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May 14
31 to 51
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Medical / Dental / Veterinary
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
I need to write about myself, but I don’t know where to start. Does this sound like you? If so, rest assured that you are not alone. Writing about yourself can be one of the hardest things that you have to do but I will have a try. I am a very sensitive person, and I hope that your intention is not to play games with me! I am a very romantic person! I like to walk in the moonlight, and dream of happiness! Morning walk on the beach of the river, when the silence … people can hear the cry of seagulls in the distance and a beautiful melody of waves … Waves so attracted to her, looking at them, you will forget about all your worries … When you breathe in the air of purity and innocence …. I am looking for my life partner with whom I will live in happiness, love, understanding, respect … Going through life hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder! I would really like to know more about you! And I hope that you will want to get to know me .
If I were asked to describe the man of my dreams he would not be perfect but he would be perfect for me. He would be a man that will make me smile from the inside out...he will be as well a man that can make me cry with deep emotion. For if he cannot make me cry as well as laugh, I know he does not possess my whole heart and soul. He will be a man who is patient yet probing. A man who will open up my heart with ease, a man who is interested in knowing all there is to know about myself. The good as well as the bad. A man who will not judge me by mistakes I may make but instead will take me by my hand and help by showing me his understanding, a man who will see me through and not give up on me. A man who believes that I am worth it.
To be happy together with my man and our family. To enjoy the life & simple things!
Dancing, travelling, reading, movies....many things. And I am open to try something new always
Different cuisines
I like good music from rock to classic