Angel Ksenia

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March 30
28 to 43
  • 6 yr old female
Willing to relocate to another country
Sports / recreation
Bachelors degree
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Friendship, Marriage
I am a sweet, gentle, kind, charismatic, affectionate and cheerful girl. I am very inquisitive and strive to constantly learn something new and develop, this applies both to my work and interests, and to my inner world. I am a happy and positive person, I love my life and what I do, but I want to become even happier next to a man who is my second half. So I decided to register on this site - to find love, trust, stability and support and give the sea of ​​happiness to this man. In a relationship I'm faithful, loving and caring person, if I love a man, then I give him whole my heart.
I need a strong, reliable and noble man who can give love, protection, stability and support and who appreciates love, devotion, a rich inner world and strong family ties. I would like that he also love active life and we would have common interests so that we could have more in common for our communication and life.
It's quite simple - I dream of a strong and happy family where love, respect and mutual understanding are the main, about a loved man who will be close to me in spirit, and our cozy home and the atmosphere of happiness and harmony there. I also would like to continue to develop with my partner together.
I love dancing, sports and outdoor activities, I'm a candidate for master of swimming sports. I also like travelling because it is always great possibility to see and explore something new and interesting for me and enjoy it.