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May 15
43 to 58
  • 26 yr old female
  • 13 yr old female
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Health and Beauty / Hair Dresser / Personal Grooming
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
I consider myself a still young, but already mature person:) that is my personality, real me – a woman, who loves life, who wants to get inner harmony and to enjoy every day no matter what:) I have a good sense of humor! I am very goal oriented! When it comes to my work, I can be serious and concentrated, but inside I have a mild heart… sometimes I can be sentimental, so when you see me watching a melodrama don’t be surprised I could cry:)
My life experience helped me to understand what kind of people I want to communicate with, what ideas and dreams I have and I want I want to accomplish… and, of course, what kind of man I want to connect my life with) he is responsible, even-tempered – the real Head of the family!!! he loves life, and is easy-going… he is a bit of adventurer and it would be great he has no bad habits! In a few words, I would like him to have a hot heart and cold mind :)
I dream of a tight-knit family, stability, care and attention from my man, giving me a possibility to feel myself fragile, tender, desired woman and mother. Wish to live in happiness, love, care and peace.
People who know me, say that I am always in movement- and they are correct :) I really like sport and keep myself fit… it is not tribute to the latest fashion trends, but my philosophy of life:) one of the things I like is kengojumping! Want to try it with me?:))) alongside with activeness, I know how to rest, to relax… I like fresh sea and mountain air, I like evening promenades when you don’t rush anywhere… exactly then you understand the real race of life!
I like healthy food, steamed or baked. I adore to bake something on special occasions.
I adore different kind of music and like to listen to all styles except hard rock and rap.