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British mass media admit that Ukrainian brides win the hearts of foreigners not only with their outstanding physical beauty, but also with their inner qualities an respect to family values. They are thought to be the best choice for marriage according to the poles. The journalists admit that unfortunately the compatriots often underestimate Ukrainian ladies and don’t want to support financially, esteem and protect their wives. Ukrainian men are so spoiled by the number of beautiful ladies in the country, that they can’t objectively judge them. On the contrary the foreigners have a possibility to compare and in their mind Ukrainian brides have no equals in the world.

Moreover, the percentage of female older than 20 years in the country is almost twice as large as the number of men of the same age. I can name several reasons for that. A great number of young men choose a career of mariners and live out of the country most of the time. The same happens with those who decide on IT companies. It is no wonder that experienced specialists have good chances to relocate to the country where the head office is situated. Therefore, there is a simple lack of potential partners for family life in the country.

So what is so special about Ukrainian women? I suggest having a quick look at a list of qualities of Ukrainian ladies that amuse the foreigners and remain ignored by the local men:

  1. A wish to become a wife

    Most Ukrainian ladies dream since the childhood to get married and build a tight-knit family, to create a comfort in their house and to raise wonderful kids. That is why “mothers and daughters” is a favorite game for many Ukrainian girls. Personally I remember playing it with a great pleasure 🙂

  2. Appearance

    Ukrainian beauty is known all over the globe. As the foreigners claim, you will not find such a lot of beautiful ladies at any street of the world. The secret is not only in their sophisticated physical traits, but also in their wish to always look good and a flair for presenting themselves in the best way. This is also true about their choice of clothes.

If you want to know more about the origin of Ukrainian physical traits, you may find it in the following post:

  1. Housekeeping

    Ukrainian housewives may cook, keep the house neat and be economic in their family life. They plan their shopping lists carefully and know where to find cheaper and fresher food. The recipes and useful tips for housekeeping are handed down carefully in Ukrainian families.

  2. Mothering

    The fact that Ukrainian women treat their children with a lot of love is worth admiring. Tight-knit relations of mothers and their children became a topic of many national songs. Ukrainian mothers may be strict sometimes but they are never neglectful towards their children.

  3. Sensuality

    Ukrainian ladies are passionate and emotional. They show a wide palette of feelings: tenderness, endearment, care, jealousy, sensitiveness, mercy, ability to forgive. They are kindhearted and good listeners and may understand and accept.

  4. Keeping fit

    Ukrainian ladies are not keen on diets, but they like to keep fit and most of them used to do sports or dancing professionally in their school years. They walk a lot and prefer to lead an active lifestyle.

  5. Talent

    Ukrainian ladies love to sing and dance, they have a good sense of humor. Almost every lady in the country deals with some kind of creative hobby.

  6. Wisdom

    The ability to find the way out of the hard situations, to solve difficult tasks, to lead a husband to success – are not the only qualities that make the Ukrainian ladies so special. They are able to survive in the hard life conditions and stay proactive. They may quickly make decisions in stressful situations and remain calm.

  7. Diligence

    The main quality which many writers use to describe Ukrainian ladies is an ability to work hard. Together with an outer beauty it was a main quality of a good Ukrainian bride since the old times. The life has changed and household chores are not the same as before, but unbelievable enthusiasm for work remained in the genes of our ladies. Some of them work at several part-time jobs to provide for their children and remain loving and tender wives at the same time.

  8. Endurance

    Ukrainian ladies may tolerate a lot. They do not make hasty decisions and usually wait for a while before making any resolute steps either it is about o affect their relationship or their place of work.

  9. Erudition

    Reading classical literature and knowing several foreign languages is a must in Ukraine. Besides, most of the citizens speak two mother languages since the childhood. Many ladies also play musical instruments as it is a standard for an average Ukrainian family.

  10. Stamina

    Going to work, doing the cleaning, ironing and cooking, helping kids with their housework, drawing a painting for their arts classes, keeping herself fit and petting her husband – are not the only usual daily activities an average Ukrainian wife usually performs. You may easily think that there is more than 24 hours a day that she possesses. More about the usual working day of a Ukrainian lady you may learn following this link:

  11. Attitude to the parents and religion

    In Ukrainian culture an important Christian tradition to love, esteem and respect the parents. The same is true about the old people. And this tradition is kept for many centuries, together with preserving the traditions of the ancestors.

Of course, I’ve mentioned only some of important qualities of Ukrainian ladies. You may personally communicate with them using our site, get to know them better and make sure. I’m crtain that you will be able to continue this list.

I would love to get to know your ideas in commentaries to the post!


Bukovel: Resort with European service and Ukrainian Charm

February 1, 2017 by

The winter season has already reached its peak but you haven’t got time for rest. You are planning to visit your beloved Ukraine lady but have no idea about any resort in Ukraine. You want to discover new exciting kind of sport for yourself but don’t know where to begin. If one of these thoughts came into you mind, you definitely should read this post till the end.

Reasons to go

Ukraine is a unique land combining hot summers in its east-southern part and mild winters in its western regions. Such climate conditions provide a perfect background for a pleasant summer rest by the sea. But it also suggests an exciting experience for winter sports lovers.

You would probably ask me why you should go to Ukraine if you have an opportunity to visit any other European resort and get the same service there. The reason is simple: if you want to spend time together with your beloved Ukrainian woman or to get acquainted with a lady you like and provide her with unforgettable memories about your vacation together – there is no need to search for some remote place.

If your Ukraine lady has never had a visa or you have no time to apply for it because of your short stay, we suggest you to choose the Ukrainian ski resort of Bukovel. It perfectly combines European service with Ukrainian hospitality and comfort.

Something you may see at this resort…

The nature of Ukraine is captivating and diverse. Just imagine mountain peaks shining in the rising sun, clear streams running down the valleys covered with white blanket of snow, huge fir-trees called “smereka” with long branches trailing to the ground with their tops reaching the sky, crystal lakes hiding under the glass of ice. If you are lucky and patient enough you may meet squirrels, hares or foxes that are so many in forests not far from your hotel. If the picture is already bright in your mind, I will lead you further.

You may decide of where to live as the conditions of living differ and you may freely choose whatever you like from a various dwelling that is provided: modern hotel or a solitary cottage decorated in a unique national style. Most of the hotels have a skiing area in a nearby territory. Those hotels which don’t have it organize a daily transfer to a local village close to the mountain. The skiing equipment is modern and comfortable for use and you may rent it right on the resort rent offices for reasonable prices.

… and also taste!

Should I mention the national cuisine that has already been so highly praised by many tourists visiting Ukraine? Borsch, haluschky, dumplings with a dozen of various fillings, pan-cakes, stuffed pies, lard, roasted meet and local beverages including spicy wine are made by special recipes and possess a unique charm of western national cuisine.

Our Ukraine Bride tour managers are always glad to answer all your questions. They will help you to arrange everything according to your preferences for a perfect trip. Be sure that the beautiful nature of our country together with a fresh mountain air will create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and will gift you many happy hours spent together with your beloved lady.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and you will definitely get warm memories about your visit to Ukraine!

Our contact details:


Phone: +380667678917

Skype: ukrainebridesagency

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Ukraine holidays You May Not Have Heard Of…

January 21, 2017 by

Bright and various Ukrainian folk traditions and Ukraine holidays reach their roots into ancient times. New Year and Christmas holidays in Ukraine are not the only ones that are celebrated in January. The season of a year free from fieldworks, harvesting and many household chores is rich in different celebrations aiming to cheer the folk up during the cold winter days and unite families around the festive table.

One of the Christian holidays unknown to the wide public is Melanky Day, celebrated usually on January, 13th and 14th. Not all the Ukrainians even know about this holiday due to a period in Ukrainian history when for more than 70 years people were banned from keeping the traditions and Christianity as well. The borders between features of different nations became blurred; therefore modern Ukrainian nation cannot revise its own traditions. It is especially true about the big cities, as villages of central and western part of the country (like regions Halychyna and Bukovyna) still honor the past. Yet the growth of interest to ancient rites raises the importance of keeping folk traditions nowadays at least as a matter of entertainment.

Background of Ukraine holidays

Malanka (Melanka, Melanky, Malania) or “Melania’s Day” commemorates the name day of a Christian saint Melania the Younger which is celebrated on January, 13. It partly coincides with the day of another saint – Vasyl the Great whose name day usually falls on January, 14. That is why the day is traditionally called The Fiest of Melania and Vasyl. Vasyl the Great was a patron of shepherds and the dinner should be rich on this day. That is why the fest is often called Schedry Vechyr (Eng. – The Generous Evening). Many natives are not familiar with this or many other Ukraine holidays.

On festive night according to tradition carolers went from house to house singing and wishing luck, they played pranks or acted out a small sketch (similar to nativity scene) together with a man dressed in women’s clothing holding a star and leading the crowd. They visited their relatives, neighbors and friends and greeted them on the day.

Folk traditions

Modern celebrations united pre-Christian and Christian rites. Usual holiday traditions include cooking special dishes as well as dressing into animals and folk-heroes Malanka and Vasyl, and some other secondary heroes. On this day a young man dresses like a lady Malanka and goes through the village accompanied by the young masked as beasts (often goats and bears) and some fairy-tale heroes. Sometimes there can be even many men dressed in women clothes which make the parade funnier. They sing festive carols and get treats (candies, sweet bread, fruits and money) for their talent. In the old times dressing represented some important magical-religious functions, but later this ritual turned into a joyous masquerade. Curious people in funny masks often follow the procession to have fun watching the reaction of the young citizens seeing this event and singing songs together with them. To add a waggish fact about this event it is worth to mention that the men disguised as lady Malanka may kiss any people (men and women) passing by and that should not be considered offensive. This is surely an interesting one of the many interesting Ukraine holidays.

Festive dishes

Traditional dishes of the day include krovianka (also called Malanka) – a sausage made of porridge with pig lard and baked festive bread representing main heroes of the day. Housewives used to prepare many treats like pen-cakes, dumplings, patties and cakes with curd, sweets and honey-cakes to welcome the guests coming to sing corals in the evening. As well as on Christmas Eve it is traditional to prepare kutia on Melanky Day. Schedra (generous) kutia is made with addition of butter, cream or milk.

Fortune telling 

Fortune telling is one of the most important magic rituals on Melanky Day. It helps the girls not only to get to know their fortune, but also to entertain themselves during the cold winter evenings.

The pre-Christian slavs divined during all the holidays. After the baptism of Rus fortune telling and especially turning to pagan gods became a sin, as Christianity teaches us that there is only one God. Nowadays the Church calls on the Christians not to turn to dark forces, not to deal with them and not to divine. At first divination was kept in secret, as when it was discovered the guilty person could be killed with a stab or loose the head and the remains of the body could be burned.

An interesting fact is that those who dared to divine made it privately and removed the crucifix as a sign that they are not with God at this moment, men also untightened all the knots on their clothes, boots and belts, women loosened the braids.


A vast number of different divinations reached our times. Some were connected with guessing the physical appearance of a future husband, another ones with a date of a wedding or place where the chosen one lives, some told about the future conditions of life in a marriage. We will revise the most unusual of them.

  1. A girl runs out onto the street and asks the first man she meets about his name – that is supposed to be her future husband’s name. The appearance of the stranger also matters: some features of a person (like physical traits) are significant for a lady’s fortune.
  2. Another variation of this rite is to find out the character of a man by a first animal a girl meets when walking onto a street (a dog foretells a vicious husband; a sheep symbolizes a soft and gentle temper, while a cat represents a sweet but sly personality).
  3. Hutsul girls used to feed a cat with dumplings: that girl, whose dumpling the cat eats first, will get married earlier.
  4. Three small piles of grain poured near the gates in the evening represent the view of a future married life: if they are ruined in the morning, life will be stormy; if they remain the same, life will be calm and peaceful.
  5. Another divination implied going out to the yard in the night blindfolded and marking the ninth pole in a fence with a ribbon. In the morning the shape of the pole showed the life path – straight and smooth or rough and curly.

Some rites were performed with the help of special attributes put under a pillow before going to sleep and usual saying was “Come into my sleep my intended groom (bride) and show yourself”. The person whom a fortune-teller saw in a dream was about to be the future spouse.

Of course, such kind of a fortune telling (as well as any other) may not be taken serious and ladies do it nowadays more for fun than anything else.

Melanky Fest

Melanky fest in Chernovtsy founded in 2011 is a unique holiday uniting Ukrainian, Bessarabian, Hutsul, Moldavian, Romanian traditions in a bright, memorable and joyous celebration gladly welcoming all the interested tourists to take part in various theatrical actions and competitions. They include some up-to-date events called Peryberia. The annual carnival with many costumed groups showing their acting skills and fabulous characters moves the streets of the city. Participants try to impress the public showing ridiculous, colorful, frightening sometimes shocking personages from ancient and modern history, politics and arts. Melanky fest in Chernovtsy attracts Ukrainian tourists as well as foreigners. It brings joy, solemnity and patriotism to the viewers and helps the folk to keep unique traditions started by the ancestors. One of the many interesting Ukraine holidays.

Greet a Ukrainian lady

Knowing the traditional Ukraine holidays and the holidays of your lady’s country will hint you additional topics for a pleasant conversation and will show her that you care. The old folk traditions are kept only in some part of Ukrainian families. However the whole Ukraine celebrates the fest of an Old New Year on January, 14. So, for sure, you won’t make a mistake if you greet a Ukrainian lady on this day. Continue reading »

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Ukrainian Physical Traits: How Do Ukrainian Women Differ From Russian Women?

December 16, 2016 by
Ukrainian Women Ukrainian physical traits

Russians and Ukrainians have long been thought to be the same. It could well be as Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union just like Russia. Plus, there are Russians that live in Ukraine. Likewise, there are also Ukrainians in Russia. So, it’s possible that women who are Russian and Ukrainian share the same attitudes as they both grew up in Ukraine. However, there are some Ukrainian physical traits that you can look for to know if they’re Ukrainian. Beyond the Ukrainian physical traits, we’ll also let you know the physical intimacy that Ukrainians are more comfortable with.

Ukrainian physical traits in comparison to Russian women

It’s very difficult to differentiate Ukrainian physical traits to Russians as there has already been a mixture of their genes. As mentioned above, since the USSR or Soviet Russia, Ukraine and Russia has been working together. Therefore, it isn’t far off that they have already mixed in both genetics and culture. However, according to many, Ukrainians may come with darker skin color. This is due to the fact that they are more from the south. They would probably have a mixture of Crimean Tartar, Mongol, Turkic, Khazar, Slavic, Varangian, Circassian, Scythian, Greek, and other minor stuff. Russians, on the other hand, may have a huge mix of people like the Finno-Ugric, Crimean Tartar, Yakut, Nennets, Slavic, Scythian, Chukchi, Georgian, Armenian, etc. As you can tell, these bloodlines can keep going forever as there are at least over 160 different ethnic groups in the vicinity of Russia and Ukraine. Although it’s very difficult to generalize the Ukrainian physical traits, both Russian and Ukrainian women have predominantly Slavic.
If we’ll be looking at the DNA of the Slavic population, they would also share genetics with the northern Indians. This is due to the fact that some Russian or Ukrainian words are similar to Sanskrit.

According to DNA, Slavic peoples share genetics with northern Indians. There are many words in Sanskrit similar to Russian words. Some people say that the Indo-Aryan or Indo-Iranian migrated over to Eastern Europe. However, it really doesn’t matter as according to evolution and the migration of humans it doesn’t really matter as everyone migrated from the same place.

Furthermore, according to KyivPost, the difference between Russians and Ukrainians is indistinguishable even by those people themselves. Ukrainians are considered to have a little darker hair color than Russians (as they live further South) but it highly varies from person to person. But, if you take a random Russian and another Ukrainian woman, you’d know how impossible it is to say who’s who unless you have information of their surnames and birthplaces. Some would argue that Ukrainians tend to be taller and have darker hair on average, as said earlier. Plus, we’ve also mentioned that knowing their surnames would be a big identifier as most Ukrainian women have last names that end with “ko.”

Beyond all this though, the Russian women usually have different looks. This is dependent on what part of Russia they’re from since the Eastern Russians are taller compared to the Western Russians because of the neighboring countries.

Physical characteristics

According to Ukrainian woman native Nadine, she says that there are great differences between Russians and Ukrainians beyond culture. She focuses on the Ukrainian physical traits. She says that “Americans wouldn’t understand this, because there are few public history books about Ukrainians, and most of it is all wrong anyways.” She even says to “ask a Real Ukrainian, and they will tell you how Ukraine was the larger population, not Russia.” Furthermore, she also says that “a pure blood Ukrainian should have an underlining olive complexion because they were originally gypsies over a hundred years ago.” She says that gypsies were a mix of Italians and Russians. “Many people in Ukraine call themselves Ukrainians because their families have lived there for a long time,” she adds. But, it’s arguable as her grandfather, who is a “pure blood Ukrainian,” says most of the Ukrainians fled when the Tsar took over.

On the other hand, Mike argues that “Ukrainians did not come from gypsies or Italians at all! The Romans and Greeks left records of their dealings with the Slavs of the Ukraine, where the Slavic race originated according to Greek and Roman scholars. Modern day genetics has confirmed what the Greeks and Romans have written. The Balkans speak Slavic because of multiple invasions from modern day Ukraine. The yellow skin of Ukrainians comes from the Greeks who colonized all shores around the Black Sea and were absorbed by the Slavs over time.”

By the information given, it’s really difficult to tell exactly where the Ukrainians’ genetic lineage stems from as there are a lot of invasions that happened in the past. Hence, the mixing of genes isn’t too far off.

Physical intimacy: Ukrainian women vs Russian women

Since it’s very difficult to distinguish both Russians and Ukrainians from each other, maybe a woman’s physical intimacy may help you.

According to an article on Happier Abroad, Ukrainians are generally more independent and free-spirited. However, this would mean that they are less patient compared to Russian women. Traditionally, Ukrainian women are also self-centered while being self-reliant as well. This is due to the decades old tradition that women are usually the more responsible one for budgeting as well as decision-making for the household. This makes Ukrainian women, in general, more practical than Russian women. This is due to Russian women being know more as dreamers than being practical. Plus, it says that “Ukrainian wife will have a mind of her own and will find her own way to do things even if she verbally agrees with your opinion.”

Krystyna of Ukrainian Dating Blog says that intimacy with Ukrainian women will be a slow process. Genuine women from Ukraine will take romance and love making very seriously. Ukrainian women, apparently, want the feeling of being a person rather than a sexual object. So, intimacy, like a kiss on the lips, may take several dates. Krystyna mentions that it doesn’t matter if there is a language barrier between the two of you. The only thing that matters is if a Ukrainian woman likes you, you won’t have to wait. She’ll readily show you by reaching her hand out to hold your arm.

Russians, on the other hand, believe that sexual intercourse is very important. According to a forum of men who have dated Russian women, they say that Russians love to have more sexual intercourse in general because of health reasons.

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5 Things to Change to Attract Love This Year

December 13, 2016 by

The new year season is a time for people to write down such a controversial list called “The New Year’s Resolution.” This list is a number of things people would like to change about themselves. It has been a tradition in all corners of the world, simply because a lot of people believe in the notion that a new year is a new start for everybody.

While having the vision to change for the better is important, it is also of equal concern to have the courage to take these plans into action. If it had been years and you still doesn’t have a lovelife which you can show off to the world, then 2017 may be the best time for your love to bloom.

Below are five things you should consider changing in order for you to attract real love this year!

1. Love yourself more

The only way for you to love is to know how to love yourself first. It is true that what one does not have, one cannot give. If you are not sure of how to love yourself in the first place, chances are, you also won’t be able to love another person.

Knowing how to take care of yourself first too, would help you take care of your partner. It also doesn’t make you much vulnerable to pain as you know exactly how to deal with your own attitude and personality. Loving yourself more means having the capacity of loving another person even better, because you know what it feels like to love, that it overflows and you’re ready to have it shared with other people, too.

2. The Past Should Guide Your Future

Think about what you’ve done in the past 365 and a half days of your lives. Were you open to love or have you kept shutting people who tried to show you what it feels like to be loved out of your life? These past mistakes will only guide you to a better future and the only way you could accept the bitter truth about the past is to acknowledge it by believing that you are not defined by the wrong things you did, instead, you are defined by who you are now and what you are to be in  the future.

The past can hurt sometimes, but remember that pain only makes you stronger. Welcome the new year with an open heart to forgive yourself from all the wrong things you’ve done and embrace the will to change into a better version of the person you were yesterday.

3. Try Something Different Each Day

Being able to try new things everyday, no matter how small or big it is, can change the way you look at life and love. Love is scary and people may have told you that falling in love will hurt you more than you could imagine. If love is something new to you, then you should be able to start trying out new things each passing day in order for you to be confident about love. Simply trying a different route to work, or a different way to go home, would eventually perk you up and allow you to learn new things without having to do life risking activities.

Shy away from fear and believe in what you are capable of doing as a person. You should be able to believe that you are capable of loving another person. You should be able to believe that you are capable of trying out new things because you are a strong person, and a strong person would do whatever it takes to see the full potentials he possess.

Be brave. Do not be afraid to try and get hurt, to try and succeed, to try and believe.

4. Always Feel Good About Yourself.

You may have those “I don’t feel good about myself” moments very frequently in the past year that went by, and this year is the best time to change that mindset. One of the best ways to attract love your way is by being confident in your own skin, and being proud of who you are as a person.

The new year should be your motivation to be a new person, a new person who thinks highly of who she is and what she does. It doesn’t matter what your age or race is. It doesn’t matter what you do, the only person who will boost yourself the best is just you. To attract love, you should always acknowledge the good things you have as a person, because these are the strengths that you could share with your potential partner in the future.

5. Stop the waiting, play the chasing.

A lot of people believe that good things come to those who wait, but love is a different thing. While a lot of people would also agree that love should not be chased and should be waited upon, there would be no harm in trying to chase love. If you keep sitting there, waiting as patiently as you could for love to come your way, you might already be missing the ride.

Don’t just wait there for love, it sure will come your way, but if you won’t make the first move towards someone or something you like, then what are the odds that these will be yours in the future? What are the odds that the person you want most would come up to you and tell you that he or she likes you first? True love waits, yes. But it is also true that true love won’t easily come to you, you sometimes have to chase it yourself.

Love is a beautiful thing, and in fact, it is one of the most beautiful things on earth. If the last year wasn’t your lucky year when it comes to loving and being loved in return, then the new year is a new start! Do not be afraid to keep trying. Do not be afraid to change for the better.

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25% Discount on Special Christmas Gift Range

December 8, 2016 by

Christmas is fast approaching and this is always a busy time as members send their special lady a gift to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

To help celebrate this special occasion we are offering 25% discount on our range of Christmas gifts.

The selected Christmas gift range can be found at this link

We hope that you take advantage of this offer and order early to ensure that the gift is delivered to your lady before the special day. As always, we will send you photos of your lady looking delighted as she receives her gift from you.

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3 Nights Free Accommodation – The Winner

December 8, 2016 by

Our November special offer was the chance to win 3 nights free accommodation in any city in Ukraine. Between November 24 and November 30, every 10 credits purchased gave you a chance to win.

The draw was made on December 6 and we are delighted to announce that the winner was Nono (username) from Limousin, in France. Our congratulations go to him and we will be in contact to discuss when he would like to take advantage of this wonderful prize.

Thank you to everyone who bought credits and entered the draw. Look out for more special offers coming your way.

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A Day In A Life Of A Ukrainian Woman (Single Life)

December 1, 2016 by
Single Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women, for some men, can be a mystery. It could be due to their different culture altogether, but it could also be through the language barrier. Most of the time, it’s just the difference in how they were brought up. Generally, Ukrainian women are raised to care for the home while still standing up for herself. Furthermore, most women almost never ask men for gifts or money. They usually almost always had a way to make up the money themselves through extra work etc., unless they were raised differently by their parents.

Ukraine Map

The usual reason why Ukrainian women even look for foreign men is because they see Ukrainian men as lazy and cannot commit to a family. This is why there are some Ukrainian women who have full custody of their children. Plus, while taking care of their children, they’ll also be working a full time job together with some side jobs. You’ll get to see a little bit of how both single Ukrainian women lead their daily lives. And, you’ll also get to imagine how single Ukrainian women living with children without a husband lead their lives.

A day in a life of a Ukrainian woman (single)

Depending on the age of the Ukrainian woman, she could already be working. Ukrainians usually start working at the age of 16. If they want to get a better job, they usually go through college, university or even vocational courses. So, generally women in Ukraine start working by the time their aged 20 to 25. Since Ukrainian families are usually close to each other, some women don’t leave their houses until they get married. Unless of course, they move out of town.


A typical day of a working Ukrainian woman usually starts at 6:30 a.m. After waking up, the bed is made right away before going to the kitchen to eat some breakfast. Similar to some American households, Ukrainian women could whip up some scrambled eggs, toast, boiled sausage or pancakes. However, sometimes, a simple bowl of oatmeal with milk and sugar will do. Then, wash the dishes.

Ukrainian Women Breakfast

After breakfast, women often need enough time to get ready and pick out their outfit. This us unless they’re working in a place that has a uniform. However, this isn’t usually the case as the Ukrainian women love to dress up. Most women do not live near the place they work. So, they take the public transportation. Most of the time the women have to wait in line as public transportations are often crowded. The transportation is usually crowded between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., which is considered the morning rush in Kiev.

Public Transportation

Depending on the type of work a woman does, they would usually have to be in at work by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. It’s part of Ukraine’s law that women, or anyone for that matter, who are 18 and below cannot work more than 36 hours a week. This also includes women who are working while pregnant or with a disability. Plus, no one is allowed to work during the weekends as most men and women spend time with their immediate and extended family.

A typical workday can part similar to an American workday where they can choose to work two part times jobs or one full time job. Most women in Ukraine work a full time job and work extras at night or during the weekend to earn more. This is due to the fact that Ukrainians usually make an average of $200 to $429 a month. In Kiev though, it’s reported that people usually earn an average of $314 a month. This isn’t usually enough to keep a household afloat. It’s the reason why most men and women (but mostly women) have part time jobs. A lot more women have part time jobs because they like to spend money. Since this is the case, they would really try and earn the money to spend on the things they want.

Aerial Traffic View

Depending on what time they started work, the workday is usually done at 5:00 p.m. to around 7:00 p.m. After a full day of work, a typical Ukrainian woman enjoys a lot of things. They always take time off the day to have some leisure time as well. Similar to America, most women go to shopping malls, night clubs, gyms, movies and even to theaters. However, this can’t really be said the same for small towns. Where these places can lack activities for pastime. Some women still take the time to read books, spend time with their family after work, watch TV, use social media, shop, or work out at the gym. Although each person have their own preferences, there are still Ukrainian women who really opt to do these things.

As you can maybe tell, most Ukrainians don’t really go out to restaurants. Most of them prefer home cooked meals compared to food made in restaurants. Unless, of course, there’s something to celebrate, but even then, those are usually done at home. Most women, if they live by themselves, cook for themselves and clean up after themselves as they always like tidy homes. It’s what they’re brought up in and it’s instilled in many Ukrainian women to always keep a home clean and tidy. Some women also have their own ritual like combing their hair or fixing what they’ll wear for the next day. If they don’t, after the day’s all done, the women usually go to rest at about 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. However, if they’ve joined a dating site, they might sleep a little bit later due to the time zone difference (especially if they’re already chatting with someone in another country.)

Single Ukrainian women with children

Similar to single Ukrainian women, single moms also lead a similar day to working women. The only difference between the two is that they have children. Furthermore, since Ukrainian women really take care of their household, they also make pack lunch for both the kids and themselves. Usually, single moms, much like the US, have a difficult time raising their children with a full time job as well as several part time jobs. Most single moms have split with their husbands due to their somewhat lazy nature.

Single Ukrainian women with children

Furthermore, some Ukrainian men don’t take care of their family as well as Westerners do. In essence, most single moms let their children sleep between 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. This ensures that the mom will have enough time to clean up after everything in the house as well as tuck the children in bed. The part usually is that they get some time for themselves as well to do some leisure things like read a book or watch some TV.

Now that you know how women you’d meet would operate about their day, you’ll get to learn and understand that every day for a Ukrainian woman is important. Plus, with the time difference, she really sacrifices, just as you would, time to be able to connect with you.

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Online Dating: Reasons Why You Should Commit To One Site

November 29, 2016 by
Online Dating Site

Committing to one online dating site may seem like a regress if you want to open up your dating pool. However, there are numerous and almost endless reasons why you should only commit to one dating site.

With the rise of online dating websites, it’s easy to find numerous sites that’ll help you get more matches. If you aren’t all too familiar with online dating, it’s finding a romantic or sexual partner on the internet. It’s usually done through the use of websites. So, again, there are a lot of sites to choose from. Since there are a lot of sites, you can also sign up to all of them. And what most people do is actually sign up to one at first. But, they easily give up when don’t find anyone within a week or so and sign up for another site or maybe two or three sites at once.

Why do most men do this? Well, in all honesty, it’s a semi smart move but not quite. They sign up to several online dating sites, so that they can just copy and paste what they wrote on one site. This is considered lazy really.

So, now, we’re letting you know that you should focus on only one website. Why? Because a dating site is like a relationship. You’re not going to find the right one if you’re just going to keep moving or jumping from one to another.

We’ll be discussing the four top reasons on why you should only commit to one site. Try as we may, it may or may not provide you information on why it’s important to commit yourself to only one dating site. In our view though, committing to one site is like committing to a relationship. In essence, you’ve got to treat the dating site you’re signed up to as a relationship. Why? Because it also helps you commit in real life. Plus, you won’t look so desperate (which is really something you don’t want to be seen as with Ukrainian women.)

These tips and reasons will sound like dating tips, but they also apply in why you would need to only commit to one online dating website at a time.

#1 You need time to get along

Much like in a relationship, you’re not going to replace someone after only knowing them for a week. It sounds ridiculous right? You’re going to stop seeing or talking to someone completely after a week because you couldn’t find the “right aspects you like in that one week.” Just like in a relationship, you’re going to have to take time to see what the website offers. Just because you saw five, ten, or maybe even fifty women and sent them messages. It doesn’t mean that they’re all the women that are in that site (unless of course, it’s a fake site!). There are usually thousands of active members in an online dating website. And, you can’t possibly have gone through every single one of those profiles. So, as we say, you just need time to get a hang of the site before you can even decide that you should move onto the next. If you use multiple sites at the same time, you’re going to get confused. Plus, you’ll miss the opportunity to see how well inclined you are to a site since you’re in a sense “distracted.”

#2 You need to spend time

You’ve really got to spend time on a site to even be sure that it’s not worth your time. Yes, it’s true that if it ends up that you’ve wasted your time on it, it’ll make you feel bad. But, honestly, you’re going to meet some great women that you’re going to befriend from just one site. If you don’t, that’s fine, you can move on to another site. But, as we’ve said earlier, you’ve got to spend more than a week or a month on just one site. You’ve got to put some time aside to really take things seriously, much like one would in a committed relationship. Put a little bit more effort, but don’t worry too much. Besides, you’ll know after a couples of months whether it’s the right site or not. Since you’ve given yourself some time to get used to everything, it’s easier to know if you need to move on.

#3 You might need Tinder

As we’ve already said, you’ll need both time and energy to get to know a site. However, if you’re more on the simplicity of things and don’t really want to be in a relationship, maybe you should just try out Tinder. Tinder isn’t considered a dating app anymore. Yes there are people who are lucky to be able to find their partner there, but that’s one in a million as most people expect sexual intercourse. Mostly one-offs. This is a sad reality, which is why there are more serious sites put up to make sure that you find love and not one-offs. If you can’t commit to one serious site to look for serious love, then maybe you should consider Tinder. The ever fleeting faces of people you forgot you swiped right. In dating websites, you’ll see their faces over and over again. Although it’s all really a mystery until you get to video chat, at least conversations lead to respect and trust.

#4 You need to put in effort

This may actually be the most important part of online dating. You’ve got to put effort into messaging ladies. But, before even messaging the ladies, you’ve got to sign up and complete your online dating profile. After doing all that and possibly paying for a membership, you also have to know what to say in the messages you’ll be sending to women. It really takes a lot of effort to even get a Ukrainian girl to reply to you because you don’t know how to go about it. That’s why a little effort can go a long way in online dating. It shows that there are still men like you out there that are willing to pursue and persevere.

On top of all this, it also shows that when you’re only using one dating site, you’re more committed. Or, sometimes, you’ll be seen as someone who’s confident in what you’ll find in one place. This is especially the case if your username or nickname isn’t seen anywhere else on the web! One of the most important things in putting effort is getting your mindset right.

At the end of the day though, you don’t have to listen to anyone but yourself. However, it’s really important that you use or explore every possible aspect of a website. This is why you should only commit to one. Plus, if you’re worried about the cost of memberships, it’s best to stick to just one site. That is until you know you’re really ready to move on.

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Meeting Your Ukraine Girl And Your Future In-Laws: How To Conduct Yourself During The Dinner

November 28, 2016 by
Ukrainian Family

Meeting your Ukrainian bride’s family is practically an exercise of your stomach: Slavic cultures are all about food, and they’re pretty “notorious” for “force-feeding” visitors and guests, including potential in-laws. And so, if there’s anything you must brace for when you go meet your Ukraine girl’s family, it would be the fact that you just might get “force fed.”

The “force feeding” shouldn’t be a problem: If you’re like most people who love food as a rule, then you should be able to enjoy the activity of meeting your Ukraine girl’s family. Who wouldn’t love being able to sample cuisine from a country listed as one of “The Top 20 Best Countries In The World For Food”?

So here’s how to brace for the “force feeding” that you’re about to face when you go met your Ukraine bride’s family:

  • Start being open to “strange” cuisine. Eat more Asian, European, Jewish, and Slavic cuisine before you head over to Ukraine. While Asian is vastly different, and European, Jewish, and Slavic food are close to Ukrainian food, just the act of changing what you usually eat will get you used to eating food from Ukraine. Ukrainian cuisine is savory, flavorful, and rich, so if you like Creole food and casserole dishes, you’ll survive.
  • Get familiar with Borscht. Borscht is common among Slavic countries, and it’s usually a staple in Ukrainian families’ menus. If you find the concept of a red-colored sour soup a little gross, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Borscht is a staple in Slavic and Jewish cuisine for a reason. Who knows, it may even grow on you.
  • If you love bacon you may like Salo. “Salo” is salted pork fat, and bacon is essentially close to the dish. Even if the concept sounds odd to some, if you think about “Salo” as just a Slavic version of bacon, you’ll most likely survive.
  • Learn to love dumplings and ravioli. Another Ukrainian staple is “Varenyky,” which is essentially ravioli or a type of dumpling dish with cabbage, cherry, cottage cheese, or potato fillings. If you already like Chinese dumplings or Ravioli, you’re all set!
  • Now learn to love all that in HUGE quantities. After you’ve trained yourself to like these dishes, now’s the time to love these foods in multiple servings. Since Ukrainian families are all about dumping huge portions on their guests, it’s time you learn how to consume bigger portions compared to what you’re used to.

Food that tastes really good will go down easy, so the “Olympic-style food contest-type binge” that you may start to feel on a Ukrainian family’s dinner table isn’t so bad it may sound. However, there’s really a point when you may feel full, though you may think it impolite to decline more portions heaped on your plate. Well, there’s a way to signal that you don’t want more portions, without being impolite.

Etiquette Tips When Having Dinner With Your Ukrainian Future In-Laws

  • Bring flowers, wine, or any other gifts or tokens. Bringing gifts to a dinner you’ve been invited to is expected, so make sure you have something prepared. If you choose to bring flowers, make sure that you bring an odd number, because Slavic cultures tend to be superstitious.
  • Wait for the host to signal when it’s time for dinner, and to let you know when you should leave the table. Wait for the host to invite you to sit at the dinner table. Also, it is considered very impolite to leave the dinner table before the host gives the go-signal, although the guest of honor (you) is usually given the chance to leave the dinner table first. So when your host suggests that you leave the table, accept the chance, and take the conversations where the host leads.
  • If you no longer want to be given second or third helpings, keep your plate half full. A good way to signal to your host that you aren’t interested in more helpings is to keep your plate half-full. This way, they won’t automatically refill your plate.

Ukrainians have a whole set of customs and etiquette practices that may seem strange to you, so in order to avoid social faux pas, here are some helpful articles:

While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to live and conduct oneself, Ukraine is still a very traditional country. Thus, it would help you make a great impression on your Ukrainian future in-laws if you respected, and even followed how they do things in their country.

So just be familiar with the local etiquette, enlist your Ukraine girl’s help in perfectly executing “kosher” behavior around Ukrainians, as well as reading her family’s nonverbal cues, and have fun! The most important thing is that you have fun. Enjoy meeting your future Ukrainian family!