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Personal details

December 22
35 to 53
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Masters degree
English, Greek, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian
Friendship, Marriage
I am glad to welcome you to my profile! Hope you will find here what you are looking for and will not waste any moment to connect with me at your convenience. I am Anna, fun, very social, happy, smart and decent lady. I can not call my self a girl, as you can see my age up there. Why am I here? Well, I will surprise you, but I still believe in love and I want to find it. We may share same reasons and believes - spare them with me and let’s see how fast we can get out of here.
I am not looking for an ideal partner - been there - doesn’t work for me. Be who you are, with your “things”, with your favorite dishes and jeans or white collar. I accept any of it as I know how priceless it is to be unique. I am sure you have your template of ideal relationship. I do not have one… In some age I had one ideal, after few years – other… It is all so not stable, let’s build “our” ideal relationship and check how it will work!
what are my dreams - I dream down to earth, fairly speaking ... Warm hand in the end of the day, coffee for 2 in the morning, buying Arabica blends just for you, because I hate Arabica LOL - I dream to go dream trip or to have dream weekend - anything I can add "dream" to, if it is made with passion, love, care and a little bit of sun shine
I love to cook and to dine out, have no problem with spending weekend at home or going some fun places. I am not a fond of night clubs, parties or big fests, more intimate and calm place will surely have my vote. Reading, cinema, theaters, museums, quiet time with myself has special place in my life and you will have to admit - each of us has the right to like, do, eat, read and watch whatever it feels like. So no pressure on your likes and dislikes, you are a grown person, with stable and ready to go settings, no needs to brake them just because “I do not like those”. This is my motto and I hope it will be respected, right?
I am a food lover. Honestly - I love food, any food, any time of the day! I would rather go to eat than to drink LOL ! Love breads and all what goes with it - especially meats and French fries. I have a super good metabolism - so I have no fear of extra weight or diet. All my life I am chasing extra kilos - but yet , at my age , can allow my self some burgers in the middle of the night) Hope you share with me these and will not be scared with my appetite))
I can not call my self a music expert or something. I am fine with everything I hear on the radio or social events. Can even dance some Latin and sing some Aguilera in my shower or drive LOL . Other - can listen to all what goes on the flow - but surely will turn low some things which sounds like someone getting murdered or hurt )