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June 16
30 to 61
158cm / 5ft 2in
53kg / 117lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Masters degree
“Lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow” Yes, that`s all about me, my lovely man, Snowhite girl, that swiping up dust faster that you will be able to rewrite your ex-girlfriend`s cell phone number from dusty cupboard!!! ))) hahahha yes, and that would love to meet her, as well as she is, eco-friendly Prince Charming that will venture to travel “Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh wall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs (we are only friends!!! Promise!!! hahaha), where dwell me, lovely Snow White, longing to get your energetical uplifting magical kiss that will wake me up even from the crystal coffin, so for the rest of my life I will have a feel dizzy feeling of lightning, crossing my head…I guess I am mixing up with Frankenstein now….” hahaha Anyway, will you dare?)) Nature lover, wild animals, cats, dogs, love all of them))) natural and heathy food, caretaker, smarty, witty, loving, caring, passionate, very positive and yesss, so modest hahaha))) I am from Ukraine, Kyiv
eco-friendly Prince Charming
Craving for loving man with a comfy cave))) fantastic if that eco cave might have an electricity, water, washing machine and dishwasher, which is compulsory, otherwise you are on duty all the time!!! Looool and don’t forget about vacuum cleaner!!!))) or… oh yesss let’s add some technology!!! Cleaning robot definitely will add some spicy moments in our personal life, because I am dreaming about my own family!!! What does it mean??? during robot`s work you will make some actions towards making that dream come true!!Hahaha))))
In some way my work… Being lawyer means that sometimes you are making people happier!!! And not always dig people`s…mud)) lol )) how?? Easy! Justice, order and kick butts of bad people!! Haha it`s great when I see results of my work, when good people have opportunities and can have better life!! ))) that`s fruits of my jobbie)))    Love knitting and embroidery (yes, from old times when Evil Queen put me in dungeon! hahaha) Movies under the blanket – yes please))) find adventures on by butt, yes please! Adventures and travelling OF COURSE ))) Drilling brain of my lovie…. No, not that attractive)) I can entertain you in another way))) no, no, not because of seven dwarfs` school!!! hahaha but yes, don`t ever think that you will be bored with me))) 
Seafood, pasta, meat, fish, veggies, and ugly burgers sometimes!!!!!!! well, not all together of course, separately))) Looool)))) Italian and Georgian food always make me feel drooly)) yes, I am such a foodie))) haha and yes, please fresh ones, I don`t like when something had died in previous century))) 
I enjoy all nice ones))) but also I have tiny little love to rock, jazz, alternative type, I am so unpredictable here!! try to catch my mood!! Ha! so as you see I might be not that typical kind of to woman you might got used to))) well, who said I should be)))