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Personal details

March 3
45 to 60
  • 28 yr old female
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
PhD on doctorate
English, Italian
Volcano, tornado, source of joy and energy - this is about me! :) I hope you are not scared yet, and do not be, please, because I have not only energy, but tenderness, passion, love inside my soul. Sharing my love with you would be my priority! So, let's live the life of our dream, instead of dreaming about it ;)
He is inspired with his way of life! My ideal man will be very tender and romantic, very spontaneous, he loves making and receiving surprises, and ready to open more in life always ;) He does not regret about anything, loves his family and friends, his surrounding. He is not afraid of life challenges!) And he will love me more than ever, he will be ready to meet soon and make my heart beating faster!
I think that me and you - we have the same dream. And this is not about living our life to the fullest, about opening new horizons and countries, not only about our families and children to be happy, but also about us - about finding that passionate flower, that true love that will be with us till our last breath.
My life is about traveling a lot, and I really enjoy this very much, especially I travel to Italy often, sometimes for work, sometimes for my own pleasure. And also I like to attend theater, opera, or a symphony concert - for me these are events that create a special state of mind. I love to attend opera in open arenas in Italy. And when it comes to sports - I prefer yoga and qigong. I swim with pleasure on the sea or in the pool. Like riding a bike. To keep fit I prefer hydrotonic.
Food has a special in my life, this is not only about filling our bodies, this is about filling our souls as well. What we put inside - comes to our mind as well ;) So, my favorite cuisine is Italian, theoretically and practically I even study it: collect recipes, attend master classes during tours in Italy, attend culinary festivals, I am a supporter of the movement SLOW FOOD.
There is no fanatical passion for music in my life, but depending on the mood, I like classical music (Rachmaninov, for example), modern instrumental music, jazz.