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January 17
35 to 100
  • 18 yr old female
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Sports / recreation
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
Sometimes I think that there are a few person inside of me. I am all round person. In different situations I am acting in different ways. And in all of them I am active, cheerful and smiling. I am emotional but not tempered. I am adaptive and may adjust to people and situations. I like to help people. Sometimes we need just listen to people and it will be help. You know that nowadays people became more isolato and what I want in my family is to share time, thoughts and everything. I am easy outgoing so if you invite me somewhere I will be ready in 30 min.
I am looking for a man who are a man of his word and who knows that actions are louder than words. I want to find a man who loves life as I do and ready to enjoy every day of this beautiful life.
I want to see mountains and help women who can't overcome difficulties in their life
I like sport. I am working as a fitness trainer and all my life is into sport. I adore skiing, water skiing, snowboard and cycling. Also I am not bad in shooting and like it. I adore roller blading but not into skating. I am artistic person and like style. When I have time I read a lot. I enjoy psychological and esoterical books. I adore cooking but not really like cleaning. I may cook all you want to try. If I don't know how to cook something that you want to eat I will find it in the Internet and for sure you will enjoy. I keen on being on the nature and don't mind tenting in a good place.
fish coffee good chocolad