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Ilona Flower


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Personal details

June 6
21 to 51
  • 8 yr old female
158cm / 5'2"
47kg / 103lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Masters degree
English, Russian, Ukrainian
I'm someone who finds joy in taking long walks and savoring a cup of coffee. 🙂There's something magical about exploring the world on foot, discovering hidden gems and connecting with the rhythm of life around me. Whether it's strolling through picturesque parks, wandering along charming city streets, or hiking scenic trails, I love immersing myself in the beauty of nature and the vibrant energy of urban landscapes.🥰 😇Coffee is my constant companion during these adventures.😎 There's nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the comforting warmth it brings. It's my ritual to seek out cozy cafes or quaint coffee shops, where I can indulge in a delicious cup of joe and let the rich flavors awaken my senses.😙
😎My perfect mate is someone who complements me in every way, a true partner in life. They are not only physically attractive but also possess inner beauty that radiates from within. They have a warm and genuine smile that lights up a room and a captivating presence that draws people towards them.🥰 Intellectually, my perfect mate is stimulating and engaging. They possess a curious mind, always seeking knowledge and open to new ideas. We can engage in deep conversations that challenge and inspire us, constantly pushing each other to grow and learn.🙂 😇Emotionally, my perfect mate is empathetic, compassionate, and understanding. They have a genuine interest in my feelings and thoughts, and they provide unwavering support in both good times and bad. We share a deep emotional connection, communicating openly and honestly, and creating a safe and nurturing space for each other.😙
will tell you personally, write me and you will know) it seems to me, that sharing dreams with each other - is an intimate moment, thats why I prefer to know a person better before this.
One of my favorite hobbies is engaging in home workouts. There's something incredibly satisfying about taking care of my physical well-being while enjoying the comfort and convenience of exercising within the walls of my own home.🥰 😎Home workouts provide me with the flexibility to create a fitness routine that fits my schedule and preferences. Whether it's early morning stretches to wake up my body, intense cardio sessions to get my heart pumping, or strength training exercises to build and tone my muscles, I have the freedom to design a workout regimen that caters to my goals and needs. 😙Setting up my own workout space at home allows me to personalize the environment to suit my taste and create an atmosphere that motivates and energizes me.😇I can play my favorite music, light scented candles, or incorporate inspiring quotes and visuals that ignite my determination and drive.
One of my greatest passions is baking. There's something magical about turning simple ingredients into delectable treats, filling the kitchen with irresistible aromas and creating moments of joy through the art of baking.
Sting, the iconic musician and songwriter, has been a profound source of inspiration in my musical journey. His captivating melodies, poetic lyrics, and distinctive voice have touched my soul and ignited a deep appreciation for his artistry.