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Natalia Destiny


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Personal details

May 29
25 to 45
170cm / 5ft 7in
62kg / 137lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian
Thanks for looking at my profile. Who am I? I am a spring girl. I love to bloom, I love nature, the sea, and flowers. I develop every day and take everything from life because life is beautiful. You will not see me sad, I am definitely not a woman drama and scandal)) I am a girl of sun, love, warmth, care, and much more. I am unusual, but only my man will recognize me completely and will be able to open me like a delicate, beautiful flower. I am in Lviv now.
My ideal man. He exists and I know it, even his shortcomings will be ideal for me, because I will love him with all my heart. My man must be strong, but not only physically, he has a goal. He is support, care, and the whole universe for me and of course, I will give him this in return. He must be ready for a serious relationship. My husband will say and will do and I help him.
I have many different dreams and goals, but I would like to travel the whole world, and since alone it is not so interesting and romantic, I want to do it with my beloved man)👩‍❤️‍👨
My hobbies, well, first of all, it's a gym) but there is something unusual, as you remember, I'm an unusual girl. 😉😊 I really love to embroider. Of course, like any housewife, I like to cook. There is a lot more, but I will give you the opportunity to ask me 😉
I'll be honest, I love to eat. 😊🍕 I think a hungry person is an evil person)) I cook Ukrainian cuisine but I also love Italian. In general, I am open to any meal) Maybe you, too, will feed me something interesting and new 😉😊
My favorite music.🤔 I like different styles, maybe I don't like the band, but I really like some of their songs) now I like pop, rock, rnb. Linkin park, Black eyed piece, Enrique Iglesias, Imagine Dragons, Hardkiss, Elsa's Ocean, Zivert. Let's dance together? 😉🎶