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April 8
30 to 52
165cm / 5ft 5in
55kg / 121lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Nanny / Child care
Bachelors degree
Russian, Ukrainian
Friendship, Marriage
My life is a blessed story because all I dream about comes true. I have parents who are together more than for 30 years. And they love me dearly. I am a blessed happy auntie) And every day I wake up with a necklace of little hands on my neck - the hugs of my little niece. Beside that when I go to the kindergarden where I work I have 15 more little kids I take care of and they adore me. So I am a well-trained to be a perfect mum one day...)) I ride a horse, I cook a lot (vareniki with strawberries and zharkoye with pine-apple) are my favorite meals to cook. Life to me is like throwing pebbles into the river. You see the circles that appear on the water and every deed of us in today matters for FUTURE) So today I think it is a nice idea to make something in the name of tomorrow. Who else if not we?)
He should be a man able to love and accept love to the fullest because for us it will be like dolphins' dance once and forever. Have you every seen the dance of dolphins in the sunrise sunray?
Dreams are something we make come true in order to remember this life. Rafting, learning to play the piano, discovering new countries, adopting an animal from a shelter, write a song that will become the hit! To visit volcano and see the world in the divine beauty.
I enjoy reading, dreaming, cooking and sitting at the window with a cup of hot tea when it rains outdoors. My favorite film is “The Queen of the Petrol Station”, it is a story about a very optimistic girl who had a dream and said words that can show me the best way. When her actual dream didn’t come true she said to her friends: “I didn’t give up on my dream, I just changed my dream and it changed me”.
vareniki, okroshka, solyanka, everything that has a good taste and smells good
MARUV, Loboda, pop music