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Personal details

July 1
24 to 38
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Artistic / Creative / Performance
Masters degree
I would describe myself as a very open and very sincere person. Some friends can call me naïve in my views and ways of thinking. But I think that I still believe in good sides of any person. And I still believe in Magic of Love. And I think it’s a true gift for everyone. I’m a very family –oriented and despite on my young age my mind is mature. I know what I want and wish in this life. Yes, I have dreams. Well, to be a dreamer is not a crime, agree? But I’m lack of illusions. I’ve some life experience and I know what I appreciate in people. I know what I can give to my future husband, to my future family! And I believe that everyone has a soulmate on this planet!
And I sincerely believe that my second half is looking for me as well. And I think that any way of search a soulmate, true Love is good. We have to use all chances and opportunities. I know my future man thinks in the same way. He will be smart, charismatic, with good sense of humor. He will love kids and animals and his heart will be deeply loving and kind. He will have very strong family values. No, I do not describe a Price from a fairy land. Never! It’s a real person, a real man. These features are for any man, any real, true man! And my future husband will have such features. I know and feel this!
My dream is a caring, loving husband, healthy happy baby. Drive a car and have a car. My dream is to travel and to realize my creative ideas and stroke the tiger))
I take a great interest in drawing from simple pictures to oil painting. As a professional graphic designer, I know how to work in vector and raster graphics, at the moment it has become my hobby. I also love the sport of Pole Dance and Pole Sport, where you can pull yourself up physically and relieve your brains.
I lke meat, cheeses and vegetables and fruit. I love black chocolate.
Imagine Dragons, rock an pop music