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Personal details

April 8
40 to 60
  • 18 yr old male
  • 14 yr old female
178cm / 5ft 10in
59kg / 130lb
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Artistic / Creative / Performance
Masters degree
Taking nothing for granted is the side of mine that I`ve been looking for in others as well, with a whole dedication and at the same time caution. I find myself to be reliable, creative, empathetic, intelligent, easy going, loyal friend and passionate woman. I am grateful for whatever life has to offer and I believe life doesn`t have any meaning unless we give it some. Constant self-development is a priority to me. For a beloved man, I can be and do everything. I am loving and giving love woman. Strong moral values is something I particularly appreciate as well. I like bright emotions! I flew a paraglider, went down a mountain river on a catamaran, and of course dived to see coral reefs in the Red Sea. One of the brightest memory is roller coasters in Budapest. I love spontaneity. And I would like to share new emotions and moments with one and only man I`ve lived all my life without. It`s May 2021, and hopefully the fact that I just registered here, on the website, will give me an opportunity to get to know that one person I`ll be in tune with well and not just based on some profile description that we are all, by the way, can never be fully objective about. There`s too many things about me which better be shared in private and deep communication is an indicator of whether there will be a solid long-term bond and mutual understanding or not. I`m a good listener, I know well what a good conversation is and I tend to see people through. I hope I`ll manage to find somebody who`ll be able to share the same trait.
He is reliable and strong, at the same time wise, loving and faithful. A man who knows how to achieve goals, make decisions, who values ​​himself and his woman. A man who knows what charisma and generosity is. My ideal man has strength, love, tenderness, and respect. He has strong shoulder and wise advice, and he`s the one towards whom I want to become better and better, while I do my utmost for him to do the same thing. I do believe that solid relationships are an effort from both partners, and it must be genuine.
Is a great song by Aerosmith:) Such aspects must be shared in private between two and only two people.
I`m a huge book-worm. Read everything from history to psychology books (however, I don`t like when the information is given in a boring way. I need everything to be conveyed in a lively and flamboyant manner!); speaking French; Travel and learning about new cultures and historical places (what a miracle it is to be able to stand at the ground which decades or centuries ago carried some renowned public figures and people who left some significant literature, art or scientific legacy to us); theatres and museums, cultural events; cooking; doing yoga and getting in harmony with my body; cannot play any instrument yet, but I love listening to music with my eyes closed, letting the sound touch the very strings of my soul and by that giving to good music more than just my span of attention as a gesture of respect:)
Being a sweet tooth is something I`ll never get rid of) Pastries, fruits and cheese! For sure, I don`t mind tasting new dishes (though, not sure it applies to some exotic or indigenous recluse tribes` delicacies and raw stuff, haha. I`m not that much of an adrenaline junkie...)
Depends on the state of mind, mood and people around. Andrea Bocelli, Alessandro Safina, Tom Barabas, Billie Eilish