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January 16
35 to 50
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Health and Beauty / Hair Dresser / Personal Grooming
Bachelors degree
Friendship, Marriage
I am kind and soft but can take care of myself. In relationships I am tender, caring and loving. I am calm but determined and know how to have a goal. My attitude to other people reflects their attitude to me as I believe what goes around comes around. I can’t imagine family without kids and I believe I will be a good mother. Loyalty and intelligence are important for me.
I will choose the man who is attentive, caring, loyal and kind. I am an old fashioned lady and I believe that the man should be the main bread winner in the family. He is friendly, industrious and pleasant to talk to. As I want to have kids I am looking for the man who loves children. That will be a pleasant bonus to know that my man enjoys traveling, finds nature scenery relaxing and doesn’t mind having pets. If he is able to stay loyal and devoted after the years spent together, he is my man;)
I want to meet my love, keep developing in my profession, give birth to a lovely daughter, travel and enjoy life.
I have a creative job but I must sit during my working hours and that is not good for health. This can be a problem but I know how to keep fit. My passion from early childhood was ballroom dancing. Now I do not have a partner and do not dance on regular base but I still have flexible and strong body. I like drawing and singing and learning new tips in my profession.
meat , fruit, vegetables, dessert