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August 16
24 to 43
  • 7 yr old male
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
Many women I know want to be strong and independent women. For many years, my aspirations have been directed in the same direction. But over the years, wisdom and understanding of the real essence of women came to me. Women who can love and be weak, give tenderness, warmth and care to a beloved man, support a man in everything, admire him and be his princess. Now, I am more than ever ready to enter into a serious relationship. Relations where a man will be a man - a strong protector, and a woman will be - a gentle holder of warmth and coziness. I am sure that the morning when you wake up in the arms of a loved one, and the first thing you do you kiss him will energize us for the whole day. I have many fantasies and dreams that I would like to share with my future beloved, I am sure that frankness, openness and honesty are extremely important for building strong relationships.
Sometimes you look at a man, but you don’t see a man in him. If a man repeated every day how tired he is at work and what a difficult life he has, I’m unlikely to ever want such a man. A woman wants a man when she feels his strength and ability to protect her. This is the law of nature. I really love strong and smart men, no matter how banal it may sound. And I like men who monitor their health, love sports and good perfumes ha-ha.
I dream that soon the average life expectancy of a person doubled, and with the help of the elixir of youth we could maintain physical youth. How wonderful it is to live when you truly appreciate every day and enjoy it and consciously live every moment. After all, this wisdom does not come at a young age for real. That would be great)) Maybe it's a funny dream) But it's a dream... But seriously, I dream about simple things that can truly make a person happy. I dream of traveling around the world with my beloved man, enjoying every moment, doing crazy things, and doing it all on video so that later we show our children))) I dream of a strong and friendly family, children, and warm сozy house with a fireplace and a small garden.
I can’t say that I have a specific hobby. I guess I haven't found him yet haha. In my free time, I probably do the same thing that many do. I like to read, play sports, watch movies, travel, meet with my family or friends and eat delicious food haha. If it’s honest, I’d like to learn how to surf. I am madly in love the sea and swimming.
In the first place I have seafood)) And I really like sushi. But I have one weakness ... I really like sweets. For one little chocolate I'm ready for big deeds haha. Honestly of course i prefer healthy food.
I like dance music more. Especially when I will dance for my man, it is unlikely that it will be good with rock or metal haha. But such music is also sometimes found in my playlist.