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Personal details

November 4
25 to 38
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
It took me quite a long time to think what a kind of a person I am. To my opinion we all have good & bad sides. My good feature is that I am very easy-going, honest, open, sincere. I love the life and enjoy every moment of it. I smile always and I do not allow anger come to my heart. I never judge. I am happy because I am absolutely positive and always find good things even if the situation is a bit disappointing. I am a good listener and my friends know I am ready to listen and help always. That is why I have many friends. I am very thankful to my mother because a person I am now is because she devoted all of herself to me. She is my ideal and when I have my own children I want to have the same relationship with them as I have with my mom. For me education is very important and I love it. I think the more I learn the less I know. But it is just the beginning of my education. I will do my best to become a real woman with class. If I want something I am sure to get it. I never retreat
My dream is to meet a man who would put me first and from my side I will do my best to make him happy. I believe in true love and in fairy tales. My special man is not ideal. I am not too but for me and in my eyes he will be the best man on the Earth. I will support him and stay with him in good or bad times sharing everything. Of course we should have the same values, interests and become a team. He’s my rock, the one who pushes me to aim higher and dream bigger. He has faith in me and my capabilities. He encourages me and believes that I can be the best of version of myself. He has the power to pull me out of my comfort zone. He gives me new experiences that motivate me to become stronger and wiser than I was yesterday. He is the love of my life, a gift from Heaven. I could not ask for more.
To create a happy family full of joy & laughter
going to the theatre, concerts, reading, watching good movies.
I like meat & vegetables...I like home made food a lot & I enjoy cooking
It depends on my mood the music I listen