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Personal details

December 29
42 to 100
  • 29 yr old child
171cm / 5'7"
59kg / 130lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Technical / Science / Engineering
Masters degree
I am a Sapphire Soul who truly believes in the rarity of true feelings and the high value of a deep connection between two people. My name represents my tenderness, my inner radiance, which I am ready to share with a special person. Maybe you are the jeweler who can transform a sapphire from just a precious stone into a unique work of art? I believe in the power of true love to transform itself and bring out the full potential of a piece of jewelry, just as cutting gives a sapphire its unique sparkle. So I am ready to blossom in all my glory if I find a person who can grace me with his care, attention and sincerity. I am a positive, emotional and cheerful woman with sparkling eyes and a bright personality. I have a deep inner world, where the bright colors of sincere love, warmth and tenderness can float. I want to find a partner who is ready to create our own story with me - a story that can be compared to a real work of art: beautiful, unique and memorable. I am attracted not only by the outer shell, but also by the depth of the soul, I appreciate the ability to enjoy life, gentle laughter and light humor. I keep within me many shades and nuances, ready to be revealed only to a true connoisseur. I sincerely wish to meet a person who can read my secrets and appreciate each of my highlights. I believe that love is working on yourself and the willingness to be supportive, understanding and nearby in the most difficult moments. If you are ready to cut this sapphire for real and share my idea of love, let’s get to know each other and together create our harmonious and brilliant story!
Together we will enjoy life! Enjoy each other! You are real gentleman, who lives not by ages but by your heart! it means that we have fun together, smile a lot and give all our tenderness, passion and love to each other!
banal but true - to meet my man here and enjoy rest of life together
traveling, decor, walking, sport, visit exhibitions, theaters, concerts
tasty and healthy, also I like tea with sweets
lounge, classic