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April 5
31 to 45
Never married
Sales / Marketing
Bachelors degree
I can say that I am kind and joyful lady. I am pretty approachable and open person for those who deserve it. Due to my natural energy I lead an active life and I expect my second part will share my lifestyle also. It is not exaggeration to say I adore traveling. New places and people may show us how wonderful and exciting our world . My only purpose here is to find a loving man who wants to share my interests and who is able to show me his world. Both men and women create foundation of further common life and strong family. I believe in harmonic and romantic relationship.
Currently I really want to find here a man exactly for me. I imagine him kind, loving, honest and noble. My man gives me a lot of positive emotions and in return I give him my sincere shining smile . He is full of energy, ready to move forward together through life against adversity. I want spend life together in joy, pleasure and inspire. I can forgive a men only one weakness and it is me.
visit a Viennese opera, a helicopter tour in New York, a theater in New York “no more sleep”, visit the Victoria Sicret show and many others dreams ...
I keen on photography and painting. Closest people notice I have outstanding talent to find beauty in the things that around us. Thanks to my style sense I can easily create dresses so I have gorgeous wardrobe. I enjoy being physically active. Running and swimming are my favorite sports but dancing gives me the greatest pleasure. I really think any dance looks beautiful, if it is danced from the heart. That is the way I dance. If one day I am in bad mood you can easily fix it with another my passion a sudden journey to some wonderful place.
I like Italian food
I like different styles of music: dance, jazz, pop, classical , electrionic,rock,