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April 30
43 to 62
  • 17 yr old female
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Sales / Marketing
Bachelors degree
English, Russian
First of all, I want you to know that I love life in all its aspects and I want to take from it all the best. I think I'm one of those people whose glass is always half full. I try to stay always in a good mood, enjoy each day and please my loved ones. I love to travel and it gives me great pleasure to visit the places where I have never been to. My friends and I used to spend our spare time at the sea and in the countryside. I graduated from the University with a degree of philology. Being a second year student I went to Greece, and then I used to take children to the camp in Greece for rest during their holidays, both as an accompanying person and as a translator at the same time. There, I drew my attention to the men's attitude towards their women, and perhaps this fact influenced my desire to find my soul mate abroad.
I give my preference to the man who is a Man in every sense of the word: sincere, dedicated, reliable, honest, with sense of humor, which will allow me to feel myself like a real woman :) I do not want to meet a prince on a white horse in my life :) I just want a man who will always be next, as they say, in joy and sorrow, will look in the same direction, sharing my points of view and walking with me side by side. I, in return, will surround him with love and care and I will be his real partner in all its activities and undertakings.
A healthy relationship, happy family.
sport, reading, cooking
Fish, meat , fruits
Pop, Rock