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February 21
48 to 65
  • 14 yr old male
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
I have a sweet personality. I find positive and pleasure in every aspect of my life. Personal happiness is crucial for me, because it is what you can share with other people. I am a good mixture of fresh energy, kindness, tenderness, affection and love. I am a feminine lady who is easy in communication, humorous, who can express her emotional side and who is emotionally available. I am romantic and believe in love at first sight. I am easy going and not demanding. I am understanding and enjoy very open conversation on any topic. I am a good listener. My heart is shining with love and warmth. Also I am purposeful, intelligent, yet with a sense of humor. I have a happy life, but I would like to find some special to share it. It is my cherished dream and my strongest longing.
I see my beloved man as someone special. He is intelligent and educated man. I would like him to be an interesting companion and be able to conduct a dialog. He is attentive and caring person. I value in man responsibility and decency. I wish that my man is able to know how to compromise in relations. I want my man to be morally and financially reliable. It is important for me that he is able to find common language with different people. I am looking for a person who has an easy personality and who knows how to enjoy life. But at the same time he is practical and knows what he wants. He is cheerful and fun loving. He has a warm and generous heart. He is honest, faithful, yet caring, loving and affectionate. I am looking for a man with whom we will complete each other.:)
Every day when I open my eyes - I already happy that I awakened! I imagine to go through the streets of Los-Angeles - the city of my dreams... hope that this dream will come true one day!
I am very positive lady who enjoys life and does not complicate it. When I get up in the morning it is a lucky day already.:) I love people, animals and nature. I have a dog, so I enjoy cynology and would like to open a shelter for dogs in the future. I am sociable person and love communication, so I have interest in psychology. People always bring something new into my life: emotions, thoughts and ideas. I value my friends. I like dining out, but at the same time I like culinary and cooking myself at home a lot. I enjoy going to the cinema and theater, or just traveling to the sea side or mountains. I am quite active in fitness and like playing tennis and badminton. I am bubbling with energy and even would like to build up a business in the fitness industry. I take pleasure in reading books and watching movies. I love my home a lot. It is a happy and peaceful place. I keep it neat and cozy. Listening to music energizes me and helps to relax. I am sure you have hobbies and interests which are important to you. I would love to share some of them with you.:)
Baked turkey, pureed potatoes, pancakes with strawberry and peanut butter, scrambled eggs
I love rock and pop music. My favorites are Five Finger Death Punch and Slipknot, Eminem and 2Pac, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber