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Small Thank you message – Divyesh (London) and Olena

April 20, 2017 by

Morning Keith

Just wanted to thank you and your wonderful colleagues at Ukraine Brides Agency. I know positive comments go a long way. So let me start with my story, I’ll try to keep it short as I can,

Back in November 2015 I met a lady on your site, little did I know then that she would become my wife. We spoke to each other over a period of time and while I was not convinced she was the right lady for me we still kept the communication going. In March 2016 we had our first meeting in Kiev what a wonderful time we had and not forgetting the translator you provided she was amazing and made sure everything went well, funny how she mentioned that for years she’s has translated but never had seen a marriage. Well we proved her wrong hehe.

I flew in and out of Ukraine every month in 2016 even if it was for just the weekend but wanted to make sure that both of us saw each other as often as we could. This kept us close and yes internet dating is hard and different compared to the so called normal way of dating. But in no way did we fall in love on the first date and to be honest it took me 4 months to even have feeling for her and now talking with her even with her it took time. My point on this is it takes time and effort to make things work and this is where I feel that it does not work for everyone. I think everyone agrees that Ukrainian women are very beautiful (that’s why there are the third most beautiful women on the plant) but it was not all happy and exciting only because I come from a different culture to my wife and to adjust is hard but you have to communicate and that’s the key.

Anyway back to my story, In October 2016 we both decided it was right that we got married, oh yeah she proposed to me and wow I was in shock but what a wonderful thing it was, well if she didn’t propose I would have done it anyway. We set the date for December 24th yes just before Christmas day, I’m a romantic so seemed right. We had a small register wedding as both of us didn’t want a large wedding.

March 10th 2017 my wife was in London with me. I make it sound so easy but no way was it, but I wanted to share with you that if all the paperwork is in order then it’s not difficult at all to get your wife into London. Reading on the internet how people say is almost impossible to get into London or any western county is so false. We used a great visa company that done all the work for us, well for me I just had to send some paperwork to them and their looked after everything else. The key is to follow the process that is required by the country you decide to go and live in.

So now it’s April 2017 and me and Olena have already done so much in the UK, we are looking forward to what life throws at us and enjoying every minute we spend together.  Life is so wonderful when you share it with the one person you trust and love.

Keep up the good work




January 2, 2017 by

Svetlana and Steve have been building their relationships brick by brick – at first with help of letters and chats at the, then during correspondence via private mails. They were very accurate, getting closer word by word. Sveta and Steve realized they had enough of life experience behind them, failed hopes and expectations from previous marriages, certain emotional baggage. But what is more important, they both have children whose interests should be into account, so they were very cautious not to make the wrong step.
Svetlana’s natural optimism and Steve’s born sincerity and openness showed the couple the right way to their happiness. Language barrier was the first they managed to overcome. Svetlana had been attending English evening courses in Kiev and made real success. No any interpreter’s assistance were required during the first meeting of the couple. They practiced a lot during their skype and telephone conversations, so the first meeting in Kiev went really great.
“The best way to know the person closer is to travel together” – Sveta and Steve proved this quote with their travels inside Ukraine, Sveta was sort of tour guide for Steve, and even more than just a guide. Steve, being perfect father for his own kids, managed to find the way to Svetlana’s son, they made great friends. Everything went in its natural way, even the bureaucracy procedures about visa documents were surprisingly smooth and quick. It did not take long for the couple to realize they wanted to get married, they felt it clearly that destiny had something in store for them. That very first moment they looked into the eyes of each other, that time they took to know each other closer – it made their love stronger.
We wish this amazing couple to have long and happy years together. We are proud of your love! You are our treasure!

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November 30, 2016 by

Amazing story with a good end or how two lonely and desperate souls found each other!

Julia was never a usual girl, she is a creative person who was fully involved in art to escape from real world. Dating in real life brought her only disappointments and sadness and only for our site she had some hope. At first she seemed skeptical, but one day, getting a letter from unusual military guy her eyes were sparkling!
She told that first times when she looked at him photos she thought: It’s he – the man with perfect sense of humor, who will truly love me and with whom I will be able to behave like a little child!

And her predictions came true! They were communicating every day for a few hours in text and video chats, now Julia admits that even when she had some emergent deals she refused from them and ran home to feel him, to be near him, to laugh at his jokes! It was incredible feeling!

Timothy and Julia were communicating for 3 months and then he came to her. They had extremely romantic first dates and Julia was afraid of such strong feelings, she closed in herself for a few days and didn’t know what to do, because she never had such serious relations earlier.

He went to another city, because he knew Ukraine well and because he tried to accept her decision, it was difficult, but he was brave. But true love cannot be stopped so easy, right?)

When he left her she understood that he is a sense of her being and that she cannot and doesn’t want to live without him, she gathered all her will and came to him. Since that day it is impossible to see them separately somewhere. And we truly hope that soon we will celebrate the wedding of this wonderful couple!




November 14, 2016 by

Hey Ukrainian bridal agency team!

I have been on your site for just over 3 years now and have had some tremendous fun and not to mention an amazing time with meeting different women. Fortunately for me and thanks to you I have found the one I can safely say I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Julia. I have spoken with her for a while now and we are going away on a romantic holiday. Won’t tell you where just yet as I think it should be a surprise. I am going to keep in contact with you every step of the way for advice and also keep you up to date. We have big plans and this message really is to say that I wanted to remove my profile. I just want to give Julia the respect she deserves and also be true to my word as a man. Thank you so so much for everything you have done for me. You have made me the happiest man alive and I can’t tell you the feeling it gives me knowing I’ve met my soul mate.

Thanks again

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We Have Done It Again – and Again

November 10, 2016 by

In January 2016, we were awarded the Best Product Design award at the iDate International Dating awards ceremony in Miami, Florida. We were delighted with achieving this award as it rewarded our efforts to be seen as a leader in the internet marriage industry.

We have just been nominated again as a finalist in the 2017 iDate awards – in 2 categories.

Our nominations are Best Marketing Campaign and Most Innovative Company.

We are proud to be recognised by the industry executive for the innovations that we have introduced this year and also our marketing campaigns which have successfully reached out to new and ever increasing markets.

We will be providing details about our nominations in the next few weeks. Voting has already commenced and if you feel that we are worthy of winning the awards you can vote for us at this link

It has been a wonderful year for us and our ever growing success stories and testimonials attest to that. Winning these awards would really cap a fantastic 2016 for the team at Ukraine Brides Agency.

iDate Award ribbon 2015

iDate Award ribbon 2015

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Michael, Texas, USA October 29 2016

October 29, 2016 by

To start with, I would like to say it has been many years since the first time I met a woman from Ukraine or Russia. I have always been impressed with the way they carry themselves and the way they have always been with other people they meet. Yes, I have friends that are married to women from Ukraine so I have people that can tell me first hand about being married to a woman from Ukraine, and it is everything I could want.

After talking with a few friends, I decided to give it a try and see if I could find the right woman for me online. Yes, I know I am not perfect, and I know there is no such thing as the perfect person. But I am looking for something very special, the woman that is perfect for me and will let me be perfect for her.

Being an introvert at times makes it very hard for me to open up and let someone new in. But I tried. No I am not looking with just my eyes either. To me who a woman is on the inside is very important to me.

So now without naming any of the other websites, I would like to tell you about some of the experiences I had.

The first place I tried was where one of my friends met his wife. It seemed like a good start, but within 2 weeks I wanted to cancel my profile and asked for a refund, which I did get. The woman I was communicating with was telling her friends where she lives how she met a man over here and was going to use him just to get a start in a new country. Unfortunately for her, one of her friends she was telling this to (and showed a picture of me) was the niece of my friends wife. So yes, it got back to me very fast, and I left that site.

So I tried other sites and found women that wanted to write to a man they have never met and act like tramps and prostitutes. I had women asking me very detailed sexual questions and sending naked pictures. This happened on two different websites! Not my type of women, glad I did not get past signing up for free before deleting my accounts there.

So onto other sites I went. And the next one seemed very promising. But that changed. The two women that really caught my interest I guess really do not understand the power of the internet. Both talking about never being married, no children, wanting a man that will treat them right. Well thanks to social media (and being an IT major) it was not hard at all to find out more about these two then what they were telling on that one website. One woman, I found pictures of her and her husband well she was 8-9 months pregnant! The other woman, well I never did find out if she as married or just living with the guy, but she had just had a baby also! So this eliminated another website from the list of possibilities.

Then one day I got an email about “Join our site and get 20 free credits”, so I took a look, figured what could it hurt. Well there was one woman that caught my attention right off. And the 20 free credits was enough to write two letters to her. But then when I decided maybe this will be the right place, when you try to purchase the minimum credit amount, it would not let you do it. But there customer service says you can send money Western Union to buy credits, but instead of the $20 minimum it had to be a minimum of $300!!!

Nothing says SCAM more then that. So my free account for that site was also deleted. In fact, they said if I deleted that account I could never sign up for their services again. Like I would really fall for that and want to stay somewhere that was a total scam?

So that leave one more website I looked at, and yes, I found many women on that site that caught my attention. But I never got past the point of just looking and reading profiles. You see I had trouble trying to figure out how to get credit and how much they actually charged for anything. And to me it looked like they wanted to have a credit card attached to the account where they could keep charging you every month. That did not sound like a good idea to me, but still there were some women here that I may be interested in. And being this is the one website to meet women from Ukraine that is advertised on TV here in the United States, you would think maybe it is legitimate. Now being an introvert I am also not a big fan of these little chat boxes that constantly pop up with women trying to get you to talk with them. To me it is to quick and not very personal, so I prefer to write letters. Usually I will just close the chat boxes when they pop up. But there was one I just could not help but notice. It was the one that made me feel the entire site may have been a scam, What did a woman write in a chat trying to get my attention? Well I will write it all here, and let you censor it any way you think needs to be censored. What she said was “you are an idiot! I get money for talking to such ASSHOLES as you haha!”

Well so much for using that website, even if she was the only one like that there, I can not trust a site that has even one woman that can get on there and say something like that.

Now not that I am in a rush or anything, but more that I feel that if I meet a woman online, and she may be the one for me, I do want to take my time. I want to make sure that not only do I think she is right for me, but that she feels and thinks I am right for her.

When I signed up at Ukraine Brides Agency, I actually forgot I signed up. I have several emails and I use each for something different. Well being I signed up and forgot, and not thinking about it did not check that one email account for some time, when I checked it I found I had many letters from women on this site. So I went and logged in and started to read all of the letters. Now there are a few things I look for when looking to see if a woman is right for me. There a certain things about the looks of a woman that either I like or do not like. Rule number one I have to absolutely love the eyes and hair. After that I look at what is said to me and how. And yes, I look at all the pictures on a profile, read everything in that profile, and watch any videos that may be posted.

And what I found was one woman out of this group that I was automatically drawn to. I loved her beautiful eyes and hair. Everything she wrote in her first letter to me really captured my imagination. What she wrote in her profile was just as nice, and the pictures, well WOW!!! But when I got to the videos she had posted, well her introductory video, when I heard her voice I just melted.

Yes, I wrote a letter to her and I even told her I was sorry for how long it was since she wrote before I responded.

Since then she is the only woman I have been communicating with. We are really getting to know each other. She knows I do not want to rush and understands why. And the best part is that even with a slight age difference and growing up in two totally different cultures, we have so much in common and both seem to have the same values as far as what a relationship should be.

And since joining the UBA site, I have not seen any of what I saw on other sites and have not had any type of bad feeling about the site or any of the other women that may have tried to get my attention. The best part is that there is a Facebook page, so when I have a question, concern or comment, I know I can go there and get an answer even faster then through the customer service for the UBA site. And I think that the site having some involvement with Svetlana Mukha is also a bonus. I have not used her services but I have been able to ask her questions on Facebook also, and she has been very helpful.

Right now, thanks to Ukraine Brides Agency, I have meet and am falling in love with a wonderful woman named Natalya. Everything about her makes me happy and I am hoping for a meeting in person soon.

And yes, because of the service and help that has been given to me on this site (and the Facebook page) when I get that chance to take a trip to Ukraine, I will let UBA help me in choices of hotels and restaurants. Maybe a little sight seeing also.

Keep up the good work.


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To Whom It May Concern

October 28, 2016 by

Yesterday we received an email from Ramiro entitled To Whom It May Concern. Ramiro was contacting us to tell us about the wonderful service that he receives from Alesya, one of our team.

Ramiro’s message says:

How many times do we go through life without our achievements being noticed. I am a faithful client and very pleased to tell others about your agency. Yes,i like everyone else have tried other agencies and have been disappointed. I want to make anyone aware about a person that i highly respect and consider my dear friend. This person works for you,her name is Alesya. Why am i doing this,for i was not asked. While all of your girls are good,Alesya to me is exceptional. We have talked about lady’s i have met and she has always been there to answer any questions. She has gone over an above,convincing me that all will be alright. I have come close to deleting certain lady’s profile,only to have Alesya prove me wrong. I am an American,i think and breathe American,it certainly helps to have a Ukrainian consultant that thinks Ukrainian and gives me her personal perspective on how she sees a situation. I came so close to ruining a relationship with a lady that i sincerely like and perhaps love and it was only because of Alesya that my relationship has improved beyond my beliefs. Alesya,does not know about this letter,she has not put me up to anything,in fact i know she would just say,she was just doing her job. We have shared jokes,cried,laughed and i have even sang to her a few times,for she is the only one to tolerate my lousy singing. I have no say so in this matter,but if anyone deserved a money raised at the agency,i would highly recommend Alesya. I thank you for your time and i look forward in continuing to use your services. I want to go to Ukraine and meet my lady Spasibo Ramiro

Ramiro is correct, Alesya would just say she is doing her job because Alesya is that type of person. However, Ramiro is also correct in that Alesya does go above and beyond for any member that contacts her.

This is so pleasing to receive this message from Ramiro because we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and we are available 24/7 for anyone who wants to contact us, to ask for advice and even to have a free personal consultation. We talk about this as a team – often. We provide a service where our members search for love and this requires empathy and understanding. What we provide does not come off a shelf.

The team have taken this on-board, even better than I could have hoped. Recently we have started a live feed via Facebook (each Friday at 11am Ukraine time!) where you can see the team answering questions and offering advice to a live audience. I did not ask for this – they decided it was needed!

Ramiro, thank you for taking the time to give your feedback.

Alesya – thank you for providing the service that makes a real difference.



We now offer FREE One On One Personal Consultations via skype to help you find your special lady. You can choose any time that suits you at this schedule link Book now – one of our marriage consultants will be delighted to talk with you

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