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December 16
29 to 43
  • ?? yr old child
Friendship, Marriage
My dear man, I am not an angel but I have pure intentions to create strong and everlasting relations. Our life is too short that’s why I try to use every moment of it very wisely and fill my life with bright emotions I am very open and positive woman, I get with people and make new friends very easily. I am independent woman, but of course, I dream to have that strong shoulder on which I can lean on. Yes, my life is successful but don`t have a person with whom I want to share my happiness! That’s why I am here I have that great opportunity to move abroad and to start a new life with my only one!
Well, why I am here? I am here to find a real man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Who is adult enough to build relations with a woman from another country. I don’t want to waste neither your nor my time and I don`t want any game. I am a mature woman and I am a mother, so I need a man who can take care, be responsible for what he does and on whom I can rely on. I am searching for a man who is ready to spend the rest of his life with one woman, enjoy his life with her and who is ready to support her.
Want to meet a good man
My main hobby is to be happy:) Is not it a hobby?? Maybe, but still :)I love seeing the world, walking and reading. And many more of course, but this will be told in the future and personally to YOU.
Asian cuisine,meat.
pop music,blues