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January 23
35 to 54
  • 14 yr old female
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
I consider myself a very communicative and active person. I love to keep myself busy all the time, as I am very active, constantly in motion and a very sociable person by nature. I try to keep myself optimistic in any difficult situation. I am an honest and sincere person therefore I appreciate when people treat me the same way. I am kind and well educated woman, who loves her profession and adores her family
I'm looking for a man who is intelligent, confident, kind, caring, neat and of course with a great sense of humor, because laughter prolongs life. A man who knows how to respect his family, wife and friends, a man who will appreciate and accept my child. The only thing I miss is the care for another person - my future beloved man. I am looking for a man who knows what he wants and how to reach his goals.
My dream is to create a strong family, home comfort, give birth to a second child - a boy, I want my own house and a dog. I want to visit other countries.
One of my hobbies is traveling, so far I have been to only one foreign country, but my own, Ukraine I have travelled almost everywhere. As every woman I love to cook, but I confess:-) cakes are not my thing-) I guess I am sweet as a cake, but one day I will conqure this skill to. The big interest in my life is my daughter, so I try to spend a fare share of my time with my little girl. We spend much time outside and learn new things together each day.
I like to cook meat, fish, mushrooms (they turn out very tasty). My favorite dish is kebab. In my house there are always a lot of fruits and vegetables, dairy products. I try to eat healthy food.
I like to listen to everything, which is melodious and pleasing to the ear. When I clean at home, or go somewhere for a walk, or for a training, then of course rock, only ROCK!)) I can listen to the classics when in the mood. Pop-music, of course, it is constantly being played on the radio and TV