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Personal details

June 27
28 to 50
163cm / 5ft 4in
52kg / 115lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
English, Russian, German
Friendship, Marriage
As you may see in my profle, I am from Russia. But I have relatives in Europe and in general, I am fond of different cultures and languages and I can imagine how to integrate to a new cultural society. Actually this why I decided to make borders of my search wider and you can see me here :) If to say some words about my personality, I am calm but strong, positive but seriouse when it is needed, self-made but just a woman ... :)
I think that scandal is not a kind of passion and I am not a drama queen at all. So I need a trust in relations and I find it one of the most important thinsgs. If it is impossible to find compromise and impossible to believe each other - it is not relations. My home, my family should be a place of "charge", of calm, of care and support, but not a place for fighting. So I would like to meet someone who can make and share such place with me.
When I try to answer the question what I want and about what I dream, the first what comes to my head is: - A good family (yes, for me it is very important) - A success at work. For me it is not the last thing also. I am a good specialist here in Russia but if I will move abroad, I want to become such also there) - A harmony. Time and desire for everything - work, hobbies, lovely people, new emotions. To do everything with a joy, and to smile when I meet every single morning :)
Talking about my interests, I should say that I have many of them. If to talk shortly about it, I may name: driving (I have my own car), collecting coins (interesting, do I have a coin from your country :)), travelling (I have been in many places), reading (science fiction), listening to music (rock mostly).