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Flame Tina


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Personal details

April 11
45 to 97
  • 32 yr old male
  • 29 yr old female
167cm / 5ft 6in
56kg / 123lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian, German
Friendship, Marriage
"like blood with milk"-have you ever heard such a saying? Yes, I'll confess, that's about me)Look through these photos of me, and you will see the Lady, blooming with passion and intelligence, energy and beauty. You will see, I am like Fire and Ice) Working in finance I am serious, detail-oriented, and organized; have cold brains and can make decisions fast. But in a relationship,-I am a Fire, the one which warms you up, not burns. I can lose my head, diving deeply into feelings and emotions, I am the one who will make you feel goosebumps and spin your head) People say all red-haired know how to do magic. You are warned)Won't it scare you off? Winning your heart will be a satisfying process for me-I would eagerly wake you up with a tasty breakfast, cooking is my passion, especially when there is a dear man to cook for. Just imagine, you enter a kitchen in the evening and see me, dancing to the "Salut" song by Joe Dassin-would it make you glow and join me? Just you and me, dancing cheek to cheek, to the tunes of the melody, enjoying every movement. Is it how your perfect evening would look like? Won't you mind me climbing barefoot onto the sofa and reading a detective story, placing a head on your laps? I hope you don't find novels by Agatha Cristie boring? I can read in several languages-Ukrainian, Russian, German, or English, with different voices)All to make you smile. And then shall I be your Margarita, Master?🌹🌹🌹 Update : I am from Dnipro, currently in Germany
We are all not perfect, I wish to see next to me someone who is smiling , understanding , supportive, and to be the same for my partner If you will ask me where I see us in the future, I will tell you: I see us walking down the street, holding hands, I am straitening your coat collar and you are looking at me with the eyes full of love and tenderness - that's what I really want. Do you wear coats?)Just curious)
to meet my love , more I mentioned in my introduction ) also want to improve my English, and to make a fly on air balloon)
swimming, dancing, cycling, and skii as a newbie
fish, all kinds of salads, Ukrainian cuisine (mostly cook it that eat myself), every morning starts with cheese, coffee, dark chocolate and some cereals)
russian and ukrainian pop music , Joe Dassin, Al Bano, Romina Power