Weekly updates

Weekly updates

Speed Dating Event Number 2

May 26, 2018 by

The first Ukraine Brides speed dating event was a spectacular success. We are overwhelmed at the response and we are already planning the second event to be held in June.

The aim of the speed dating event is to give members a free opportunity to chat with as many members as possible and fast-track their search for that someone special. We recently custom built our own video/audio chat system that works on any device, anywhere, at any time and we wanted everyone to be able to try this and see why this is such a unique feature in the Slavic dating industry, in fact, the entire dating industry.

We received a great deal of positive feedback from members, both men and ladies and we are delighted at the success. Typical of some of the feedback was:

Kraig (Michigan) The speed dating was really good. I haven’t used your web site in about a year before doing this.

David (London) Amazing the video chat now possible using iPhone

Video chat on any device, anywhere, anytime speed dating event

We did receive some feedback to say that Thursday is not ideal, so the next event will be on a Saturday. This will enable everyone to participate.

Something we noticed was that most people continued to chat after the event had finished and there have been a number of successful relationships formed from the event. These couples are still communicating and some of these men are planning visits to meet their lady.

While the event is free and we encourage everyone to take advantage of it, we do recommend that you add a few credits to your account before the event so that you can continue to chat with a new special lady after the free chat period has ended. We had some men have to leave their chat and try to come back, but, during the event, another member had started chatting with the lady as soon as his chat ended. In most cases, the man was able to reconnect with the lady again, but it is much better to be prepared.

If you did not take part in the first event, remember that it is very easy to qualify. You just need to register (free) and complete your profile to 90% or greater, including your photo. It couldn’t be easier.

We will be sending reminder emails as we get closer to the second event. We suggest you login now and update your profile early.

Contact us at any time if you have any questions. We are available 24/7 and we would love to hear from you.

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May 25, 2018 by


What is Trinity in Ukraine?

The Feast of Triytsya, (Trinity Sunday), which commemorates the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles (Pentecost) falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter. In English, it is also called Whitsunday and in Ukrainian, it is known as Pyatydesyatnytsya. Holy Trinity Day is a very important religious holiday in Ukraine.

Holy Trinity

Trinity is a moveable feast celebrating the Holy Trinity, the Christian belief that the nature of God exists as Three Persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but yet One God.

Trinity is a kind of symbol of the return to life. On the time of this wonderful holiday, all nature comes to life, blooms and fills up with bright colors and alluring scents. On this day, all Orthodox people decorate their houses with greenery, birch twigs with calamus branches, prepare a festive table and invite relatives to come over for a celebration.

The celebration of Trinity in Ukraine is a big event with many people going to church and following traditional rituals. Join them in this celebration or just enjoy the “green” side of this wonderful feast!

Didova subota

The day before Triytsya, that is Saturday, called Didova subota, the day of the commemoration of the dead. According to a popular belief, deceased people come to our world on the Green Thursday and stay here until the Troyitsky Thursday. That’s why it was prohibited to work during these days, especially to weave, sew or to cut wood. In order not to make any harm to the dead souls. That’s why people try to do all work in the garden and in the house before the Green Holidays.

There is an awesome tradition with the wreaths. On Green Thursday the ladies went to the forest or to the field to make wreaths. After that, they returned to the village to tie the wreaths to the birch tree. On the Trinity Day, the ladies were checking their wreaths and taking them off the tree. If the wreath remained fresh, it meant the lady’s family would be happy. And if the wreath faded, it was not a good sign and meant the family would be unhappy.

In Ukrainian folk rituals, wreaths, in general, is a symbol of great respect, youth, purity, and beauty.

Also, the wreath made of fresh flowers is considered to be a defense against evil forces. People are going to attend church on Sunday. Monday is usually an official day off in Ukraine, so people may stay with their family, relatives, and friends and have a great time.

God bless all people and make them happy indeed!

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Free Speed Dating Today!

May 16, 2018 by

Ukraine Brides Agency is pleased to offer our first free speed dating event which is unique to the online dating industry.

We have developed our own in-built chat system, both text chat and video and audio chat and we wanted to make this available to showcase a feature that very few dating sites have available and also to provide an opportunity for you to try our site and services and start your search for that special lady.

We have promoted the event to the ladies and there will be many ladies online wanting to meet their special man. We encourage you to try it for yourself.

man chatting to her bride

We have set some guidelines to make it fair for both the men and the ladies. The ladies want to be able to see who is calling them, which is why you must have your profile completed. We have also set 5-minute timeframes to allow as many speed dates as possible during the event.

The guidelines for the event are:
• The event will start on Thursday May 17 at 8pm Ukraine time (London 6pm, New York 1pm, Los Angeles 10am)
• The event will last 60 minutes
• You can chat for free with any online lady for 5 minutes (only ladies you have never chatted with previously)
• You don’t need to have credits to chat – it is free
• You need to be registered (which is free) and have your approved profile 90% or more completed, including your photo (don’t leave it until the last minute!)
• The free chat will last 5 minutes and your credits will be used if you continue chatting longer than 5 minutes
• If you dont have any credits, the chat will automatically stop after 5 minutes
• You cant exchange your contact details in the free chat – we must abide by IMBRA law. Also, a genuine lady is unlikely to give you her details without knowing you.

We are delighted to offer this service and we welcome your feedback after the event.

We will be offering regular free speed dating events and we will advise you of the next upcoming event closer to the time.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We are available 24/7


14 Days To Go!

May 3, 2018 by

We are pleased to advise that the first FREE Speed Dating Event will be on Thursday May 17 at 8pm Ukraine time – refer www.ukrainebridesagency.com/blog/free-speed-dating-events-starting-in-may

This free event enables everyone to use our chat system to help you on your way to find that special Ukrainian lady. There will be lots of ladies on line who are looking for the opportunity to meet that special man.

You dont need to have bought credits to take part in this event – you only need to be registered and have your profile 90%+ completed, including your photo.

This event is unique and Ukraine Brides Agency is delighted to offer it to you.

We will send out reminders as we get closer to the event, but dont wait to complete your profile – do it now to ensure you dont miss out

Contact the team if you have any questions at [email protected]

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Free Speed Dating Events Starting in May

April 22, 2018 by

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and unique Speed Dating Events. This allows registered members to chat to any lady for free during the event.

To participate in these events, you just need to have your profile completed to 90% or more including a photo of yourself. Check your dashboard for your profile completion percentage and update your profile now in readiness for these free events.

We recently upgraded our chat system so that video chat with the ladies can be enjoyed at Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device. The free Speed Dating events will be a perfect opportunity for you to use the video chat system, meet genuine ladies and fast-track your search for your special lady

The first free event will be held in May, so upgrade your profile now.

Contact our team at any time if you have any questions – we would be delighted to hear from you


Free Speed Dating Events – Now Available

April 9, 2018 by

Ukraine Brides Agency is pleased to launch its unique new Speed Dating feature, offering free video and audio chat to all online members.

The recent upgrade to our video chat system means that all members can text chat, or video and audio chat from Any Device, Anywhere and Anytime. You don’t even need to download an app – just login to the site and start chatting.

Speed Dating

We will be offering the free Speed Dating events and all serious members will be able to take advantage of this unique feature.

To qualify for this feature, just complete your profile to over 90%, including photos. In fairness to the ladies who will also be using this feature, they want to be able to see your profile and know a little about you before accepting your free request to chat.

Login to your profile now and you will see the percentage completed. Just add some photos or add a little more information and be ready for our free Speed Dating events. We will announce the day and time for each of these events leading up to the day.

Speed Dating Event

This is a feature that is unique to Ukraine Brides Agency and demonstrates our commitment to offer you a superior service and experience.

Please contact us at any time if you require any assistance – we are available 24/7 and will be delighted to hear from you.



February 22, 2018 by

Welcome to Ukraine Brides Agency! We have a tremendous desire to share this happiness with you. Probably you are the next who is going to be on the place of these wonderful two beloved hearts Will and Olga who celebrate their wedding. Here is the video of Will’s and Olga’s wedding ceremony. Previously we shared an amazing story of their acquaintance on our site.

Will and Olga are extremely happy to be together. This couple is a brilliant example of two people who went for broke and did their best to be together. Thousands of miles separated them but with every day they become closer and closer to each other.

Furthermore, you may find the original story we have previously shared with you. Click here and be happy for our fascinating couple!

Especially relevant, go to our blog and read the recent updates.

We are the creators of our own life, happiness, and mood.

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New Chat System Launched Today!

January 24, 2018 by

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new chat system and know that it will be well received by all our members.

Over the last few months we have completely rebuilt the chat system to make it more user-friendly, improve stability and to add improved functionality to make it a world-class feature.

This follows the announcement by Apple in 2017 that Mac and iOS mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) will finally support a web technology that allows for native audio and video communication. The computing world had waited many years for Apple to make this available.

We took the opportunity not just to add support for Apple devices but to fully rebuild our chat system and offer a superior chat experience to our members.

Head over to our homepage and login to see this new system. You’ll see a new “Chat” button down the bottom left of the page. Clicking this will open a pane that displays all the ladies that are currently online. From there you can immediately start a live chat. You can also start a chat using the existing ‘Start chat’ button on each of the lady’s profiles.

man chatting to her bride

In addition to the chat system rebuild, we have been developing some other new features that will be rolled out over the coming weeks and we are very excited about these. Each of these features are unique to our site and confirms our commitment to excellence and levels of service that are unmatched in the dating industry. We will share these with you as each new feature is rolled out.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the new system or any of our services – we’d love to hear from you!


Valentines Day – Give the Gift of Love to Your Ukrainian Lady

January 20, 2018 by

February 14 is Valentines Day and this is the day where it is traditional to show your love to your special Ukrainian lady. Valentines Day is huge throughout USA and the western world and also through Ukraine.

If you have a special lady that you are corresponding with through Ukraine Brides Agency and you would like to surprise her with a special gift delivered for this occasion, we have a special Valentines gift selection to help with your selection. The Valentines selection is here www.ukrainebridesagency.com/gifts?categoryId=92

As always, you will receive photo’s of your delighted lady receiving her special gift

Valentines Day is always a popular day for sending gifts. If you want to delight your special lady, order early to ensure delivery is made on time.

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Congratulations, New Matchmaking Services and New Team Members

August 28, 2017 by

Congratulations to Will and Olga
We congratulate our latest couple, Will from North Carolina and Olga from Zaporozhye who have announced their engagement. We are delighted for them both and we delight in their love. We are very pleased that they have shared their story with us and you can find the link here www.ukrainebridesagency.com/blog/willnorth-carolina-usa-olgazaporizhzhya-august-2017
Many couples choose to keep their story private so we thank Will and Olga for sharing their story and the advice and encouragement that it brings. I know that we also have another story to share next week!

Free Matchmaking

We have always offered free matchmaking to our members to help them to narrow their search and work with each member to find love and happiness. This is especially helpful to new members who may not have used internet dating previously or are new to searching for their Ukrainian lady.
We formally added a page to the site last week to encourage more members to take up this option and it is proving very popular. You are not obligated to communicate with any of the recommended ladies, but this service helps to refine the search to Ukrainian women who fit your criteria.
Additionally, we added a personalised matchmaking service and this is much more involved, including a free skype chat with our marriage specialists, customising your profile to make it more professional and tailored to your search, free video chats with the ladies selected and ongoing support.
You can read about the matchmaking services at this link www.ukrainebridesagency.com/home/matchmaking

Payment Options
We are pleased to now offer direct credit card payments through the site, in addition to the Paypal option that has been available until now. Many of our members have requested options and we are pleased that this service is now available.

New Team Members
Recently we have added a number of new members to our team of support specialists and feedback from our members has been very positive following the service that they have experienced while using the site and contacting the team.
We welcome VictoriaZ, VictoriaL, AlinaK, OlgaP and Tatiana to our support team and they are available 24/7 to support you in any way to make your search enjoyable and successful. Feel free to contact them at any time – they will be delighted to hear from you.

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