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Personal details

July 15
26 to 45
  • 4 yr old female
Education / Academic
Masters degree
Ukrainian and Russian
Undoubtedly, first of all, you should know that I am to love my second half with all the heart and trust him just as I do to myself! We are to include affectionate words and tenderness in the relationship, sweet and funny nicknames for each other ;) I am sure that there is a chance that I may be your ideal woman - the one who has beauty, kindness, caring, affection, attention and so on, this list can be endless! Also I am able to cook deliciously, decorate the table correctly and receive guests warmly. In addition, I am and can be a good mom, and still make progress in my career. I will never behave rudely, reproach my man, argue with him, but on the contrary for sure will inspire him with confidence in his strength, in generosity and nobility! May I become your muse?
For some of the women, it will be important for a man to have beautiful hands, to have a mustache or hairy chest. Or maybe he should have a command voice and everyone should be afraid of him. But for me those are not important for sure! My man for sure will know how to make me smile. Believe me, If a girl meets a guy who can not make her laugh, then there is no point in these relationships. Because to live with a person who does not have a sense of humor is very difficult. For my ideal man, his family is his world, which he will protect with all the power and responsibility. And my ideal man is James Bond of his word: he would rather die than break his promise, not fulfill it. Are you to become my secret agent? ;)
To create loving family, travel the world and have house full of laughter.
I love travelling, exploring new places, cooking, reading.
European cuisine
pop music, my favorite are Ed Sheeran, Hurts, Image Dragons