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April 15
40 to 63
  • 17 yr old female
171cm / 5ft 7in
58kg / 128lb
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
I am strong in the spirit woman, but at the same time light, soft, graceful, charming, with a full set of truly feminine traits and seductive fluids ;) I do put myself and my needs to the fore, realizing that if I feel good, I will be fine with other people who surround me. In my life there are a lot of important things, but I know how to prioritize, that is why I do manage to do all I want and need. For sure I know how not to lie to myself and that I can draw tremendous power from honesty and truthfulness. Yes, I am serious, but not boring lady, attractive, open, fun. I can be stubborn sometimes, but ready to compromise and to love!
My man is strong with an open heart, charismatic, spontaneous. He is responsible for words and deeds, generous in everything, and I would like him to be an interesting conversationalist. I see him as sincere and reliable person, with whom a day is like a moment and every morning starts with a smile! He is a man with great strength of will, dedication, ambition, knows and makes the life of his companion stable and comfortable. My man is loving and he knows how to show his love! The only thing I do not like about him is that he is not still with me! So please, hurry up and lets begin to enjoy happy life together!
Unexpected journey -surprise with your beloved man. Balloon flight and ring :) The biggest dream is my daughter to grow up a good person and be really successful in her career and happy in life.
Pasta, various salads, delicious cheeses, chocolate, tiramisu, panakota ...
Scorpions, Aerosmith .. Rihanna, Katy Perry .. Modern dance club music