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September 29
40 to 52
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Bachelors degree
Friendship, Marriage
I am very interesting and extraordinary person. I have a lot to tell about myself and what to share with my man. You will be always opening me from a new page and you will never get bored with me and my presence. I love animals a lot and I have a very nice friend at home. It is a dog. I have a lot of sides in my character. I think that with my second half i will be able to open more and more talents in me:) I like traveling but i also like to spend time at home being busy with home comfort. I also like to take care about garden and plants. I am a person who is fond of learning and always happy to learn something new in life. I also like helping people. I also like taking care about health of me ,my close people and people around me.
Let me give you some hints the way I imagine a man by me. Of course he is very caring. Of course generous and kind. It is very important for him to be attentive to his family and to his woman. Well, i think that all men need to be goal oriented. I do not mind if you are a bit emotional:) of course i want to know if you are ambitious!:) of course you are handsome for me:) it also can be nice to see you taller them me and sportive. I want my man to be fond of active life style and sport. It can be nice to share common interest and travel together. Man with sense of humor is really fantastic!.
My hobbies can tell a lot about me:) I am fond of sport and going on fitness. I like reading a lot and I am especially interested in psychology, romans, detective stories. I like to read Omar Hayam. I like different kind of music from pop to latina. I like watching movies a lot and have a lot of favorite movies and i will be glad to share them with you in future. I also like traveling and knowing something new. I have a big dream to learn how to ski:)i like to discover new cities, countries and to learn more of history.