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April 26
25 to 39
160cm / 5ft 3in
47kg / 104lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Masters degree
I am very friendly and open person, my friends and close people can always count on my support and help. Indeed, my friends value much that feature of my character. I am sympathetic and reliable. I am Taurus and my horoscope says I am rather persistent and stubborn, I always reach my goals. But don’t worry, I only use these features of my character for good purposes) As I said before, I am a multifaceted lady, I am a creative person, I strive to new knowledge and new places and new experience, big pleasure for me is to open new edges of my personality and personalities of my friends and close people.
I would like to see honest and reliable man next to me. He should be warm-hearted, he should know what he wants from life, and he should have noble purposes. I want him to think about what he can give the world and his family. In a man I value inner strength, strong character, creative imagination and inventive mind. I can feel safe with a man who is not afraid of responsibility and who is always willing to listen to his beloved.
to find a special man with whom we will have a lot in common and of course I want all my dreams come true!
My passion is designing and making clothes. I love painting, I play the piano and the guitar. I attend vocal classes and pole dance. Everything is interesting to me. I enjoy galleries, festivals, museums and live concerts (jazz, classic). I lean to be educated, interesting and multifaceted lady, that is why I often attend lectures and trainings on the topics of my interest. Being at the nature inspires me to create beautiful things and let me relax from daily life)
eat healthy
depends on my mood