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August 8
50 to 100
  • 33 yr old male
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Artistic / Creative / Performance
Masters degree
I am just super active lady who receives all the life energy from being closer to the nature and from driving as well – where’s just you and long road fulfilled your expectations for the better day!))) But this is not all ;) As well I love being active when it comes to finding my inner peace – doing yoga for many years I do feel like there appears a new person that I can create by myself!) So, would you join me in my yoga training? Or maybe you’d like me to take you in a long way trip feeling the speed and joy in our venues? ;) Drop me a line, let’s discover every side of each other!) My work is also very creative but I will tell you about this later! when we have more time – we could make more fair exchange – go to the theater or to some concert, because I do think that it can help us feel the harmony with the world and being more social in different ways!) Do you agree with me? ;)
Is your main aim – just to be happy from the day you live? Do you enjoy searching for new exciting things in life and being closer to nature? Can you feel the state of flying while riding somewhere with your lady? Oh, and maybe you like to make yourself better from day to day, maybe you know the price of your word and can handle every situation in a calm mood? Maybe you are that one who is in love with what he does in life, who appreciates what he has and who can be as the best friend so the best loving partner :roll: Whoa, then you shouldn’t waste your time anymore and write to me sooner to make your dream come true with me TOGETHER! ;)
To be happy
create something new, fashion, go out ( theatres, opera, ciname), nature
such one when I would like to lick my fingers))
classy, modern in my car, I like to dance))