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Personal details

June 13
28 to 53
Saint Petersburg
178cm / 5ft 10in
68kg / 150lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Retail / Food services
Masters degree
English, Russian, Swedish
Friendship, Marriage
✨ I smile a lot, laugh a lot and always look for compromises in difficult situations. Yes, this is my view on the world and relationships, and I want to share it with my future partner:) I am a psychologist by education, so I am a woman who likes to listen😉 But I can tell you about myself too, so don't be afraid to ask some questions. But fate has different twists and turns. So I work in the field of catering (everything about food, organizing banquets and other things). I've lived in different cities in Russia, and now I live in St. Petersburg - "Russian Venice". And I am just in love with this city! 😍 I prefer to add my real photos without makeup (I usually don't put it on, so I want you to see my usual look). I am who I am and I want to see a man who will also show my real face and real feelings. I hope we can be REAL with each other✨
Smart men with a sense of humor are sexy😏 I believe that my partner will be just like that. A positive outlook adds lightness to a relationship, so it's important to me too. Of course, you have to be serious in those moments when you need to be:) I'm not going to talk about the perfect future partner. I'm not sure such people exist. And I'm not perfect either. I believe that one meeting shows more than all the messages. So hopefully we will meet in reality or at least see each other in video😏
Be happy whatever that means!😍
Hobbies are a topic for a big conversation, but briefly, I like learning foreign languages, so I speak English and am learning Swedish. I think I can also speak Norwegian, but not as well as others. I want to see the whole world, but so far I have only visited Estonia, Latvia and Finland because of the close borders. I like to bake, cook and do creative things like painting. I am not a professional, but I really enjoy it! 😊 In my free time I do yoga, go to the pool and sauna. All for the body and soul😉 Even if I have nothing to do at all, I will read a book :)
Healthy (and some pies ;) My day doesn't start without a cup of coffee:)
I sang in a choir for 11 years, so I'm a real music lover. I can listen to everything from classical to rock. My favorites: Muse, Florence and the Machine, Evanescence, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, some Russian songs and so on.