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Personal details

June 24
37 to 52
  • 16 yr old female
158cm / 5ft 2in
50kg / 110lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Masters degree
Friendship, Marriage
Welcome to my wold, good man:) I hope you will like what you read further, because I want to open up a little bit about my life and to make you curious to know me better:) I am a kind and honest woman, so be sure to hear only the truth from me:) I am loyal, and also responsive. I am goal-oriented and persistent! I am looking for love and I am sure I will find it here… maybe with you?:)
I dream to be a couple with a devoted, strong and courageous man who will be loyal and caring. I dream to love and take care of my man; I dream that we will travel together, discuss the past day in the kitchen at a delicious dinner, make plans for the future, share our happiness and sorrows. I dream of meeting a man with moral values who knows how to appreciate his woman! He is experienced, knows what he wants and is ready to work on relations .
I dream to fall in love:)
do you like dancing?:) even if your answer is no, I am sure you danced at least once on your life:) I invite you to dance with me… either a fast or a slow or a passionate dance:) I recently discovered bochata for me, and I am looking for a partner:) I am a dynamic woman, who loves her body:) if I am your wife, be sure I will always look good:) but practicing our bodies, we don’t have to forget about our minds., that is I am curious about psychology. But the best rest for me is to spend a day on nature… and what about you?
Lady Gaga, Eneya, Madonna