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Personal details

June 13
23 to 57
  • 8 yr old male
173cm / 5ft 8in
60kg / 132lb
Masters degree
Ukrainian and Russian
I am strong, but same time feminine woman. As a strong woman, I am a reliable partner. As a feminine one, I am very gentle. This combination makes me the one who can stand up for myself and, at the same time, be proud of my subtle, vulnerable nature. I am very cheerful lady! Life sometimes becomes very difficult, also it can become boring and monotonous. Of course, women were not created to entertain men, but to be with a cheerful, energetic, adventurous woman is a pleasure, do you agree? I can love selflessly, devoting myself completely to the person with whom I have a relationship. I dream to be completely in love with my the only one man! It is like finding your place under the sun, your home. This is a feeling when you know for sure that you are in the right place and at the right time. If, after looking into his eyes, I feel that my soul is reflected in his, then I am "at home". And I do not have to go anywhere else, I am to be next to my Mr. Big! ;)
The one I want to meet so much is kind, gentle and brave man at the same time! He has many interests, and they are so different and versatile that sometimes it is hard to believe it! How can an ordinary person be interested in such different things? But he manages and, moreover, is well versed in what he says. And this is important. Or, perhaps, he has few interests, but he knows every detail so subtly that I will listen to him with an open mouth :) A charming smile always captivates and separates a person from the general crowd. This is a very pleasant trifle, which instantly decorates any person! For me is also important reliability, unpretentiousness, common sense, willingness to make decisions. We should have many coincidences, but not to the extent that I look in the mirror - it's necessary to surprise and complement each other.
to meet someone who thinks the same way
nothing special