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Magnetic Mila


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May 8
39 to 70
162cm / 5ft 4in
61kg / 134lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian, English
Friendship, Marriage
How long have you been looking for someone special and dare to your heart? Aren’t you tired of waiting? Me for sure)) that`s why I am ready and open for love to enter my life))) knock knock)) did you hear it? Open faster!! haha Hope you don`t think that to be a bachelor is a good idea? haha If yes, maybe I might change that crazy thought!!! LOL I am step from getting Doctor's degree for hugs and kisses hahaha how about you? Dare to find out?)) New person in Barcelona and tender, sweet Ukrainian lady inside might be waiting for you in one on the most romantic cities in Europe)) Originally I am from Kyiv and if you think about meaning of my sweet nickname Mila, M is for Magnificent, I – Intelligent (not too modest I know haha), L for Lovely and A for Affectionate))) What gorgeous secrets your name might be hiding?)) will you share?))
Caring and kind, someone who laugh with me and will be able to understand my humor)) someone whose eyes will be full of love and desire to see me each and every day , whose ears will melt from my voice and butterflies will fill his stomach 24/7 hahaha ok, if to put away pink glasses, should be down to earth, man with humor and kind heart that wants to settle down and to have romance and love in life))
Travel to see penguins and Northern lights and maybe Asia one more time (and not only for Asian meals that I like haha), see some wonders of the world my wonder man haha
meditation, but not too often, hiking, skiing or swimming, some dancing and yoga)) will you join me?))
Puffy omelette with bits of cheese crust for breakfast or oatmeal with blueberries and fruits, main is fresh and tasty)))
Depends on mood of course, but I can impress you with knowledge of opera and roc and roll at the same time hahahah or maybe romantic music for good and right mood for both of us)) how about that?))