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Personal details

June 13
26 to 51
178cm / 5ft 10in
68kg / 150lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Retail / Food services
Masters degree
English, Russian, Swedish
Friendship, Marriage
Smiling, no bad habits, ready for new challenges :) I like to learn foreign languages, so I speak English and learn Swedish. I think I can also speak Norwegian, but it is not as good as others. I work in catering (all about food, banquet organization, and so on). I've been living in different cities of Russia, and now I am staying in Saint Petersburg - "the Russian Venice" :D I prefer to add my real photos with no makeup (I do not put it on usually, so I want you to see my usual look) I am who I am, and want to see a man who also shows his real face and real feelings
Humorous and positive but who can focus on serious things when it needs. Other things are hard to describe as I have never met my ideal. I can understand is it my person or not only in communication. I believe that one meeting shows more than al the messages. So, I hope we will meet in reality, or at least using video tools :)
Happiness ❤ very banal but still the truth :)
I like all handmade - clay modeling, drawing, and even scrapbooking sometimes. Do not stay bored, as I will always find something to do. Even if I have nothing to do at all - I will read a book :) Oh, I LOVE cooking and especially baking 🥐 (this is the reason I should go to the gym, haha) I like to see countries, but mostly I go to Estonia and Finland because of the close borders. I think it is not easy to make an opinion about me according to this, but I hope it will give you some basic understanding of my personality
healthy (and some pies ;)
"Florence and the machine", Adelle, Muse