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November 5
27 to 42
  • 7 yr old male
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
No occupation / Stay at home
High School
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Friendship, Marriage
I am young lady but I have some experience of relationship and being a mother. I feel being incomplete without my soul mate now. My mother says that I am a person who likes to give love more than to receive it. It is her words, but I still like to be loved and receive attention. My inner world is very colorful.
I am looking for a man who can be wonderful husband and father for my lovely son, who can protect his family and take care of it, who will be as sun ray for me and lights everything around me!!! My man must be sincere and open, cheerful and strong, loving and caring. I know that there are no perfect people in the worlds, so I am not looking for perfect superman. I just want a man who we will fall in love with, create goals and share them, create friendly family and enjoy it together, create happiness and to astonish everybody in the world showing them how happy we are.
I would like to hold my man in my arms and hug and caress him, and look into his eyes, and to feel the truth that usually passes between a man and a woman ... not spoken but just the awareness of the two of them being one... joined in joy and romance and passion.
My main hobby is my son. I love him very much. We play together, go outside to have a walk near the sea and to listen to the sound of the Sea, have dinner together and fall asleep together. He is the only man in my live so far. But I also like to dream, help people, read books, watch movies, and invite quests, travel, cook and other. I prefer quiet and romantic kinds of spending leisure time, but at the same time I enjoy sports and fitness.
pizza, sushi.
classic, jazz, modern.