Sporty Larisa

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Personal details

January 18
40 to 57
162cm / 5ft 4in
55kg / 121lb
Willing to relocate to another country
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian
Do you see your future with gentle, caring, flexible woman, but at the same time she is able to stand up for herself, show determination? Virtually all women tend to be the best, in other words - ideal. Only it is not entirely clear what an ideal is, since people put absolutely different meanings into this concept. So I am the one who will be working on finding out what makes my man happy, what he likes, how can I make our life together better. Is it possible I am the one you are looking for? ;) I am ready to find out this for sure!
The perfect man for me is to be a strong one! But I don’t mean strong to lift heavy weights or break bricks with a palm)) What I mean is a strong personality, combined with a kind and loving heart. A man, who can rise after he falls and continue aiming his goal, who admits he was wrong and gives way to the weaker, who inspires you and lifts you up when you feel down. A man I seek is a man of not only words but action. He takes responsibility, he is not afraid to show his real emotions and to be what he is. He is always a support to his close ones, and when he loves his woman, he makes her feel the most precious and loved and protected, he just knows what she needs to be happy! Do you find yourself a strong enough man for me? Then come and make me happy. And please be sure - such a woman like me will return you all her love and gratitude a hundredfold!
Open a coffee shop, happy life, travel
Tennis, cooking, knitting, water skiing
I love Italian, Georgian cuisine
Sting, foreign music, Vakarchuk, classical music, light rock.