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May 5
40 to 60
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
High School
How can make this world more beautiful? In what way? What do you think? I have a strong belief that every person’s heart and soul happiness makes the world nicer, brighter. And especially when two find each other. When a man and a woman create their happy own world of Love together. And we all are able to make this planet and this world happier, brighter, more beautiful with our Loving heart and positive mind. I make my small mission of this working in a field close to beauty industry. I love my family and my friends and actually this life with all its dark sides. The only thing I know I’m lack of is my own family and my true Love Woman’s Life. I want to give so much unspent Love, care, support to my future man. And I’m in search.
I feel that my future beloved man is looking for me now as well. He lives his life with a feeling that somewhere his true Love and a woman of his heart exists and is waiting for him. He wants the same as I want to. He has the same dreams and goals. I know that my future man is very kind, supportive, smart, with sense of humor and deep philosophical mind. He loves life and can enjoy every moment of it. I know his heart will recognize mine and his heart can love so deeply. I believe in destiny. I believe we will meet soon!
It's too private, isn't it?
excursions to historical sites and attractions. St. Petersburg - a city that you can discover forever
At the age of 10, on the basis of Jack London's immersion in creativity, I became a big animal lover, I stopped eating meat, but I am absolutely loyal to those who eat meat :). I like fish, amphibians, salads, pizza, I love ice cream and sorbets ... I am omnivorous)
When I wake up, I immediately turn on the radio Europa Plus, and so: jazz, soul, R & B, pop Amy Winehouse, Covacs, Touch and Go, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Riana, Madonna