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July 15
47 to 63
  • 29 yr old female
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
My character is rather calm- I am a kind woman, who can empathize and a good listener… no matter who asks me for advice, I will listen to him and will try to help. I have a big heart and I love animals. I am an easy-going lady and I always try to live to the full and enjoy life – if there is a chance, why not to spend a weekend in another city or country?:)
I am looking for a man to be my PARTNER in life, who will be also my friend! I want to share with him my interests and hobbies, my days, my life! I would like us to have similar personalities – easy-going and non conflict. My future husband is responsible, reliable and a bit of adventurer:) what do you think about night walks and spontaneous weekend getaways?:))) he also likes animals and he is just the person who feels comfortable in his own shoes:)
I dream to go on a cruise with my beloved one.
I have a very active life and despite I have a normal working day, I always find time for my interests and of course sport… for this I always leave a couple of hours every day:) I do aqua fitness every other day and I love the feeling I have after training – so light, so happy! I used to do gymnastics, and my body still remembers how to do some tricks:) another my passion is antiques! It is really interesting and exciting to find a good antique thing and to know its history!
Food preferences are vegetables, meat.
I listen to pop music, dance, blues, jazz. I love Bossa Nova