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April 23
30 to 52
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Sports / recreation
Bachelors degree
To tell about myself it’s a kind of challenge. Haha. I can say that I’m a very active person and active lifestyle it’s my everything. Because of my job, I’m a fitness trainer. And also because of my life views. I want so many things to try in my life. To see so many places, to discover so many countries. And to do this all together with a beloved person it’s true joy and pleasure. Agree? I know how much I can give to my man, I know that I will give him all my support, kindness, care and my Love. I want to share my life and dream to get the same in return.
I know for sure, that my soulmate is somewhere in this world. I feel this. A man who love active lifestyle , who dreams to share all life things together with his beloved woman. A man whose experience will help me and my wisdom will help him. I want my future man will appreciate my Love to him. I want him to happiness of the fact we are together and my Love id happiness for him!
I send to go to dancing, singing, and piano. SI also liked to visit my grandmother in the village, to ride a bike with friends. I dreamed of becoming a singer :) Is it really interesting for someone ???? )))))
I love sports - this is my job and my hobby, I want to learn to ride horses
I like healthy food. I love salads with different unusual ingredients, with lots of herbs, with the addition of fish, nuts and interesting fruit. I like mixing incompatible ingredients :) I also have a sweet tooth, but I am very picky in sweet. I like to cook soup and okroshka and pancakes)
I like Russian pop, from foreign - I like many individual songs, for example Bryan Adams, Katy Perry, Whitney Houston, sometimes I listen to house music