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Easter in Ukraine 2017

March 25, 2017 by

Easter is a very special time in Ukraine and is as meaningful to Ukraine people, if not more so, than to most other cultures, including Western culture. Easter festivities for 2017 will be celebrated from Friday April 14 through to Sunday April 16.

The importance of Easter in Ukraine and some of its history and festivities have been published in an article by our newest marriage consultant, AnnaZ, and posted to our blog just last week, which you can read here

I am sure that as you speak with your special lady over the coming weeks she will tell you what Easter means to her and her family. It really is something special and their services are very moving.

Ukraine literally stops to celebrate Easter so place your order a little early so that deliveries can be made on time. We will post photos and videos on our blog from the 2017 Easter celebrations and you will be able to appreciate how important this time is in Ukraine.

Please contact any of our team if we can help you at any time. We are here to support you 24/7.

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International Womens Day – March 8th

March 1, 2017 by

March 8th is International Womens Day and in many countries this is referred to as Womens Day. It is very important to the ladies in Ukraine.

It is similar to Mothers Day that most of us in the Western world are very familiar with except that on this day it is customary for men to give the women in their lives – friends, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, colleagues, etc. – flowers and small gifts.

It is celebrated annually as the UN International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace. Historically, it has emerged as a day of solidarity of women workers in the struggle for equal rights and emancipation.

Perhaps you may wish to send her a gift our range and really make her feel special.

We are pleased to be able to offer you this and hope that it helps in your blossoming relationship.

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10 Ukrainian Dating Success Tips

February 22, 2017 by

Last week I was speaking with our friend Krystyna Trushyna who is the well known blogger and Ukraine Dating expert from Ukrainian Dating Blog. I always enjoy speaking with Krystyna as she really understands the Ukraine Dating scene and gives great advice through her blog on all that is good and not so good, and this is based on many years experience.

Krystyna asked if I would write an article on How To Succeed in the Ukrainian Dating World and I was pleased to contribute based on our own experience and what we know works and will more likely lead to success when searching for that special Ukraine woman.

The article was part of a group of expert tips on the same subject and which Krystyna neatly packaged into a combined article. Several days later, Krystyna posted my article in full and I am delighted with how she has presented it and also fully believe that the advice given is honest and direct. It is also very simple to follow.

The advice that I have given is based on a formula that we have seen succeed so many times over the years, but which, sadly, is largely ignored by many who think that they know best. Many of the men who choose to ignore this type of advice have been searching for some time, using many sites and often blaming everything but themselves for failure.

I am not saying that these men are not good, decent men who are genuinely seeking love and happiness – they are. The women that they communicate with are also genuinely seeking love and happiness, but often, they will do something that spoils the blossoming relationship and they fail, again.

Please take a moment to visit Krystyna’s blog and read the article at this link

It may change your life for the better.

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The Ukraine Brides Agency REWARD$ Introduction Program

February 14, 2017 by

We are proud of our services and our ever-growing number of successful relationships and marriages. We regularly receive feedback from our members who state that they have never experienced the levels of trust and service that we offer. Often, they advise us that they have friends who they will refer to our site.

This is very pleasing to us as there are many men around the globe (hundreds of thousands) who have had bad experiences or have received bad feedback about Slavic dating sites and will not use them, nor try to find a wife from Ukraine. The losers from this scenario are the ladies that we are trying to help .

We would be delighted if men who use our services and who have been surprised and delighted by how we are different, will tell others. Sadly, they don’t, in fact most will not even allow us to write about their new marriage or success.

We want men who have used our services to tell others and encourage them to use us and thereby increase the chances of Ukraine ladies finding love and happiness. We believe that you should be rewarded if you invite friends or new members to the site and we have set up our REWARD$ Introduction program.

We have limited this to promotion through your personal social networks, word of mouth or advertising only, as it is your own personal recommendation based on your own experience. It is only available to men who are registered on the site or who have used our services.

This Program is very easy to join and you will be rewarded by being paid 10% commission directly to your Paypal account every month. This means that every time a member that you have referred to the site buys credits to use on the site you will earn commission.

If you would like to join the program you can see the details under your Settings tab or at this link

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Valentines Day

January 17, 2017 by

February 14 is Valentines Day and this is the day where it is traditional to show your love to your special lady. Valentines Day is huge throughout USA and the western world and also through Ukraine.

If you have a special lady that you are corresponding with through Ukraine Brides Agency and you would like to surprise her with a special gift delivered for this occasion, we have a special Valentines Day gift selection at discounted prices to help with your selection.

As always, you will receive photo’s of your delighted lady receiving her special gift

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Christmas in Ukraine

January 5, 2017 by

Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on January 7 and for many Ukrainians is an important family holiday.

When Ukraine was part of the former Soviet Union, Christmas Day was not a public holiday but Christmas traditions were not forgotten and after Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, Christmas Day was made a public holiday. Many Ukrainian Christmas traditions are based on pre-Christian Pagan customs.

Ukrainians use 2 calendars at the same time! Orthodox Church life is based on the Gregorian calendar and everyday life is based on the Julian calendar. So, while Christmas is still on December 25 in the Julian calendar, it appears on January 7 in the Gregorian calendar.

Send your Christmas congratulations and best wishes to your special lady now as she celebrates Ukraine Christmas with her family

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Seasons Greetings

December 18, 2016 by

The Ukraine Brides Agency Team would like to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year celebrations and for success and happiness to all for 2017.

This has been another tremendous year for us and we are delighted with the improvements we made during 2016 and the plans we already have in place for 2017. Last week one of our agencies said to us that we provide more marriages than any other site that they work with – and for us that statement encapsulates everything that we strive for.

Winter has set into Ukraine and everything looks a picture. Ukraine is beautiful in both summer and winter and appeals to any visitor.

Our team is working through and we will be available 24/7 as usual. Please contact us at any time for assistance or a consultation as we will be delighted to hear from you.

If you have been considering sending a gift for the Christmas season you still have time. We have a discounted Christmas gift range and can deliver directly to your lady for the celebrations.

Thank you all for choosing our site and allowing us to help you on your search. We look forward to offering even more in 2017.

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Getting To Know You

November 2, 2016 by

One of the points of difference that sets us apart is welcoming feedback and also getting to know our key partners on an individual basis. This includes the men and ladies that use our site and also the agencies that work with us. Having customer support available 24/7 certainly provides the channel for this to happen as we are always interacting with our members and stakeholders around the clock – the world has many timezones.

We also have an interactive blog where we can post interesting news and articles and which can be commented on by anyone. Many sites have blogs but few keep them up to date. It is common to find a blog when the last post was 14 months ago. We dont have that problem and we currently have a backlog of stories and articles to post – and this is due to the willingness of our members to interact with us – and this is awesome.

Last week we posted the amazing video of Robert and Svetlana’s engagement. Since then we have had posts on an almost daily basis.

First there was an informational post on what sets Ukraine women apart from the rest. If you are new to Slavic dating, this post will explain why Ukraine women are sought after as wives and family homemakers. They are recognised as the best in the world at providing a stable home environment and the perfect mother (and wife) for a family.

Ramiro then sent us his thoughts on Alesya, one of our team. Ramiro wanted to point out that Alesya has made the difference for him in selecting his ladies, listening to him and offering advice and helping him to find love.

Michael from Texas posted a detailed history of his experience with internet dating, particularly Slavic dating sites and offered nice comments on how we are different and why he has chosen us as his preferred site.

Krystyna Trushyna, Ukraine Dating Blogger for 6 years agreed to be interviewed for our blog and Krystyna talks about her experiences with dating sites, her marriage to a foreign man and why she decided to become a serious blogger. Krystyna gives her advice on what sets a good site apart and on the future of internet dating.

Yesterday we had the wonderful news about the marriage of Andrey and Lyudmila. We are always delighted to share success and thank Andrey and Lyudmila for agreeing to post their story. Sadly (but understandably) most couples prefer to remain private and their story remains secret.

We have more success stories to post and this is indicative of the last few months where we have had record numbers of men visiting their ladies – and finding love and happiness. I dont believe that this success has been achieved by coincidence – I believe it is attributable to the advice and training videos that we have provided and also the one-on-one skype consultations that we provide. This also explains why we have such a personal rapport with so many of our members.

Our blog is for our members, not just to keep up with information and news but also to personally contribute. It is great that so many take up this opportunity.


To Whom It May Concern

October 28, 2016 by

Yesterday we received an email from Ramiro entitled To Whom It May Concern. Ramiro was contacting us to tell us about the wonderful service that he receives from Alesya, one of our team.

Ramiro’s message says:

How many times do we go through life without our achievements being noticed. I am a faithful client and very pleased to tell others about your agency. Yes,i like everyone else have tried other agencies and have been disappointed. I want to make anyone aware about a person that i highly respect and consider my dear friend. This person works for you,her name is Alesya. Why am i doing this,for i was not asked. While all of your girls are good,Alesya to me is exceptional. We have talked about lady’s i have met and she has always been there to answer any questions. She has gone over an above,convincing me that all will be alright. I have come close to deleting certain lady’s profile,only to have Alesya prove me wrong. I am an American,i think and breathe American,it certainly helps to have a Ukrainian consultant that thinks Ukrainian and gives me her personal perspective on how she sees a situation. I came so close to ruining a relationship with a lady that i sincerely like and perhaps love and it was only because of Alesya that my relationship has improved beyond my beliefs. Alesya,does not know about this letter,she has not put me up to anything,in fact i know she would just say,she was just doing her job. We have shared jokes,cried,laughed and i have even sang to her a few times,for she is the only one to tolerate my lousy singing. I have no say so in this matter,but if anyone deserved a money raised at the agency,i would highly recommend Alesya. I thank you for your time and i look forward in continuing to use your services. I want to go to Ukraine and meet my lady Spasibo Ramiro

Ramiro is correct, Alesya would just say she is doing her job because Alesya is that type of person. However, Ramiro is also correct in that Alesya does go above and beyond for any member that contacts her.

This is so pleasing to receive this message from Ramiro because we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and we are available 24/7 for anyone who wants to contact us, to ask for advice and even to have a free personal consultation. We talk about this as a team – often. We provide a service where our members search for love and this requires empathy and understanding. What we provide does not come off a shelf.

The team have taken this on-board, even better than I could have hoped. Recently we have started a live feed via Facebook (each Friday at 11am Ukraine time!) where you can see the team answering questions and offering advice to a live audience. I did not ask for this – they decided it was needed!

Ramiro, thank you for taking the time to give your feedback.

Alesya – thank you for providing the service that makes a real difference.



We now offer FREE One On One Personal Consultations via skype to help you find your special lady. You can choose any time that suits you at this schedule link Book now – one of our marriage consultants will be delighted to talk with you

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Great News on Australian and New Zealand Entry Visa’s to Ukraine

October 6, 2016 by


Great news for Australian and New Zealand citizens – you can now get a simple visitors visa on arrival at Borispol airport in Kiev.

Until now, Australasian citizens had to apply for a visa via the Ukrainian Embassy in Canberra which often resulted in concern about whether the passport would be approved in time, or even approved at all. The Embassy processes visa’s at their pace and, unless you have allowed plenty of processing time, meant that you may not receive the visa before your trip.

We have had several members miss their trip because they did not receive their visa (or their passport returned) prior to the scheduled departure.

Now, Australasian citizens can arrive at Borispol and receive a 14 day visa for just US$26.

Please note that:
• This only applies to Borispol airport in Kiev
• It is only for a maximum visitation period of 14 days
• You must have your departure flight details from Ukraine pre-arranged
• You must have your accommodation pre-arranged and have evidence
• You must have enough cash, or access to funds, to show that you can support yourself – around US$200
• You must have 2 passport sized photos of yourself available
• You must complete the application form at the visa booth at Borispol airport

This is a vast improvement on the previous system of visa application and frees up the ability for these citizens to travel to Ukraine at their convenience.

If you are not an Australian or a New Zealand citizen, you may wonder why all the fuss over this change, but if you speak with someone who has experienced the time, cost, inconvenience and worry with applying for a visa via the Canberra Embassy, they will explain in usual Australian vernacular the nightmares that they have encountered.

However, if you plan to visit Ukraine for longer than 14 days you will still need to apply through the Embassy – sorry!