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Personal details

December 30
28 to 50
Saint Petersburg
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
English, Russian
Friendship, Marriage
Well, I think it is not a random that now you are scrolling my page, despite the fact I don't know what attracted you :) Of course, it is not easy to imagine a person and especially a woman only with help of words in description and some snapshots, so you may look at me in my video, I think it's better, do you agree?) I am calm and nice, but not a passive one. Honest, sincere and motivated)
I feel forces to change my life. And I think I need to mark that I am here to find a man who will be my stimulus to start a new life abroad, but not a "ticket" there. I am a self-made and independent lady now. But like all women (despite the fact what they say) I need support and care. Well, I am "just a woman" who wants to find "just a man" and become special for each other.
I want to overcome my loneliness finally and to make my life stable in all aspects. What to hide, all of us are here because of love. And I think that when we will find it, everything what will be further, becomes clear, do you agree?
I love figures and made it my work. But it is not all, of course. In my life there is a freetime too :) I love hand-made, I do toys, cases for smartphones, bags and everything like this. I can sing good enough and play some instruments. I don`t use these skills now, but I like to go to karaoke with my friends :) In general, I like to spend time with my lovely people. Even a short walk with my friend in the evening can make me thing it was a good day. And what about you? :)
Russian and European cusine :)
Rock, soul, some modern music