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Personal details

September 25
30 to 47
  • 11 yr old male
  • 6 yr old female
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
Studied Germman at school but now forgot almost , to tell you the truth. I hope to improve my skills in the future and study more languages.
Friendship, Marriage
I have a balanced and calm character. I am a sensitive person who is able to penetrate into the very essence of what is happening and yet not lose my warmth. By nature I am generous, full of idealism and socially active, I have a developed sense of duty and self-discipline. I aspire that people are around me feel at ease. I can not imagine my life without sports. I have a candidate for master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. When I studied in university, I was a member of the National Institute of Aerobics. My whole life since my childhood was connected with sports.. And I don't regret! All my life is the movement. Active rest, cinemas, theatres, concerts, spending time at nature - means so much for me. I have 2 young but amazing children to whom I dedicate all my time. It means that I am family-oriented, loving and caring. I am trying to be a good housewife and one day I want my future husband to feel that warmth and comfort that I create at home.
A man for whom family will be in priority and on the first place, family-oriented, well-educated, balanced, tactful, sportive and who takes care of himself. It would be perfect if he leads an active lifestyle as I do.
To find a man who will accept, treat and respect me and my children as who we are. To live a life with dignity in all meanings.
I go in for sport regularly. Now I like pole sport and pole choreography. I enjoy what I do. Also I like to read books in psychology, child psychology or literature about personal development. I'm fond of taking photos.
Mainly it is Healthy Food .. No matter if it's Ukrainian , Italian , Japanese... may be classic, rock, sometimes pop and instrumental. What about yours?