supposed to bring luck. If they were unbound or faded – it was a bad sign.

At the end of the day Ukrainian ladies put the flower wreaths onto the water surface of a river to tell the fortune. The direction the wreath flowed showed the place where the intended fiancé lived. If the coronal remained near the cost – that foretold the Ukrainian lady to remain a spinster. If the wreath drowned – nothing good may happen.

Modern rites

Moving from the suburbs to the cities made people’s life busier and changed their working schedule. Less attention is paid nowadays to the ancient traditions. Though, some people still find an opportunity to go out of the city to nearby villages to spend the time with the other enthusiasts willing to keep old rites.

Be aware of Ukrainian traditions and don’t forget to greet your Ukrainian lady on the day. Then, she will definitely be pleased to know that you respect her culture and ancestry!

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