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Cinderella Olga

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Personal details

May 6
33 to 50
  • 15 yr old male
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
Masters degree
I’m a person with active lifestyle. No matter what life gives us, what kind of challenges and issues, we have to be optimistic, active and never give up! It’s like my motto in life. And I try to follow it. Now I live in a small town, very green and nice. I enjoy life, enjoy being with my child, my family here and my work. I work as a teacher. I dream to have my happy and strong family with my beloved man and to feel myself beloved next to him. I believe that everyone deserves to be happy in Private life and in Love. We have to search the second half and now I’m looking for my true soul mate.
And I do not have any dream about ideal man. He will be perfect just to me, he will be my one and only. But he will be first of a person, with all his features and his strong sides and weaknesses. I want to meet a real man, true man! I dream about a strong, happy family. And I want my future man to have very strong family values. I want him to love this life in the same way as I do. And I want us to enjoy every moment of our mutual life together. I want to discover more and more of life and the world , but I want to do this with my beloved man together!
I can't tell
Psychology, astrology, sports (fitness, volleyball, swimming, jogging), baking, I love to sing and dance.
Fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, chocolate, ice cream
Sia, Imany, David Guetta, The Rasmus, The Hardkiss, Madonna, Celine Dion, The Rasmus, Ocean Elzy, Scriabin,