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July 8
40 to 64
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Bachelors degree
Russian, Ukrainian and English
I am a very romantic person. You will not feel it from the brief information about me , you will discover it only when you try to know me better and you can sense it when you meet me in person. My passion for reading has shaped and is still shaping my outlook, perception of the world and people and attitude to the challenges I face in life. The main idea about love for me is that love is not what I am looking for it is what I am willing to give. This concept has brought me here to this site as I want to give, share my love with the man who knows the real value and impact of this precious and majestic feeling.
I am aware that no one and nothing is perfect in this world, but I do hope to give my feelings and share my love with a mature man, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. The man I can trust and rely on. The one who is responsible, loyal, caring and attentive. The man who enjoys life and cherishes people who make his life complete and full of sense. A strong, well-built from the outside and caring, tender from the inside. The one who is ready for Love and all it brings!!!!!!
I want to find a man who will bring my dreams to life.....
I like travelling, vacations at the seaside, reading, practicing yoga in the open, Alpine skiing. I like art, visiting exhibitions, museums, theatres or just going to the movies.
I prefer Italian cuisine as I find it light and diverse, seafood accompanied with dry white wine for palatability and what is this life without a cup of tasty, aroma coffee in the morning!!!
It depends on the mood I am in. I find music in everything, bird singing, murmur of the water, forest, rustle of leaves, drumming of the rain, sound of the wind. There is music everywhere you just have to learn to hear it and enjoy it.