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April 4
35 to 65
  • 18 yr old male
  • 14 yr old male
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
I'm not afraid of anything (except for height), I believe in good thing and always smile. This is me, and you will not find such one anywhere, like me!) Hahaha How many there were no obstacles on my way, I know that faith and love help me and gives me strength and optimism. Nothing is unattainable for me. If I decided something, then I will do it. If I decided to be happy with a loving man, I will!))) As you already noticed, I like to joke and laugh with all my heart. Laughter is a guarantee of health and mood for the whole day. There is no day that I do not smile. For starters, I think it's enough that you understand that I'm the woman who you are looking for.
The ideal man for me is a man who is not afraid of responsibility, which does not say much, but does. With whom I will feel security, reliability and dizziness)) If he is the first thing that I think about when I wake up; the only thing when I live; and the last thing I think about, before falling asleep - then he is really special for me! This indicates that he is my man.
I have one crazy dream ..... to jump from the parachute. It's a brave act for me, because I'm terribly afraid of heights)) But the feeling of interest and new sensations is more than my sense of fear. Feeling of flight gives a feeling of delight, joy and power. And how much you can get a charge of adrenaline) They say that if you jump from the parachute once, then you can not stop already. I do not know ... maybe ... but I'll check it out. The question is "when"???)))))))))
I am the person who aspires to self-development. I like to read, because books give knowledge, interesting facts and exciting adventures. Most of all I like detectives. They are very exciting, fascinating. When I start reading, I can not tear myself away from books. I often worry about heroes, sometimes I can even shed a teardrop). Books are always a source of good humor for me. I also like to travel the world, enjoy the beauty of the forest and the smell of the sea.
Classical, jazz, pop