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Personal details

January 20
26 to 40
173cm / 5ft 8in
62kg / 137lb
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Medical / Dental / Veterinary
Masters degree
I’m a very positive and joyful person. I try to see just good features in people and good things in situations. Yes, you can say, that I’m quite naïve. But I would say this way of thinking help to see the beauty of the world and life. And Must say that I attract just positive people to myself. Even if people with bad intentions and mind come to my life they do not stay for a long time. I’m fond of drawing. It’s my big hobby. I truly enjoy this and this is my humble way to bring something good to this world. And I do want to bring beauty and happiness to my future husband and family. To Our family!
I’m looking for a man, whom I will fall in love with. I want him to love me as well with all his heart! I believe that only with true feeling of Love it’s possible to build strong happy family. I want him to share my interests and open for me his ones. I’m looking for a man with loving heart and with very strong family values. He should want to build happy family and to create our wonderful family world together! I believe this man exists and he’s looking for me as well!
I have 2 dreams: First: I want to meet my beloved person, give birth to two children from him, have a dog and a cat, travel a lot with him and the children. And the second is to go all together on a trip to South Korea, try the local cuisine, visit all the museums and palaces, put on the hanbok, go to Jeju Island, see the cherry blossoms, and go to the EXO concert.
I am fond of painting oil paintings; manicure.
I love fried potatoes with bacon ice cream baked eggplants squash fried caviar cauliflower
EXO, Ailee, Christina Aguilera, David Garrett