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June 13
30 to 47
Never married
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
I have an absolute belief that everyone deserves to be happy. And to be happy in any field of life and in Love as well. Maybe I’m a little naïve in this, but I think everyone has his/her piece of Happiness and the Second half on this Earth. And our life is the search of this half! We struggle with life difficulties, solve problems, get lessons and wisdom. And all this to earn a right to meet true Love and soul mate. Because True Love is a gift. And I’m sure you will agree with me! Am I right? And I realize all of myself in this life to get my own right to meet my true Love! I live this life in fullest! And I give happiness and sincere kindness to my close people and this world- to make it a little better with my good doings!
And I’m looking for a man who will share the same way of thinking with me. I want to meet my best friend, my beloved man, my supporter, my strong shoulder and my tenderness, my true Love and my big Passion- my One and Only. And All these features, all these things are in one man- my future man! I know he exists and he’s looking for me in this world as well. He makes his good doings to get his right to meet me! And I know soon , very soon we will look into each other’s eyes!
I am a dreamer :)
My hobby is studying the universe, it is interesting for me to find answers to the most unusual questions about who we are and why we are here, I am a dreamer, a researcher and an adventurer. I like life in all its manifestations, I appreciate and thank the Universe every day for what I have. The joy of life for me is manifested in the details.
Indy, pop, rock, classic